When you're planning a vacation, it can be intimidating to book flights, hotels, excursions, and dining packages. One handy way to nix all that is by booking at an inclusive resort.

Especially for families, all-inclusive stays are convenient, accessible, and even more affordable than booking everything separately, in many cases. Here are all the details on why all-inclusive resorts all over the globe are the best vacation idea for families.

There Are Kid-Friendly Features Around Every Corner

From interconnected rooms that cater to families with tons of kids to dedicated kids' clubs with a range of activities, all-inclusive resorts typically play host to the younger set exceptionally well.


And, of course, there are options like Disney's many resorts, which bring the magic for all ages. Nickelodeon is another option that's appropriately under-18-friendly (peep the kid-sized chaise lounges above).

No matter what branded resort you wind up at, there's bound to be a special service or amenity, from babysitting help to concierge service for tracking down your baby's favorite brand of snack.

For older kids, many all-inclusive resorts offer classes and excursions. Surfing lessons, petting zoos, and even trapeze classes can be included with your resort fees. And, you can even find resorts where kids stay free, says US News!

Adults Who Want To Party Are Doing So Elsewhere

Do you know what you won't find at an all-inclusive resort with tons of kids' activities? Adults partying all day and night. The truth is, adults who are looking for nothing but a good time won't be staying at resorts with daycare facilities and children's programs.

But if you opt for a standard hotel outside a resort, all bets are off. You might find awkward hot tub situations, inappropriate language, and free-flowing adult beverages that make your trip a nightmare.

In contrast, at an all-inclusive resort that's billed as kid-friendly, the only excess noise will be that of kids screaming delightedly over the chocolate fountain (or perhaps having tantrums as they come down from the sugar high, either one).

Basically, there are plenty of places for adults-only groups to enjoy themselves, so they won't be barging into your family's slice of paradise for the entire trip. Venture outside resort grounds, of course, and that's a different story. Which leads us to our next point...

There's Not A Ton Of Travel Involved

Once you arrive at your all-inclusive destination, you probably won't have to venture off the property again (unless you want to). Depending on whether the area you're visiting is safe for tourists or not, you may opt to stay put at the resort.

And let's face it: traveling with kids isn't ideal. If you're hopping on a plane to get to your resort in the first place, you don't want to be schlepping car seats into an Uber or taxi in Jamaica, braving public transportation with a toddler in Dubai, or carrying your infant in sweaty arms up and down the oceanside malecón in Mexico.

With private beaches, tons of high-class (and all-you-can-eat buffet) restaurants, poolside (or beachside) classes and kids' clubs, and 24/7 room service, you won't have to go anywhere. This is also good news in terms of saving cash; you've already prepaid, so you don't need to buy anything else during your trip (except souvenirs!).

Playmates Are Most Likely Going To Be Built-In

One of the best things about all-inclusive travel for families is that your kids are bound to find playmates on-site. After all, it's not really a vacation if you have to spend the entire time entertaining your kids.

You might just be able to relax a bit if your school-age kids find like-minded friends at your resort accommodation. And there are better odds you'll get to watch those adorable friendships flourish at a resort rather than at a public beach.

Kids can make friends anywhere, but it's nice to know that they'll probably see the same kids again, maybe even at mealtimes or the kids' club. And who knows, there may just be a reliable teen in the bunch who can keep an eye on your baby while you tan a few (or few hundred) feet away.

You Avoid Temptation (And Unexpected Expenses)

Keeping your kids corralled on the resort property has benefits beyond not having to carry them when they insist their legs are going to fall off. You won't have to traipse around the city or island searching for a place to eat, somewhere to enjoy the view, or dragging tons of beach gear down precarious cliffside steps.

Not only does staying put mean it's easier on your body to take your kids on a vacation, but it's easier on your wallet, too. Just imagine an entire vacation without your kids begging for random toys from shop windows. Pure bliss!