There was once a day in history that 12,856 commercial airplanes had been airborne all at the same time. This only means one thing for airline companies: stiff competition. 

Airlines must look their best every time to win a potential passenger over. And sometimes a 10-centimeter additional seat width is all they need to save the day.

Every year since 1999, Skytrax—a reputed airline and airport review and ranking site—acknowledges all outstanding efforts of airlines by hosting a World Airline Awards. The year 2019, as with each passing year, created a head-to-head battle among who’s who in the airline industry.

Here are the current industry leaders according to the website. The first 15 airlines will make you book your next travel the soonest time possible, while the other five will make you think twice about air travel—at least for now.

21 Austrian Airlines: Setting The In-Flight Food Bar To An All-Time High

Austrian Airlines’ premium economy class catering bested other airlines in the industry. Their business class catering and cabin crew also emerged as Europe’s overall best.

From 16th place the previous year to its current 15th place standing, Austrian Airlines has proven once again that it is indeed a serious carrier.

20 China Southern Airlines: China's Accommodations Specialist

China Southern Airlines remained on the same spot for two years in a row.

From the new, spacious cabin layout to the aptly-named luxurious first-class accommodation called Platinum Private Suite, it doesn’t need a rocket scientist’s brain to realize why this airline emerged as one of China’s top-caliber airlines.

19 Swiss International Air Lines: A First Class Lounge Like No Other

The SWISS has committed itself to provide impeccable services and products to its clients. It is known to provide tailor-made products for clients’ individual tastes and preferences.

Their highly acclaimed first-class lounges are reflective of this commitment, which is considered to be the best in the industry.

18 Garuda Indonesia: A Second-To-None Indonesian Hospitality In The Air

Airline staff and cabin crew contribute a lot to the company. They basically let the airplane fly and land safely while ensuring a satisfactory travel experience to all.

And considering the top-notch performance of Garuda Indonesia’s entire staff and crew, it seems that it has done its assignment very well.

17 Japan Airlines: Economy Class At Its Best

From the number 13 rank in 2018, Japan Airlines climbed two notches higher to number 11 in 2019. This is not an easy feat tossing into the equation hundreds of other aviation industry stalwarts. But with a world-class economy accommodation under its belt, what is there that JAL cannot accomplish?

16 Thai Airways: An Experience As Smooth As Silk From The Ground To The Air

As a flagship carrier of Thailand, a nation known as the “Land of Smiles,” it is not impossible for Thai Airways to bag three hospitality-related awards.

These include Best Airline Staff in Asia, World’s Best Airline Spa Facility, and Best Cabin Crew in Thailand; not bad for a relatively young airline.

15 Lufthansa: The European Airline Of Choice

Aside from owning the largest fleet in Europe, Lufthansa was also named Best Airline in Europe by Skytrax. It also won the Best First Class in Europe, Best Business Class in Europe, Best Economy Class in Europe, Best Airline in Western Europe, and Best Cabin Crew in Germany awards.

14 Qantas Airways: Simply The Best Airline In Australia And The Pacific

Coming from “The Land Down Under” did not deter Qantas from being named as one of the world’s best-rated airlines. Skytrax clearly acknowledges the airline’s efforts through its four meritorious awards.

On top of being named as Australia-Pacific’s best airline, Qantas is also named as the region’s overall accommodations’ champion.

13 Hainan Airlines: The Epitome Of China's Aviation Perfection

Hainan Airlines started turning heads when it joined the ranks of Skytrax’s top 10 airlines two years ago.

It hasn't stopped climbing the ranks since then. Having been named as China’s best airline on top of six other major awards solidifies its position as the symbol of China’s aviation perfection.

12 EVA Air: Inflight Dining At Its Best

EVA Air’s kind of housekeeping and one-of-a-kind economy class catering proved to be on top of its game—a real 5-Star service.

And with the coolest livery in aviation history (read: Hello Kitty), it is but logical for the airline to have an equally distinctive interior, too. What say you?

11 Emirates Air: The Most Entertaining Way To Fly

Are you an AvGeek with a penchant for all things unusual while flying? With facilities such as inflight shower and bar, you can’t be wrong with Emirates Air.

And, oh! Book your next flight with them and see how ICE, the airline’s top-of-the-line entertainment system, can spice up your flight.

10 Cathay Pacific Airways: Let The Best Cabin Crew Pamper You

Meet the world’s most Best Airline awardee. Cathay Pacific is the only carrier, aside from Qatar Airways, to win the prestigious award four times.

And since its humble beginnings in 1946 until now, Cathay Pacific Airways never ceases to amaze its passengers with the help of its award-winning cabin crew.

9 ANA All Nippon Airways: An Authentic Japanese Experience In The Air

All Nippon Airways is a Japanese carrier to be reckoned with. This is among one of the most consistent airlines when it comes to living up to its standards.

From providing the best airport services to selecting the best airline staff and cabin crew, ANA knows the game by heart.

8 Singapore Airlines: An Asian Airline To Beat

Aside from seven other prestigious awards, Singapore Airlines is also named as Asia’s best airline and second-best airline in the world in 2019.

For the airline that gives high regard not only to elegance but stellar service as well as fine dining, winning multiple awards is not really that surprising.

7 Qatar Airways: Undoubtedly The World's Ultimate Flying Experience

Qatar Airways is Skytrax 2019’s Best Airline winner. It also has 10 other major awards under its name.

And because Qatar Airways is the only airline to have the largest new-generation Boeing and Airbus aircraft in its fleet, rest assured that you are flying only with the best, nothing less.

6 Ukraine International Airlines: An Airline Bound By Delays And Technical Difficulties

Starting off our section of airlines with less-than-stellar reputations (Skytrax Ratings) is Ukraine International. Sad to say, this carrier is involved in the latest disaster that happened in Iran. The accident did not help the already low rating of this airline either.

Currently, the airline has a 2-Star rating. This poor standing might have been the product of technical difficulties which include flight delays.

5 Spirit Airlines: A Less-Than Spirited Carrier

Spirit Airlines might have left its spirit somewhere else as what has been shown in its collection of flight reviews.

Thinking about how common even simple errors can happen in this airline, it is predictable that it cannot pull itself out right away from where it is right now.

4 Pegasus Airlines: Low-Cost Carrier With An Equally Low Overall Performance

If being a low-cost airline is directly proportional to having a low performance rating, then Pegasus Air is the perfect embodiment of it.

From extra charges to unpleasant staff experiences, Pegasus Air has a long list of passenger grievances it needs to address.

3 Cubana Airlines: If Delays And Lost Baggage Are Not Bothersome, What Could Be?

According to Skytrax’s passenger review page, Cubana Airlines do not seem to be bothered by burgeoning flight delays as well as flight cancellations.

Passengers were even confronted not only with technical difficulties but technological issues as well. And an airport with no Wi-Fi and fewer flight options is a nightmare.

2 Tunisair: A Two-Star Rating Says It All

Although this is not the lowest-ranked airline on the list, it deserved the number one spot because of some obvious reasons.

According to one passenger review on Skytrax, onboard entertainment is virtually unavailable, the food is subpar, and the airplane seats not in their pristine condition. Way to go Tunisair.