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Fast Facts About Alberta

  • Cities That Make Up Alberta: Banff, Jasper, Edmonton, Calgary, Camrose, Chestermere, Cold Lake.
  • Timezones include Mountain Standard Time (MST).
  • Most Populous Cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge.

Geographic Places of Note

  • Mountains to see: Mount Columbia, The Canadian Rockies, Mount Alberta, Mount Temple, Mount Yamnuska, Mount Edith Cavell.
  • Alberta has several natural wonders, including Hard Luck Canyon and The Boreal Forest, and Lesser Slave Lake.
  • Notable bodies of water include the Athabasca River and Upper Kananaskis Lake.
  • Jasper is home to the Maligne Canyon.

BANFF - Accommodations, top sights & activities



Budget-friendly accommodations in Banff are easy to find when looking for affordable places to stay in the city. Those accommodations offer basic amenities and clean rooms that meet the needs of their clients.

Mid Range

Mid-range accommodations are available everywhere in Banff at reasonable rates. They offer the perfect combination of value-for-money and comfort. Moreover, they feature bigger rooms than their budget-friendly counterparts.

High End

High-end accommodations are the most luxurious in Banff and feature large rooms with world-class amenities, including swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and other advanced facilities.

Banff Travel Guides

Top Sights In Banff

Banff is home to marvellous sights and attractions, including the splendid Sulphur Moutain, magnificent Lake Louise, stunning Icefields Parkway, magical Banff National Park, and more.

Things To Do In Banff

There are plenty of activities to undertake in Banff, such as hiking the oldest national park in Canada, Banff National Park, exploring the town, and beholding the beauty of the slopes at Lak Louise Ski Resort.

JASPER - Top sights & things to do



Budget-friendly accommodations can be easily located when spending a vacation in Jasper. Such places offer basic amenities and safe, clean rooms to their guests at the most affordable prices.

Mid Range

Mid-range accommodations are available in Jasper and offer their clients larger comfortable rooms and a good value-for-money. Moreover, rooms can include additional amenities, such as free WiFi.

High End

High-End accommodations are the most luxurious in Jasper and the most expensive. Such accommodations offer world-class amenities to their guests, such as swimming pools, saunas, and jacuzzis.

Jasper Travel Guides

Top Sights In Jasper

Jasper is home the splendid Jasper National Park Of Canada, magnificent Maligne Canyon, stunning Athabasca Falls, marvelous Maligne Lake, magical Mount Edith Cavell, and more.

Things To Do In Jasper

There are plenty of activities to undertake in Jasper, such as touring the iconic Columbia Icefield, soaking in Miette Hot Springs, traveling by dogsled, white water rafting on the Athabasca River, hiking Jasper National Park, and much more.


Food To Discover In Alberta

Best Restaurants In Alberta

Alberta's restaurants are known for offering the most delicious and savory food. Learn about the best restaurants in the state and indulge in the tasty eats that Alberta restaurants provide.

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