Unlimited alcohol is typically the selling point for an all-inclusive vacation package. For tourists who arrive at their resorts and realize that drinks aren’t part of the deal, a bad review usually isn’t far behind. Light drinkers and sober tourists face the opposite issue. Being forced to pay for bottles of wine that they don't intend on drinking feels like a total rip off. Unfortunately, not many resorts look out for these kinds of guests. This list will highlight the ones that do.

Some of these resorts will exclude all beverages while others simply exclude alcoholic ones. While both are effective solutions for the cost-concerned, the second option serves to give those concerned with sobriety a better (though imperfect) alternative to the usual all-inclusive resort.

20 Akyra Beach Phuket Resort Has Packages With And Without Alcohol

Booking through The Akyra begins with choosing between the alcoholic and non-alcohol all-inclusive packages. Both include unlimited drinks and three meals a day along with recreational activities. The small difference in price depends solely on what you plan to drink while relaxing on Thailand’s beautiful beaches.

19 Villa Estancia Beach Resort Leaves Guests Their Choices

This rare find in Cabo San Lucas has elegant buildings that surround a palm-lined pool. Travelocity mentions that it’s not far from the beach either. A half-mile walk will get you to the warm Caribbean waves. Rooms are stocked with tea and coffee, but the alcohol is optional.

18 Pacifica Resort Ixtapa Is Suitable For All Ages

According to Family Vacation Critic, the Pacifica Resort in Ixtapa charges different rates for children and adults. That way, no one is forced to pay for an item that they’re expressly prohibited from enjoying. This rate likely extends to guests who want to opt-out for their own reasons.

17 Appreciate Modern Wonders In Egypt At The Xperience Sea Breeze Resort

Rooms at the Xperience Sea Breeze Resort have little in common with the ancient ruins scattered across Egypt. The resort has a leg up on many other resorts because it offers soft all-inclusive rates. Look out for this package type at any hotel. It usually includes everything but alcohol.

16 Take A Rest At The Highly-Rated Italian Rio Stava Resort

The Rio Stava Resort is nestled high up in the Italian Dolomites. Two buffet meals and a formal dinner consisting of local dishes are part of the soft all-inclusive package, according to Hotel Rio Stava. Wellness is a key part of this resort with its Turkish baths and saunas.

15 Indonesian Oceanfront Resort Offers Relaxation

Guests go to the Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. This far away from civilization, all-inclusive is mandatory. Beverages are covered except for alcohol and soda. There’s no Wi-Fi or television either. This resort is for those who want a cleanse.

14 Lapa Rios Resort Prioritizes Natural Elements

This isolated resort actually has designated Wi-Fi areas, according to Lapa Rios. Finding time to check Twitter between rainforest treks and wildlife park visits may be difficult though. Those trips are part of the all-inclusive package along with food, but drinks are limited to the non-alcoholic kind.

13 Schwarzenstein Resort In The Dolomites Is A Frozen Treat

Alcohol is served at the lunch and dinner buffets, but Schwarzenstein states that it isn’t included in the price. Guests must rely on the steaming saunas and Turkish baths to keep themselves warm instead. Various lounge rooms throughout the resort are loaded up with cozy blankets too.

12 San Ignacio Resort Includes A Conservatory In The Package

For four nights at the San Ignacio Resort in Belize, guests are provided with meals and tours to some of the country’s biggest attractions as part of the all-inclusive package. Details on San Ignacio Belize list zip lining, cave tubing and tours, and a visit to the conservatory.

11 Water fills Wine Glasses At Royal Davui Island Resort

Yet there are no adult drinks covered in the all-inclusive plan. This was confirmed by a verified property representative on TripAdvisor who stated that all beverages were excluded. Instead, after a nice cup of tea, you get a guided reef snorkel tour, kayaks, and other non-motorized water sports.

10 Travaasa Hana Is A Hawaiian Exception

Many resorts greet guests with a glass of champagne. The Travaasa Hana Resort in Maui greets guests with a loaf of banana bread. “Organic fair-trade coffee” and water are the only beverages included, according to Travaasa. The package also covers $175 worth of spa treatments or private classes.

9 Unwind At The Biyadhoo Island With The Non-Alcoholic Full Board Package

Options to avoid alcohol aren’t apparent within the Biyadhoo website. They appear once you enter the booking portal. Between the full board and all-inclusive packages, beverages are presented as the only difference. Choosing full board saves sober guests and light drinkers a good chunk of cash.

8 Revitalization Is The Main Goal At The Lanka Princess

Lanka Princess is a resort that relies on Sri Lankan purification methods to leave guests feeling lighter. Things like yoga, massage therapy, and a clean diet are part of the experience. Lanka Princess doesn't say that alcohol is prohibited, it just won’t be part of the price for everyone.

7 Sober Fun Is Part Of The Culture In The Maldives

Alcohol is an illegal indulgence for citizens of the Maldives, according to TravMaldives. Yet resort islands are exempt from this law for the sake of tourism. Many resorts exclude drinks from the price anyway since they’re more considerate of the sober population. Kudafushi is one of those resorts.

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6 Alcohol Is Just An Option At Aleenta Phuket Resort

Aleenta Phuket Resort’s website doesn’t put potential guests through the wringer to find its non-alcoholic packages like other resorts. Alcohol or no alcohol is the first decision you’ll make. Then you can go on to choose between beachfront villas or lofts that look out over the Thai coast.

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5 Savor The Seclusion Of The Grenadines At Petit St. Vincent Resort

Packages on this island in the Grenadines are considered full board because they exclude all non-alcoholic drinks. However, Petit St. Vincent states that the resort still includes non-motorized water sports, food, and various activities like yoga. Enough to be considered all-inclusive by all other measures.

4 Post Up In A Treehouse In The Amazon

The straightforward naming of this resort makes it clear what you’re in for. Lodges hover above the Amazon rainforest amongst green treetops. Secure bridges make pathways between the various buildings. There aren’t any mojitos in the mornings, but at least you can have breakfast with the dolphins.

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3 Alcohol Doesn't Enter The Water Cottages At The Lagen Island Resort

Rates on the booking site of this luxury eco-resort don’t include beverages at all. Many disappointed Tripadvisor reviews also mention the high prices of alcohol in the area. While it’s a negative for guests who can’t vacation without alcohol, it’s a positive for those who prefer a sober crowd.

2 Bawah Reserve Has Opened Up Refreshing Villas

A seaplane drops guests off in this blue lagoon on Bawah Island. Years of conservation efforts have seen marine life in the area flourish. This resort now gives travelers the opportunity to enjoy nature with picnics on the beach and treks through the tropical forest, according to Bawah Reserve.

1 Tunisian Resorts Keep Things Alcohol-Free

Just across the ocean from Italy on the coast of Tunisia is the Palmyra Holiday resort. While drinking is legal in this country, it’s less common. So resorts like this one which don’t include alcohol in their packages don’t come as a surprise. Expedia instead highlights access to buffets.

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