Do resort bartenders actually water-down drinks? That's a very popular question that many of us ask ourselves while hanging out at resort bars in Mexico, Hawaii, and all over the world. There's no doubt that there are numerous things that bartenders at all-inclusive resorts keep on the down-low while doing their jobs. But it just seems a tad nefarious that skimping out on already expensive drinks might be one of them.

It shouldn't be THAT surprising that certain popular, and beloved, all-inclusive resorts around the world constantly disappoint. They do have to live up to high expectations, after all. But some traits, including how bartenders prepare your glasses of liquid happiness transcends popular resorts and applies to just about anywhere.

Without further ado, here are how bartenders at most all-inclusive resorts prepare your drinks.

10 Yes, The Drinks Really Are Watered Down

Some hotel bars around the world offer a few of the most outrageous, generous, and creative drinks imaginable. But the truth is, most don't. And this is especially true of all-inclusive who have to keep their costs down due to "unlimited drinks." Therefore, watering down drinks is no myth, according to bartenders on Oyster. Additionally, if drinks are less strong, bartenders can ensure that guests behave appropriately as well as get to enjoy the resort more without being too hazy-eyed.

9 Even If Your Bartender Likes You, They'll Rarely Make Your Drink Stronger

There are a number of secrets that your bartender just won't tell you directly, regardless of whether or not you think you have a good relationship with them. According to a number of bartenders interviewed for The Best of Life, typical bartenders won't even make your drink stronger if you ask them to. Sure, they may appear as though they do, but this is a facade. Usually, they'll just dip the straw in booze so things appear to taste stronger. However, there are exceptions to this. So, if you find a bartender who actually supplies you with a stronger drink, treat them well.

8 Telling Them How To Mix A Drink Is A Sure-Fire Way To NOT Get What You Want

While this point is included in a list about surprising secrets that bartenders wished we knew, it's really anything but surprising. Being a schmuck to any professional is a sure-fire way of not getting what you want, but this is especially true of bartenders. They tend to take their jobs really seriously. And if you know anything about it, you'd understand what an art form mixology truly is. But bartenders are also following strict commands from their management who are desperately trying to keep alcohol costs low at their all-inclusive. So, be understanding. And if you want something fancier, you're better to go to a regular resort or hotel and pay for it.

7 Saying That They're "Out Of Mint" Means They Just Don't Want To Make You That Mojito

Bartenders hate making mojitos across the board. Go to any source and you'll read the same thing. According to Business Insider, this is due to how long it takes. Mojitos are labor-intensive drinks that really don't give you anything special. They aren't creative and challenging for a bartender, they're tedious. But mojitos are one of the most popular drinks at all-inclusive resorts, especially in Mexico. Therefore, bartenders have found that telling guests that they're "out of mint" is the fastest way of talking them out of ordering one. Word of advice: order a daiquiri instead. The flavor profile is similar.

6 If You're Belligerent, They'll Completely Water Down Your Drink

Being a belligerent jerk will get you nowhere fast. According to Oyster, every all-inclusive takes the safety of their guests very seriously. This includes making sure the bar areas are fun for everyone and not just the intoxicated knuckledragger causing a scene. In order to do this, management instructs the bartenders to water down the drinks of anyone they deem "out of control." If they don't do that, they'll cut you off completely. So, maybe try to have some self-control if you want to enjoy all that liquid happiness.

5 They Won't Give You Top-Shelf Liquor Unless You Ask For It... So, Yea... You'll Get The Cheapest Stuff

If you want top-shelf liquor, you're going to have to ask for it. All-inclusive do everything they can to cut costs, especially in the bar areas. That's because alcohol can get mighty pricey. Therefore, all-inclusive bars almost always make their drinks with the cheapest booze they can find; otherwise known as "well" or "rail" alcohol. If you want something premium or top-shelf, you'll have to ask for it and hope to God that you'll get it without having to pay extra.

4 Pitchers Will Always Have Less Booze Than Individual Drinks

Ordering a pitcher can be a fun way to save money as well as share an experience with friends and family. However, according to The Best Life, pitchers almost always mean less alcohol. With the exception of beer, pitchers of anything at all-inclusive contain fewer shots than if you were to order individual drinks. This is because bartenders can easily follow directives from their superiors and cut costs by filling the pitcher with the non-alcoholic ingredients. This is much harder to do when mixing an individual drink.

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3 You're Going To Get Judged If You Use Premium Booze In A Mixed Drink

According to bartenders interviewed for Business Insider, you're going to get judged if you ask for a premium grade-alcohol for a mixed drink. Why? Well, because it's a total waste of money. Using Pyrat in a Long Island Ice Tea will taste the same as using the lowest grade of rum you can think of. The same goes for using Grey Goose or Belvedere in a Bloody Mary; it's going to taste the same as if you ordered Polar Ice. Unless you've chosen a drink that's only partially mixed, such as a dirty martini or a gin and tonic, picking anything above a "well" alcohol is a sign of being a juvenile customer.

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2 You Will Not Be Served In The Service Area

When you go to the airport, you know not to board a plane while it's taking off on the runway. So, you should know not to order your drink in the service area of your all-inclusive's bar. According to bartenders speaking with Business Insider, this is because they're in preparation mode. They're creating someone else's drink or handing it off to a server and therefore are too busy to take an order. The obvious solution is to go to the clearly marked area where you can place your order.

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1 Begging For Free Premium Drinks Will Get You Nowhere Fast

As everyone and their dog knows, all-inclusive resorts mean that the alcohol is flowing and guests don't need to worry about whipping out their credit card at the bar. However, there is a big exception to this. At most all-inclusives around the world, some premium alcohol is available for purchase and no bartender will give it to you for free. So, don't ask! They hate that because it puts them in an awkward position. Bartenders have been instructed to only give free premium drinks away under very special circumstances. And these circumstances never include when they're begged for it.

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