Airports are busy places full of busy people, with busy itineraries. It's not always the easiest thing to catch a flight, especially when there's a laundry list of things that need to be done just to check-in. Because of that, we are incredibly thankful for the airport hacks that help to save travelers time, stress, and, sometimes, even money.

These hacks won't always guarantee a smooth airport experience, but they will bring a traveler one step closer to having one.

9 If You're Leaving Your Car, Take A Photo Of The Area And The Parking Spot

Airport parking lots and parking garages are often some of the most confusing. In larger airports, there are multiple parking garages that travelers can use which only adds to the confusion for those who have forgotten which one their car is in. To avoid this, be sure to snap a shot of the parking space, any recognizable signs around one's parking spot, as well as a photo of the garage name or parking lot level. This will help speed things up when a traveler returns since they won't be going through a process of elimination to determine where their car is.

8 Sometimes, It's Worth Waiting In Line Next To First-Class

While travelers who are not in first-class or business seating aren't permitted to use this counter to check in, it does not hurt to be in line close to it. It doesn't happen often but on the rare occasion that the first-class line has been cleared and there's still a long wait on the other lines, some customers may get waved over to be checked in order to speed up the process. Therefore, it's never a bad idea to take the chance of lining up next to a first-class or business counter.

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7 Airport Snacks Are Free If You Bring Them Yourself

Rather than waiting on the small bag of peanuts that will be handed out on the plane, consider bringing them from home. Small snacks that are packed in clear plastic bags can be easily screened by security as they go through one's carry-on items, and this will save travelers the cost of purchasing a snack in the airport, where they can be incredibly pricey.

6 The Same Rule Applies To Water If You Bring An Empty Bottle

For those who have purchased a water already, simply just hang onto the bottle! For those who haven't, consider bringing a water thermos from home in a carry-on bag. Having an empty bottle means an easy fill-up at any number of the airport's water fountains, which means free - unlimited - water refills until it's time to board the plane.

5 Consider Doing The TSA Pre-Check

Looking to save even more time? Consider doing the TSA pre-check. According to Park, Shuttle, & Fly, most passengers have only a five-minute wait during their check-in as opposed to those who have not used the TSA pre-check. This does require a five-year membership but is well worth it for those who travel annually and want to avoid the wait times. A background check, fingerprinting, and 10-minute in-person appointment are all it takes.

4 Spend Some Time Researching The Departing Airport Or Layover Airport

For those who have time in between flights, it's definitely worth researching the airport for one's departing flight or a layover. Even if it's an airport one has traveled through before, there might be something that was missed, a store worth checking out, or a restaurant worth dining at while waiting for the flight. Airports are transportation hubs, but they're also, in part, an entertainment service - might as well make the most of it.

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3 Take The Time To Weight A Bag Prior To Check-In

Airport security will not hesitate to charge the extra fee for a bag that's over the weight limit. If a bag is weighed at home, this will not only keep the extra charge from occurring, but travelers will also know exactly how much room - literally - they have to play with if they bring back souvenirs. This is a great way to save some money while also knowing exactly what to expect, and how to re-arrange the bags in order to keep a carry-on under that limit.

2 Spend Some Time Researching Parking

To save even more money, it's worth researching the parking situation around the airport prior to just picking a spot at random. There might be something that's within an easy walking distance that's half the price, or a parking area that's cheaper than any other in the airport. Or, it might turn out that parking is way too expensive altogether, thus allowing travelers to decide in advance if they'd rather hire an Uber or a taxi.

1 The My TSA App Can Save On Time

Nowadays, there's an app for everything - including TSA wait times. Travelers will know exactly what they're heading into before they even leave the house, which is incredibly useful information for someone who is running late or running too early. Knowing how long the wait is, also allows travelers to determine when to get on line, and if they'll have some extra time once they're through security.