We could all use a beach vacation every now and then, but one thing is always at the front of our minds: the cost. Sure, we could use some of our savings and consider it a splurge... but we probably want to be a bit more financially mature than that.

Luckily, if you're willing to book a trip without a ton of notice, you can find some amazing deals that allow you to enjoy some beach time and warm weather and still have some money left in your travel budget for the rest of the year.

Here are 15 all-inclusive resort packages so affordable this February we can use our pocket change. These packages all include flights and hotel rooms, and most of them include all of your meals, too.

15 Travel To The Bahamas For $1,705

You can stay at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach in the Bahamas and get snacks plus three meals every day. Grab this deal from February 1st until February 8th and if you have little ones, two children will "stay, play and eat free."

$1,705 is pretty affordable for flights and food since usually, even just airfare really breaks the bank.

14 This Great Deal Is A Week In The Dominican Republic For $1,109

Since this includes food, flights, and your hotel room, this really couldn't be a better deal. Stay at the all-inclusive Viva Wyndham Tangerine from February 2nd until February 9th. You'll get dinner, lunch, breakfast, drinks, and snacks.

If you have kids and you're traveling as a family, you won't pay anything for your kids' food, either.

13 It's Only $1,235 To Stay At The Beautiful Playabachata Resort

Book a trip from February 2nd to 9th and you'll get "24 hour snacks" (yum) and every single meal will also be included at this Dominican Republic resort.

Even just glancing at that pool is enough to make you envious. And it's such a good deal, it's hard to resist.

12 Pay $1,249 And Enjoy Bellevue Dominican Bay

If you leave on February 2nd and come home on February 9th, you can get this great deal. You'll have all of your meals, and while there are lunch and breakfast buffets, you can also enjoy à la carte dinners if that's what you choose. It looks like paradise, right?!

11 For Just $1,369, Spend 7 Days In Jamaica

Thanks to Expedia, we know about this amazing deal from February 9th t0 16th that feels like we could use our pocket change. You'll stay at Rooms on the Beach Ochos Rios and while only breakfast is included, you're saving so much money and getting such an awesome deal that paying for the other meals wouldn't break the bank too much more.

10 Spend Only $1,455 For A Week In Jamaica At Fun Holiday Beach Resort

Fun Holiday Beach Resort is on the Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica, and the name is perfect. Your airfare and food are all included in the price, making it a really affordable vacation. Plus, how cute is this place?!

9 Go To Costa Club Punta Arena For $1,245

Sometimes traveling on a random day of the week can get you a super affordable vacation. From Thursday, February 20 until the 27th, stay at Costa Club Punta Arena in Mexico.

You'll rest easy knowing that everything is included and you can enjoy the sun and break from winter weather.

8 This Cancun Vacay Sounds Like A Dream For Just A Bit More Than $1,000

For the same week in February, all you have to pay is $1,099 and you get seven days at Smart Cancun by Oasis.

One thing to note is that this doesn't include food, but this is such a crazy cheap deal for a seven-day beach vacation that you can definitely factor meals into your budget.

7 You Can Also Stay At Fontan Beach Resort For $1,165

This resort in Mexico will set you back $1,165 if you stay from Thursday, February 6th until Thursday, February 13th.

This includes all your food and drinks, so if you want to pay for everything ahead of time, then definitely choose this package and you'll have a great time for sure.

6 Book Park Royal Beach Resort Acapulco For $1,365 

Book a flight for Wednesday, February 12th and come home the following Wednesday and you can snag this awesome deal.

The description on Sunwing says that you'll be able to eat Mexican food at breakfast and lots of fish, and you can play a game of soccer at the resort if that's something that appeals to you.

5 For Just Over $1,000, Stay At Alba Suites Acapulco

Do you want to go to Mexico... but you don't want to shell out too much cash?

This package will be perfect for you. For just $1,005 during the same week, you get breakfast every single day during your stay, and your airfare and hotel are also included.

4 It's Only $1,245 For 7 Days At Presidential Suites Cabarete

From February 2nd until the 9th, this is an awesome all-inclusive deal. It's pretty mind-blowing that you can spend less than $2,000 and get food, flights, and a hotel room and get to spend a week in such a beautiful beach location. There's also a lounge on the roof, which sounds so cool.

3 Pay A Tiny Bit More ($1,259) And Stay At Lifestyle Tropical Beach Rst And Spa

Here's another really affordable package that will literally feel like you're using up pocket change. Stay in Puerto Plata at this amazing resort and you'll get it all, from all the snacks and drinks you could want literally 24/4 hours a day to spending a lot of time sitting by the pool and enjoying the gorgeous beach.

2 Stay At Be Live Collection Marien For $1,385

Mondays are a perfect day to fly to a hot place. Book Be Live Collection Marien for $1,385 and leave on Monday, February 17th and come home the following week. It's awesome to take a trip to the Dominican Republic for such little money. And it'll feel great knowing your food is all paid for.

1 It's Only $1,359 For Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden

Stay in Santo Domingo and you'll pay $1,359 for a "garden view room," enjoying the beach which is right there, and being able to order snacks whenever you want. All of your food will be included along with whatever drinks you wish for, and of course, your airfare, too.