If you're ever been on an airplane, whether it be for a business trip, a holiday or something else, then you'll be well aware of the fact that there are a variety of different passengers that you wind up coming across along the way.

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Today we're going to attempt to run through some of them, both the good and the bad. As you can imagine we're going to come out with a mixed bag, but such is the nature of air travel. Either way, just try and make sure this doesn't put you off flying anytime soon (unless you care about the environment).

10 LOVE - Celebrities

There’s no point in beating around the bush: everyone gets excited if a celebrity either sits near them or outright next to them on a plane. It might be a bit more likely if you’ve got lots of money so can fly in first class, or if the celeb in question isn’t that well known and likes to kick back with us regular folk.

You don’t even necessarily need to go up to them, because it’s just a fun anecdote that you can tell your friends and family about once you land.

9 HATE - Nervous

One of the issues with nervous flyers is that there’s just no way to reason with them in any way, shape or form once they’re in their state of fear. They will tense up, they will panic, and more often than not they won’t be able to even communicate with anyone around them.

If you need to go to the bathroom before the plane takes off, or even when it is actually in the air, then that could legitimately cause you some serious problems if they decide they don’t want to get up.

8 LOVE - Sleepers

As long as they don’t actively fall asleep on you, then we feel like this entry checks out. We aren’t trying to suggest that we wouldn’t want to have a chat with the person next to us, but if they happen to be asleep, then it gives you an opportunity to relax.

You don’t need to feel forced to make small talk, and you also don’t need to go out of your way to adjust and align your comfort levels in order to suit them. It sounds like a business transaction, but it’s just easier.

7 HATE - Drunk

By all means, go and have a pint or a cocktail before your holiday begins, because let’s face it, this is the time you should be enjoying yourself. However, if you take it a step too far and get absolutely wrecked before you’ve even stepped foot on the plane, then there could be some legitimate issues.

It’s really uncomfortable for the people around you because if you’re causing a disruption, it can alter the way in which the entire plane functions or operates – which sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually true.

6 LOVE - Destination Experts

If you don’t know all too much about the place you’re heading to or you just generally want a few more tips and tricks about where to go and eat or what to go and see, then this type of passenger is the one for you.

We don’t know how you would’ve struck up the conversation in the first place, but that isn’t even the point. The point is that you can gain some valuable information from them, and in terms of safety, they may be able to inform you where not to go.

5 HATE - Aircraft Experts

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got the aircraft experts. While we appreciate that plane watching and generally enjoying aviation is a valid hobby, it just isn’t for us – and every so often, you’ll get a passenger nearby who attempts to force this information upon you.

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That doesn’t sound like the worst thing but when they start to talk about the frequency at which planes have issues and what those specific issues are, then it can be easy to get inside of your head and cause some panic.

4 LOVE - Witty

Whether it be an off the cuff remark out of nowhere or a joke with a bit of context, it’s always nice to have someone with a bit of quick wit that can help to liven the mood in any and all given situations in the air.

You don’t have to talk to them from the minute you board right up until the minute that you land, but the occasional joke to lighten the mood is always welcome in what is often an unusual social encounter (and don’t try and convince us it isn’t).

3 HATE - Bad Smell

We’re risking sounding absolutely horrible here, so allow us to provide some context. If there is a purpose or reason behind you smelling bad that couldn’t be prevented, then that can’t be held against you. However, if you happen to be a fan of food that features the worst smelling flavors in the history of mankind, we cannot help you.

Whatever the case may be, it simply isn’t nice or pleasant to sit next to someone that doesn’t smell very nice. If it’s an issue that can be fixed, then make sure you try and do that.

2 LOVE - Cultured

This can be defined in a million and one different ways, but for the sake of this piece, we’re simply going to use the broad term ‘cultured’. What we mean is that you’ve got a passenger on your plane that is either from a different culture or is able to educate you on something that you previously had no knowledge of.

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It’s always fun and interesting to learn and you don’t always need to be in a situation whereby you’re expecting to learn for you to achieve that. It’s fun to be spontaneous.

1 HATE – Aggressive

It doesn’t matter what the rhyme or reason is: being aggressive on a plane is not a good use of your time and it is generally just one of the worst kind of behaviors you can get in that type of environment.

We’d happily admit that we have been frustrated on a plane journey before, but never to the point where we have gone out of our way to make everyone else around me feel incredibly unsafe and awkward. You need to be better than that when you’re that high in the air.

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