Most of us can agree that Mexico is the ultimate Caribbean destination and there is no place on Earth that can come close to its mystique and beauty.

We believe that the country is the true resort capital of the world and tourism is as strong as ever thanks to the enchanting resorts and retreats all over the peninsula. While the best all-inclusives are in Mexico (specifically in Cancun), the country also has its share of some of the worst in the world.

Unfortunately, not all resorts can keep up with the standards and some lag so far behind that they need to be quarantined. Sanitary issues, rude staff, and disgusting cuisine will hurt tourism sooner or later.

Read on and discover which resorts are plagued with issues as we count down the 10 all-inclusive resorts in Mexico with the worst customer service (and two that are actually amazing).

12 Hotel Krystal Puerto Vallarta: "This Place Is A Joke"

Hotel Krystal's best days will soon be over and its grave will finally be sealed shut thanks to the horrifying reviews by some unforgiving guests in various forums. Sanitation is an ongoing issue in the premises: moldy walls, inedible food, and a pungent odor in some of the rooms will certainly ruin anyone's holiday.

11 Solymar Cancun Beach Resort: "Everything Was Falling Apart"

Behind the cream-colored gates and pathways of Solymar, there hides a dirty little secret. Wait until you get to your room and that's where the fun starts. You'll be sweating the whole night thanks to the damaged air-cons, even the sinks are beyond repair and the TV is broken. Oh, and their food will cause diarrhea, according to a reviewer on Trip Advisor.

10 Oasis Cancun Lite: "Fraudulent!"

Oasis Cancun Lite massively overbooks (200 people) just so they can fill up the resort. The end result? A total breakdown of management and disgusted guests. Some reviewers on Trip Advisor state that staff can be very rude most of the time and the quality is just deteriorating.

9 Grand Riviera Princess: "Difficult To Relax"

It's a whole other story once you step inside your room. The variety of reviews this resort has just shows the lack of consistency on the management's side. The rooms are a little untidy, A/C doesn't work well and they overcharge for basic amenities. Management should do something about this because it's only a matter of time before the ship sinks.

8 Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort And Spa: "Staff Don't Know Anything About Hospitality"

Another example of why resorts shouldn't overhype their offerings. Once the evening approaches, be sure to barricade your doors if you ever make the mistake of booking here. One reviewer recalled his experience of losing a few pesos which he left in the room while he was out with his family. The staff didn't do anything about it, not even write a report.

7 Grand Bahia Principe: Booking A Disaster

Plenty of reviewers on the net have lambasted this resort to the point of calling them "the worst resort." Customer service here is brutal enough to be compared to Rikers Island, except that Rikers actually serves edible food. Pollution also hurts the beach and there's a bunch of nasty stuff floating around to ruin your swim.

6 Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar: "Complete Chaos"

It's saddening to include an Iberostar entry on this list but fortunately, this can be considered one of the lesser evils when compared to everything on the list. There are so many complaints on Trip Advisor showing how someone gets sick over their food or how bad the check-in experience was. Hopefully, this gets fixed. Also, let's not forget about the chain of tragedies that took place here.

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5 Allegro, Cozumel: Pathetic Excuse For A Resort

Notice the man on the left, probably thinking about his lost bucks because of how this resort ripped him off. Allegro is also infamous for food poisoning, the horrible management and how the whole building smells like sewage. And if you're out of luck, facilities are sometimes out of order.

4 Catalonia Riviera Maya: Upgrades For The Worst

This takes the title for being the worst all-inclusive in Mexico, where customer service is as good as cow manure and even satan himself wouldn't dare step foot in here. It's so bad that mattresses are stained with blood, according to a Trip Advisor reviewer, and management will squeeze every cent out of you with useless upgrades.

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3 Grand Oasis Cancun: Customer Service Is Nonexistent

You'd rather have a staff of zombies than the devils at Grand Oasis. "Got a regular room even when we paid for a Jacuzzi suite!", a reviewer ranted on Trip Advisor after he recalled his family being ripped-off, vowing never to set foot here ever again. Toilets are always clogged, fridges are never restocked and walls are paper thin to the point that you can hear the voices of people next door.

2 Le Blanc Spa Resort: Exceeds Every Expectation

The photos don't give Le Blanc justice for being the best all-inclusive resort in town. Currently ranked #1 out of all 200 resorts in the Cancun area on Trip Advisor, it's also conveniently located beside the La Isla Mall, just 30 minutes away from the airport. You get to enjoy big amenities including whirlpool tubs, Apple TVs, 24-hour room service and candle lit baths.

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1 Grand Velas Riviera Maya: All-Inclusive Incredible

Grand Velas is a secluded paradise just an hour away from Cancun. It is currently ranked #3 out of 250 resorts in Playa Del Carmen. It's not your regular resort, in fact, it's an ultra-luxurious all-suite mega-resort built for rest and relaxation. From a wide jungle area to a serene beachfront, experience zen in all its glory.

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