What to pack and what not to pack? Remember, you’re taking a trip and not a year-long military mission. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson travels with a 40,000-pound gym...Talk about being over-weight! However, the mega Hollywood star uses the traveling gym for lengthy movie roles that last months. What we’re trying to say is you’re not Dwayne Johnson or any A-list type of celeb.

In all likelihood, there are so many items you might be packing for absolutely no reason. In this article, we go through some of the items that need to be left at home. In certain cases, the items might already be available at the resort. In other cases, you should either replace these items with lighter options or in some scenarios it might best to leave them at home and not run the risk of losing them. We’ll give you some clarity on what these items are during the “Useless” portion of the article.

On the flip side, we’ll discuss the absolute essentials. Sadly, some might opt for an extra pair of pants instead of these eight items...That’s a complete no-no, especially for a traveler’s well-being. From First Aid Kits to Advil we discuss the items that are a necessity during an all-inclusive.

From towels, credit cards and hand-sanitizers we discuss the 12 useless items we shouldn’t pack for an all-inclusive and the 8 that are essential. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a fellow traveler. Let’s get started!

20 Useless – Camera

All you’re doing by bringing a camera is running the risk of losing it. In truth, bringing such an item might be more useful for a sight-seeing type of trip to Rome, Venice or Paris to name a few. However when it comes all-inclusive its a little different with the beach being the main photo worthy of the area and that’s especially true when headed to Caribbean destinations.

Snapping a photo or two might still serve a purpose however in this day and age that can easily be done by just a click of a button on a smartphone. No need to run the risk of losing or damaging that great camera of yours – save it for another trip.

19 Useless - An Itinerary Journal

This is the wonderful part of booking an all-inclusive. Nothing needs to planned and it is all just so easy. The ultimate purpose of such a trip is for everything to come with the utmost ease. An itinerary can be very useful on a sight-seeing type of trip with so much to do and visit. However, at an all-inclusive, it just isn’t needed. Days usually consists of relaxation along the beach or pool areas. The only part that really needs to be planned out is which excursion needs to be booked and on what date.

Aside from the planning of activities, anything else ahead of time is useless. If you love to plan ahead and take on adventures then an all-inclusive might not be the place for you.

18 Necessity - Advil or Tums

Unfortunately, this experience happens more times than we would like. Perhaps over-drinking or taking too much sun can lead to a brutal headache. The same type of indigestion can take place in the stomach by eating a variety of foods that you aren’t accustomed to.

Precautions should be made before the trip and it is of the utmost importance to bring Advil, Tums or any other anti-inflammatory medication. This can make all the difference in allowing any all-inclusive traveler to feel much better quickly as opposed to having it drag out and ruin the trip.

17 Useless - Towels

We all fall victim to this at the earlier stages. However, with experience comes a much lighter suitcase. If you haven’t been to an all-inclusive yet we’ll save you some valuable luggage space by suggesting you keep that towel unpacked and away from the suitcase.

All-inclusive provides an endless supply of towels whether it be at the pool area, beach or the towels located in the actual rooms. The cleaning crew replaces the towels daily and there is more than enough. The same can be said for the beach and pool area as guests can change their towels whenever they desire. Bringing a towel won’t be needed and you can instead fit some extra clothing or whatever might be needed instead.

16 Useless - Multiple Pairs Of Pants

Speaking of luggage maintenance we now turn our attention to another item that might be packed a little too frequently, long pairs of pants. Getting off the plane and feeling the extreme humidity, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is putting those long pants on. That feeling won’t subside during the trip either as the Caribbean weather tends to be fairly hot and sticky yearly.

With that said, pack a couple of pants for the a la carte restaurants. However, don’t go overboard and pack an abundance of long pants - it’ll be a complete waste and in all likelihood, you’ll end up wearing one or two pairs throughout the trip.

15 Necessity – Converted Money

Showing up with just one credit card isn’t a wise idea. In the event that you pull money out at the resort ATM, you’ll end up losing lots of money due to the fees involved. The exchange rate is also inflated at the all-inclusive resort which will lead to more money being completely squandered.

In addition, small bills will be needed to tip the resort staff. After all, most of their income comes from tips. It also helps to give them some encouragement as the service tends to get better with a little monetary motivation. The best bet is to find a local exchange place before the trip and have the money ready prior to entering the plane.

14 Useless - Multiple Pairs Of Shoes

If the humidity really isn’t all that bad in the place you live year-round wearing shoes might be the norm. However, it is far from the norm at an all-inclusive. Packing different pairs of shoes might be completely useless. In reality, you won’t need a pair of shoes during the day as a pair of light flip-flops can do the trick.

As for actual shoes, you’ll only need a pair in the event that you hit up the fitness facility. Really, aside from that, you’ll also be more than okay rocking another light pair of flip-flops when heading to the clubs or restaurants at night.

13 Necessity - At Least One Old Pair Of Running Shoes

So as we mentioned in the previous point bringing a pair of comfortable running shoes might still be a necessity if you plan on entering the fitness center. However, there’s another important part in bringing an extra pair of shoes and that’s in the event that you book an excursion.

If the excursion involves lots of mud it might be best to pack an older pair of running shoes. In the event that they get pretty banged up, you can easily just throw them out. Bringing an expensive pair just really isn’t needed and you’ll end up regretting it. Just make sure their comfortable enough especially if you plan on doing lots of walking – flip-flops won’t cut it.

12 Useless - Hair Dryer

All-inclusive resorts tend to be loaded with bathroom amenities. That doesn’t only mean soaps and shampoos; it also means a hair dryer as well. No need to bring that big and bulky one from home. You’ll also run the risk of it breaking if mishandled by the baggage crew.

It’ll also take up space which makes no sense at all for something that is already included in the room. In the event that you’re feeling iffy, a traveler can simply contact the hotel and ask them if the dryer is included. Better to be safe than sorry.

11 Necessity – Light Snacks

Yes, everything is free at the resort, but planning ahead for the length of the trip is a good idea. You'll want to make sure you eat something that won't make you feel ill during the flight and keep you full in case it takes a while to get from the airport to your hotel. Over-eating is never a good thing, bringing these snacks can play a crucial role.

It can also help to have foods that you’re familiar with in the event that the all-inclusive snacks just don’t sit well. At the very least, you’ll have some familiar snacks to munch on. Perhaps a high source of protein like a protein bar might be one of the best options for a quick fuel source. With so many carbohydrates available at the resort a protein bar can do any traveler some good when feeling ill.

10 Useless – Toiletries

The resort supplies an endless amount of toiletries, therefore, it is useless to pack a big and bulky shampoo or conditioner bottle. In the event that a traveler uses a specific shampoo, body wash or conditioner, at the very least, bring it in a small format.

A traveler can easily purchase a small empty bottle at the Dollar Store and throw it away once it’s done. Bringing that massive jug just isn’t worth and let’s not even begin to think what would happen if a shampoo explosion were to take place in that precious luggage of yours!

9 Necessity - Mini Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Not taking in enough vitamins and minerals can make a traveler that much more susceptible to any type of illness. Mix that in with easily transmitted germs and it can all lead to a forgettable trip rather quickly.

These days it is so easy to fight these bacteria. All a traveler needs to do is buy a bottle of hand sanitizer. The purchase can be made at just about any store and the format is small enough to carry around anywhere. For a traveler’s personal well-being this needs to be a must product to purchase prior to checking a bag at the airport.

8 Useless - Workout Gear

The shoes, the shirt, and the shorts. These are the essential workout items. Some might go the extra mile and bring a water bottle. However, it should also be noted that most resorts offer free bottles in the gym area.

Bringing all that stuff might be useless for fitness enthusiasts. With a beautiful beach at your disposal, why not perform a couple of fitness movements outside out in the open? You’ll burn a lot more with the beaming sun while it won’t hurt to change things up either. Incorporate some super-sets to that workout and you’ll get the heart racing rather quickly! No need to bring that workout gear, beach gear may suffice.

7 Necessity - Converter Plugs

This necessity can turn into a nightmare if forgotten about. Just imagine the scenario of that hair straightener becoming totally useless or that smartphone being unable to get fully charged? Yup, that’s a feeling no traveler wants to deal with. However, it can happen if the plugs are not the same. For that reason, it might be necessary to bring a converter plug. At the very least, a traveler should get informer prior.

Forgetting the item can lead to so much money being spent. Nearby areas that sell the converter tend to inflate the cost purposely for the reason that lots of travelers tend to forget it.

6 Useless – Several Hardcover Books

Are you heading to the sixth grade with all those hardcover books? Yes, reading and the beach go hand-in-hand so we aren’t suggesting leaving the books at home. However, in this day and age, easier alternatives exist and one of them is a Kindle. Why make the luggage so darn heavy when you can easily carry a Kindle device anywhere with an endless amount of books in the device?

It seems to be the trend nowadays as certain airports in Europe have set up Kindle machines to purchase a book for the device prior to going on a flight. Get with the trends and swap those heavy books for an easy and on the go Kindle.

5 Useless – Umbrella

It is all about luggage management. Seriously speaking, the less you bring the more a traveler is at ease. The chances of rain during an all-inclusive might be pretty high due to the extreme humidity in certain tropical areas. However, although an umbrella might seem like an essential it is not. This is typically provided by the resort either at the front desk or at the room area.

A traveler should definitely pack in accordance with the weather and not enter an all-inclusive trip completely blind. However, an umbrella can be left behind as its one of the many items to be considered of the “included” variety.

4 Necessity - First Aid Essentials

Cut from glass, falling down on a slippery surface and oh so many other predicaments – these are easy examples of why a First Aid Kit needs to be an essential item packed in that suitcase. Things can easily go wrong at any point - that also includes prior to reaching the all-inclusive at the airport.

First Aid Kits don’t need to be drastic. Dollar Stores sell small formats made particularly for purposes of a trip when a traveler is on the go. Make it of the utmost importance to carry the kit especially during an excursion if it’s of the more physical nature.

3 Useless – Jewelry

This is one of the most common mistakes made by those traveling to a resort. So many times travelers lose pieces of jewelry whether it be in the pool or on the beach. The same holds true for men that can easily lose a watch or necklace without even realizing. In fact, so many watches have been broken due to a traveler forgetting they had it on to begin with.

Leave the expensive jewelry at home, there really is no reason to jeopardize these prestigious items. If anything, buy some cheap jewelry prior the flight and in the event that it gets lost or breaks it just won’t matter as much.

2 Necessity - Sunscreen

This should be one of the most if not most essential item to pack. Don’t joke around when it comes to the strength of the sun at tropical locations. Yes, we all want that beautiful brown tan however what we don’t want is to feel like a burnt piece of toast throughout the entire trip.

Sunscreen should be the first item packed. In the event that it is forgotten, it won’t be the end of the world. However, you’ll be forced into dishing out more money than needed as resorts or local Pharmacies tend to boost up the prices.

1 Useless - Anything That Your Partner Has Already Packed

Why bring double the items and add weight to your luggage? Travelers should be smart with things like toothpaste, mouthwash, and sunscreen for example. Unless you're planning on a 3-week stay, there will likely be more than enough for both travelers.

This is the beauty in traveling alongside a partner; the luggage becomes that much easier to manage as items can be spread between the two. There is just no point to bring separate items that are exactly the same. You can use that saved money on more souvenirs!