Expecto Patronum! Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Whether you’re a bigger fan of the movies or prefer the traditional story of the books, everyone can agree Harry Potter was a major positive influence on the world. Now you can step right into the real world of Harry Potter with this amazing new Airbnb in Asheville, North Carolina.

In true Harry Potter style: it’s bigger on the inside! The entrance is a very unassuming tent that leads down to a beautiful partly underground living space via slide. If you don't want to slide down with your suitcase (muggle), you can use the normal entrance to the property, which is a hidden but easily accessible dirt pathway around the side of the small hill. (This side entrance is also accommodating to those with disabilities or who might otherwise have physical challenges.)


What To Know About Asheville's Alchemy, A 'Harry Potter'-themed Airbnb

This beautiful vacation home, which is entitled Alchemy, is decorated with a complete Harry Potter theme including hanging cloaks, themed curtains, snitch twinkle lights, and their very own sorting hat!

This amazing place is beautifully set up for single travelers, couples, and families! It contains a queen-size bed and a safe bed. It can fit up to four people comfortably making it an ideal place for a Harry Potter-themed family vacation! The home has a kitchen prepared with space to cook your own meals at home, a bathroom with a shower, TV, air conditioning, and a private parking space for all travelers. Alohomora!

Alchemy features some very unique offerings for a rental, including:

  • 12-ft spiral slide
  • 1 Queen Bed & 1 futon including linens
  • Private Secondary Glamping Tent
  • WiFi
  • Coffee Maker, 2-burner electric cooktop, electric indoor grill
  • Roku TV
  • Kitchenette
  • Conventional Bathroom
  • Private Fire Pit

This amazing Airbnb is set up just outside of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Step outside, and watch the sunrise or sunset over these majestic Mountains. Outside it also contains another tent, called Enchantment. There is a beautiful fire pit, perfect for outdoor grilling and s’mores! It truly helps feel like you are in the isolated castle of Hogwarts.

Book your amazing stay here for roughly $225 (with certainly holidays costing up to $400 a night) as well as a clean-up fee ($55). It’s a perfect get-away for the whole family in the summer or for holidays! Spend your holidays wrapped up Harry Potter fantasies! (Happy Christmas, Harry).

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Treehouses of Serenity

In addition to this fantastically designed tent Airbnb there are also a few other Harry Potter-styled places very near to check out for the ultimate fans. The Treehouses of Serenity are treehouses people can actually stay at that are also designed in a Harry Potter theme! Wingardium Leviosa!

The treehouse castle is almost 600 square feet of amazing wizarding experiences. There is a space (and flags available) for you to fly the flag of your Harry Potter house during your stay. There is also a kitchen space for mixing potions and poisons. There are two queen size beds and a spiral staircase that leads to an additional bed. The is a single bathroom with all the necessary amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Each room is decked out in velvet wall hangings, colorful flags, Hogwarts-style pillows, and owls guarding the magical castle. There’s even Hedwig, Harry Potter’s pet snowy owl, sitting near school books and luggage.

Enjoy the stuffed owls, four-poster beds - just like Harry Potter has in his dorm room at Hogwarts (Petrificus Totalus!), and all the other wizarding attributes. There’s even a decal on the toilet that directs you to the Ministry of Magic.

This treehouse is currently listed at $365 per night and can house up to four people. Whether you’re taking a family vacation or a friend’s vaca trip, this is the perfect spot for the ultimate Potter-Heads!

Settle into one of these fantastic Harry Potter themed Airbnbs and binge-watch all of Harry Potter while eating some of these delicious Harry Potter themed treats:

  • Butterbeer Drink
  • Butterbeer Desserts
  • Harry Potter Cocktails
  • Sorting Hat Cupcakes
  • Pumpkin Pasties
  • English Toffee

This is a must-see travel destination spot for anyone who loves Harry Potter. Come prepared to fully immerse yourself into Harry Potter’s world with one of these two fabulous Airbnbs in Asheville, North Carolina! Plus it’s only a few hours away to check out Harry Potter land and Universal Studios in Florida. Make your Harry Potter trip that much more magical with a stay at one of these Airbnbs before continuing your Harry Potter adventure. The perfect family vacation! Book your spot for the family today, these spots are filling up quickly.

(*Remember when booking: they do require full Covid vaccinations for the foreseeable future. There are several other Airbnb areas around this site and for the safety of everyone, each location asks you to please be vaccinated and wear a mask if you plan on being in close proximity to others. Thank you for your cooperation.)


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