Flying is a luxury we have to travel the world and we, as the consumer, want to enjoy the experience. But those experiences are always brightened with easy check-in, friendly customer service, and kind and hilarious flight attendants. Unfortunately, there are always those flights where the flight attendant offering the safety instructions is simply having a bad day - and we’ve all been on those flights where they’re constantly in a bad mood and having bad days.


However, there is a silver lining. There are some airlines that go above and beyond with their customer service and always provide a happy and enjoyable flight, not just for those in business class but even for the parents for their four screaming children running up and down the isles.

We’ve compiled a list to make the top five happiest airlines with flight attendants with the most gracious smiles and customer service ever to fly in the sky.

Southwest Often Goes Viral With Their Excitement

It’s no wonder that Southwest Airlines is always number one for having the happiest crew and administrative members. Back in 2017, Southwest shared their $586 million profits with their entire team of 54000 employees, giving each employee a bonus of 13.2% (about six paychecks.) I mean, who wouldn’t be ecstatic about such a pay increase. In addition, they also contributed a little over $351 million to their employee’s 401(k) pension plans.

Another theory is the perks and benefits that all employees receive when they sign up to be a valued member of the Dallas-based airline company. All employees receive full medical, vision and dental coverage, a tax-free spending account for daycare, a health savings account with short and long-term disability, free counseling and time off, stocks and life insurance.

Most hilariously are the viral videos that often appear trending on social media where flight attendants make the best out of the standardized and boring (but very important) safety instructions.

The Cold Won't Make Alaska Airlines Employees Any Less Cheerful

A little Alaskan airline was voted to have the happiest customers in the clear blue skies for 2019. They were also voted to have the best benefits and rewards program for their passengers.

Alaska Airlines has since acquired Virgin Airlines to increase destinations offered, which in turn brought in more profits for the company and higher salaries for their employees. Crew members and flight attendants have often received high praise and overall high employee satisfaction rates.

Most importantly, in a remote location such as Alaska, there are many opportunities for their employees to grow within the company. Crew members have also noted that they feel connected and listened to with their management team. Impressively, Alaska Airlines was surveyed to have an 82% satisfaction rate among its employees.

There Are No Blue Faces At JetBlue

JetBlue is known for always being seen at the top of Forbes’ transportation and logistics division, except in 2019 when they were surpassed by Southwest and Delta. However, cabin and flight crew members have always performed with the highest satisfaction ratings. JetBlue is known for its extensive employee packages with their insurance, profit sharing and stocks, and retirement benefits - although their benefits are not listed on their website.

JetBlue has since increased its work-life environment since failing their reviews back in 2010. They have since increased their staff appreciation and creating a close-knit environment. But, most importantly, JetBlue offers a very low ticket price which makes for happy customers. When you fly with happy customers, it normally makes your overall job a better one.

Lufthansa Crew Members Are Happy When Babies Are Happy

Lufthansa crew members have received some incredible love from passengers and management alike. Flight attendants have also been called doctors, sommeliers, interpreters, diplomats, specialists, and the list goes on and on. Let’s start from the beginning.

A phrase that’s been heard over and over in the movies is, “Is there a doctor on board?” and this is the case on Lufthansa airlines. Each flight attendant is trained to locate a medical professional that has been seated onboard. Lufthansa rewards doctors with additional perks and special prices if they sign up for their Doctor On Board program. Their flight attendants are also trained to offer expert advice when they choose which wine to serve on board with the meals they’ve been provided with by the airline catering company.

Most importantly, Lufthansa airways hire flight attendants from all over the world and all walks of life, more precisely from the countries they travel to. Flight attendants are fluent in Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish and so many more. This is a great perk when offering the best customer service to their frequent - or new - flyers and to be able to translate their wine and food menu.

However, what parents value and appreciate the most from the Lufthansa flight attendants is the care they offer to infants, babies, and children who fly with them, including cots to sleep in and onboard activities.