Anyone who's lucky enough to live near an Aldi or Lidl grocery store knows how affordable, high-quality, and unique shopping at one can be. In recent years, Aldi has absolutely taken over the grocery scene with innovative new products that feature many international twists. Thanks to both of the store's German origins, European products are also not in short supply which means, at least, in the case of Lidl, that the bakery section is off the hook.

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Aldi is also known to offer incredible cheap products that don't sacrifice quality for price along with some items that can't be found anywhere else, such as holiday specials and imported goods. Many of the chain store's non-food items are intriguing as well, having many shoppers thankful that they didn't need to leave and go to another store to find a practical household item that they were in need of. Overall, both Aldi and Lidl are beloved stores now that they're in the U.S.... but when it comes to comparing the two, which one will inevitably come out on top?

Cart Quarters And Money-Saving

When it comes to shopping at Aldi, one of the major gripes from shoppers is the fact that in order to get a cart, you need a quarter. The shopping carts don't cost money to rent (unless you just don't bring them back) but you do need to insert a quarter in order to unlock them from the cart stand. This is a tactic used by the store to keep costs low since they don't need to pay an employee to return them which is actually very practical, but inconvenient for those who don't carry change on them. At Lidl, the cart quarters are gone and the carts are free to use, without first requiring the deposit of a quarter.

In terms of saving money, both Aldi and Lidl offer money-back guarantees for products that a shopper doesn't absolutely love. While they're called different things at both stores, it's the same premise, so that's a point for both of them.

Baked Goods Are Exceptional At One

Let us start off by saying that both Aldi and Lidl offer baked goods that are delicious in their own right. Aldi offers pastries that are unique and creative, and altogether different than what one might find at the bakery. With that being said, the chain doesn't have a bakery on the premise as most stores are only 14,000 square feet, give or take.

In comparison, Lidl stores are much larger (roughly 20,000 square feet) and do have a bakery on the premise. Therefore, while Aldi has great baked goods, Lidl is able to produce pastries that are delicious and are baked fresh on the spot. And if the look of the bakery case doesn't get you, then the scent wafting out of Lidl's bakery definitely will. It's a point for Lidl here.

Fresh Produce Assortments And Brand Names

In terms of fresh produce, Lidl also takes the cake - or, rather, the fruit - here. While Aldi does offer a solid selection of basic produce, most stores are not large enough to hold the assortment that Lidl does. Whereas Aldi has everything one might need for dinners and meal prep, Lidl goes above and beyond, offering more produce and a bigger variety of it.

Name brand products are not a big deal to everyone but when it comes to the most favored products, such as soda and snacks, some people prefer them. In that case, Lidl is the winner once again, often featuring the most popular name-brand items. Additionally, Lidl, similar to Aldi, offers its own products which are definitely right up there with the quality of Trader Joe's and other like grocery store brands. Aldi might even take the win for this one simply because of the fact that all the store has, much of the time, is its own brand of products, all of which are equally high quality and delicious.

Prepared Foods And The Winner

Both stores are pretty equal when it comes to the prepared food and freezer sections. Anything from take-and-bake pizza to frozen prepared meals is the same for both with the exception of Lidl just having more of them.

Otherwise, even the seasonal offerings are very similar. Comparing these sections of the stores is very much the same as comparing any other two U.S. grocery stores, with not much of a difference. When it comes down to the winner, however, it would have to be Lidl - while it's not everywhere in the U.S. (yet) like Aldi stores are, its size allows it to have more options.

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