10 Things People Do At All-Inclusive Resorts That The Staff Can't Stand

All-inclusive resorts are a favorite vacation option for families, friends, and people traveling in large groups. You pay one price then can eat, drink, swim, and be entertained to your heart’s content – all for a fixed cost.

But some people take advantages of the luxuries that all-inclusive resorts offer, and do things that anger not only other guests, but staff, too.

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It’s easy to forget that even though you’ve paid a hefty fee to receive great service and accommodations, you still need to respect the people who are working hard to make your trip awesome. And there are some things people do at all-inclusive resorts that are downright infuriating.

10 Leave the Room Messy

This can happen in any hotel room, but especially at all-inclusive resorts, sometimes guests feel that they have the right to leave their rooms in disarray, making clean-up difficult for staff. Just because you’ve paid for the luxury of someone else to clean your room doesn’t mean you should turn into an animal and make them tidy up, too.

Keep your clothing neatly tucked away in your suitcase, drawers, and the closet, not strewn all over the bed, forcing the staff to move your personal belongings just to change the sheets. Hang the towels up so you can use them again a second day instead of creating more laundry than is necessary. Organize your toiletries neatly and try to keep flat surfaces clear so they can be easily wiped down.

9 Wake Up Early To Put Towels on Pool Chairs

This is most annoying for other guests, but also to staff because they have to deal with the angry fallout. Especially during high seasons, it can sometimes be tough to find chairs by the pool or beach to accommodate your family. So some people get up in the wee hours of the morning to place their towels on the chairs. This makes others think that these chairs are occupied by people who are already in the pool or ocean, or who just quickly ran to the bathroom.

In actuality, the people have simply gone back to bed, are getting ready in their rooms, or munching on breakfast while others who are ready to sunbathe or swim are left without a spot to get settled. Don’t put your towels down until you are ready to actually use the chairs.

8 Drink Too Much Booze

There’s always that person or group of people who takes the all-inclusive alcohol options to the max. They drink in excess every day and all through the night. They are disruptive to others and can get annoying for staff members. They might start fights, get belligerent, and even get sick, which leaves staff having to clean up the, er, mess.

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While it’s fine to go all out – you’re on vacation, after all, and you’ve paid for the luxury of having 10 pina coladas if you please - pace yourself and try not to act like an idiot.

7 Be Rude to Staff

Staff are there to help. Sometimes, there’s a language barrier which is to be expected. You are, after all, in another country where English might not be the native language. They have better things to worry about than what brand of liquor is served, why the mashed potatoes are grainy, or why you need to wait five minutes for a table at the fancy restaurant.

Unless you’re really being mistreated, there’s no reason to act rudely to staff. Service might be slow. Maybe the bartender only has cheap vodka. And maybe the buffet has run out of something temporarily. You’re on vacation – take it in stride and try to treat others the way you’d want to be treated.

6 Complain About Food Quality

Unless you’ve booked an all-inclusive resort that is known for and touts its gourmet food selection, and you’ve paid a premium for it, you’re going to get what you pay for. This often means that food isn’t going to rival a five-star restaurant.

Find what you like, and steer clear of food you don’t. In many cases, these resorts have a set menu. So complaining about some of the items, unless they have physically made you ill, isn’t going to get you anywhere.

5 Complain About Service

When all-inclusive resorts are busy, they are busy. Which means sometimes service can be slow. You might be sitting in your chair by the pool waiting for half an hour until the waiter comes by to see what you want to drink.

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Again, take it in stride. Get up and go to the bar yourself to get what you want if you really feel that you can’t wait any longer. Some people even bring their own reusable cups and have them refilled with a couple drinks worth so they are well-stocked until the waiter comes around again.

4 Don’t Tip

Many people believe that the fees for an all-inclusive resort include tips for the staff. But they don’t. It’s always a good idea to bring a wad of dollar bills with you and tip everyone when you can. This includes the bartender, the waiter, the maid, the towel guy – anyone who is especially accommodating and offers you some kind of service.

Sure, it adds to the bottom line. But these people often get paid very little to do their jobs and go out of their way to ensure that you enjoy your stay. A dollar or two from each guest can make a big difference in their lives while it might not even register to your bank account.

3 Demand Special Accommodations

If you booked a regular room, don’t try and swindle a new room when you arrive, especially if there’s a line-up of people behind you waiting to check in as well. It doesn’t hurt to ask if any rooms are available for an upgrade. But don’t try and demand an upgrade or negotiate a better room when you get there.

And worse, don’t ask to change rooms because yours isn’t facing the pool or is too far of a walk from the dining areas. In many cases, you can make these special requests upon booking and might have to pay a bit extra to get them. Be better prepared so the check-in line can move quickly and efficiently.

2 Take Kids to an Adults-Only Area

Some resorts have adults-only areas where couples or groups of friends can enjoy their adult time without having kids around. Some guests ignore these rules, however, and bring their kids where they shouldn’t. And this can cause problems for the staff because they are the ones who get blamed.

Read signage properly and don’t decide that because you want to hang out with the adults, and you think your kids are well-behaved enough, that you can break the rules. If you want to go on a vacation with your kids, go with your kids and find a resort and area on the resort that is ideal for families.

1 Take Buffet Food And Not Eat It

Buffets are wonderful for choosing from a wide selection of food to accommodate everyone's taste buds and desires. But sometimes people go wild and fill their plates to the brim without any intention of eating what’s on them.

This is not only wasteful but provides extra clean-up for staff who already have enough to do. Get small plates and make more trips if you find that you’re still hungry. If you don’t like something, fine. But don’t grab more food than you know you’ll eat.

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