Relaxing is very important, and all-inclusive resorts are a great place to relax, which is probably why there are so many people who visit resorts all over the world each year. According to, there are quite a few good ones to see in Mexico, and one of them is Ocean Coral & Turquesa Puerto Morelos.

There are also some really amazing ones people can check out in Jamaica, but deciding which one to go to can be hard, especially for those who have never been to one before.

Some all-inclusive resorts are great, but there are others that should be avoided since they are not very nice. Here are some really cool Jamaican resorts, as well as one that is not that great.

15 There Are Lots Of Really Great Restaurants At Hilton Rose Hall Resort And Spa

According to, one of the best all-inclusive resorts for people to visit in Jamaica is Hilton Rose Hall Resort And Spa. There are plenty of good restaurants there, and there are also a few different pools for guests to enjoy during their stay at the resort, which is awesome.

14 There Are Lots Of Freebies At Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay

There are many reasons to love Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay. According to, this is a great place for families to go when they are traveling on a small budget. They can actually get lots of things for free at this place. Food and beverages do not cost extra.

13 There’s A Nice Lazy River To Enjoy At Iberostar Selection Rose Hall Suites

Those who love to float down a lazy river and relax a bit are very likely to enjoy staying at this place. According to, one of the things this resort is known for is the lazy river it has, since a lot of people have enjoyed checking it out.

12 Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort Is A Good Place For Those Who Have Children

According to, Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort is a wonderful place for people to go if they plan to have a vacation with children. That is because there is a nice waterpark for the little ones to enjoy while the adults relax. They also have some games.

11 There Is A Free Water Park At Sunscape Splash Montego Bay

There are many things that make this resort worth every penny. One of those things is the fact that it is a place that is fit for the whole family. According to, this is another great resort that has a fun water park for young kids to play in.

10 There Are Some Live Shows One Can Enjoy At Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica

According to, those who choose to visit this resort can go see some live shows. One of the best parts is the fact that kids can go with them since the shows are family-friendly. There are other activities for kids to enjoy as well, such as snorkeling and volleyball.

9 Sandals South Coast Is For People Looking To Relax Without Kids

Some resorts are great for families, while others are more fitting for a certain age group. According to, Sandals South Coast is not a resort that is designed for families. Instead, it is meant for couples who are seeking a nice getaway. Everything about this place seems beautiful.

8 Visitors Can Dine In A Cave At The Caves

Eating in a cave might sound like an impossible (or at the very least, incredibly unlikely) thing to do, but it is actually a lot more doable than some people think. According to, when guests travel to The Caves, they can actually eat in a cave, which is amazing.

7 Guests Can Take Fun Free Tours At Jewel Paradise Cove Resort & Spa

Taking tours of different places is fun, but it can get really costly, which is probably why some people tend to skip doing it. Those who enjoy taking tours will like Jewel Paradise Cove Resort & Spa, since tours are free there, according to There is also a spa.

6 Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Offers Guests The Chance To Take Cooking Classes

People who want to get better at cooking should check out Hyatt Zilaria Rose Hall. That is because this resort offers guests the chance to take part in some cooking classes, according to They can also take some dancing lessons as well. This place is only designed for adults.

5 There’s A Cool Lounge For Teens At Royalton White Sands Resort

According to, Royalton White Sands Resort is a spot that families will want to check out when they’re planning out a vacation. That is because this place offers a lounge for teenagers to hang out in while their parents get time to themselves, which is always a good thing.

4 Families Will Definitely Want To Check Out Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

According to, this is a pretty awesome place for people of all ages. That is because there is something for everyone to do there. Oh, and kids can enjoy nighttime activities with their parents since they’re family-friendly at this fun Jamaican resort. They can enjoy karaoke and talent shows.

3 The Nightlife At Excellence Oyster Bay Is Great

There is a lot to do at Excellence Oyster Bay in Jamaica. According, this place is usually pretty active. There is also something for the guests to do there. One thing that makes this resort so much fun is the active nightlife guests can enjoy while during their stay.

2 Travelers Seem To Love Catcha Falling Star

The guests who have stayed at Catcha Falling Star really seem to love this place. According to, one of the things that makes this resort so great is the friendly staff. That seems simple, but staff members have a big impact on things like this, so it is very important.

1 Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay Is Not As Luxurious As It Appears To Be

Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Jamaica looks nice, but looks can be rather deceiving at times. According to, some people have discovered that this place can actually be quite unpleasant sometimes. One guest was supposed to get a king-size bed, but they simply pushed two beds together.