Working for an airline seems like a super cool and glamorous job. While the majority of us spend our days in offices, flight attendants get to travel the world and see some amazing places. It seems like a really interesting way to make a living, and if you're someone with a lot of wanderlust, it seems perfect.

While this seems like an awesome job to have, it's still true that like any other position, there are some companies that are better to work for than others.


Keep reading to find out the airlines with the highest employee satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines Offers Lots Of Vacation Time And 'ProfitSharing'

According to Simple Flying, Southwest Airlines have been "the top 20 best employers in Forbes" for a really long time, so this is one of the airlines with the highest employee satisfaction. Cheat Sheet says Southwest hasn't fired anyone in its entire run, which is definitely impressive to hear.

If there are two things that people who love to travel enjoy, it's time to take trips and a way to cut down on vacation costs. And it turns out that this airline company offers up both. Travel + Leisure says that Southwest Airlines employees can save some money when choosing hotels, renting cars, or flying with another airline, as the company will give "heavy discounts." And that's great news since employees are given three "PTO" (paid time off) weeks after they've been with the company for twelve months.

People are also impressed by Southwest and its "ProfitSharing Plan." The company's Director of Talent Acquisition, Greg Muccio, was interviewed by Travel + Leisure and said that because of the ProfitSharing and the great 401(k), "every year for the last three to four years I’ve had the opportunity of giving some 20 percent of my salary back in this form. That's somewhere between a month and a half to two months of extra salary.”

Employees With Delta Airlines Get Amazing Benefits

Simple Flying says that Delta has amazing benefits for the people who work for the company along with "highest paying flight attendants." According to Future Fuel, "Delta offers college tuition assistance to its employees and their families."

The benefits don't end there and there's a really long list of them. Employees can take "sick leave" or ask for a week off work for "personal" reasons. As for vacation time, employees can get as little as two weeks off (if they're starting to work for the company) and as much as five weeks off (if they've been there for a decade). If you're pregnant, you also get six weeks of maternity leave that is totally paid, which is amazing. The company also gives its employees truly great healthcare. They get vision, dental, and health insurance.

Cheat Sheat says both the families and people who work for Delta get "free travel." The airline offers up totally free air travel or if not totally free, then at least there are going to be some good savings. As one employee shared on Indeed, "In my 25 years of working Ground Ops for Northwest and Delta. One could not ask for a better experience. World travel at the drop of a hat. First-class seats, opportunity to live worldwide and get paid, with full benefits."

JetBlue Offers A 12-Week Maternity Leave And Good Benefits For Living a Healthy Life

JetBlue offers 12 weeks of maternity leave, according to Future Fuel, which is definitely a lot more than many other companies.

This is another airline company that is considered to have happy employees. Investopedia explains, "JetBlue does offer a comprehensive package of insurance, retirement and profit-sharing benefits. In addition to free JetBlue travel, employees receive reduced-rate standby flights on other major airlines."

One review from an employee on  Indeed  says, "Jetblue has an amazing working environment. The coworkers are like family. Leadership treats you with respect. The benefits are great. They pay is good."Another thing worth noting about working for JetBlue is, according to  Future Fuel , there is something called "Active And Fit Direct." This enables employees and their "eligible family members" to spend $25 on a monthly gym membership (after $25 to sign up, which is still pretty cheap). This makes it a lot easier for employees to stay healthy and work out on a regular basis, and since we know that exercise does keep people feeling good and happy, that's great news.These three airline companies are said to have the highest employee satisfaction. With great benefits, a lot of time off, the opportunity to fly free of charge and even a cheap gym membership, it's easy to see why people are glad to work at these companies.NEXT:  10 Airlines That Are Very Lax About Passengers’ Luggage Allowance (5 Super Strict)