Every year, many people choose to go on vacations or business trips. Additionally, this usually requires them to travel very long distances, which is why a lot of people are choosing to fly on airplanes these days. Traveling on one of them is often much quicker and easier than using any other method of travel.

But travelers should do their research before they go on an airplane. That is because some of them are awesome, while others are not worth purchasing a ticket for. According to forbes.com, some of the best airlines in the world include Air New Zealand, Qatar Airways, and Emirates. But there are some pretty awful ones as well. Here are some of the worst airlines one can choose to travel with.

10 United Airlines Has Been Involved In A Number Of Serious Scandals

United Airlines is a pretty famous one. But they are not exactly famous for their great customer service, or their nice airplanes. They are well-known because of the fact that they treat their passengers very poorly. According to news.com.aua doctor was once dragged off one of their flights.

9 Southwest Airlines Is Known For Damaging Luggage

There are a lot of people who have had some extremely unpleasant experiences with Southwest Airlines. That's true for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that lots of people have walked away with damaged luggage. According to reviews on tripadvisor.com, this is a big problem.

8 JetBlue Was Once Named The Worst Airline In The United States

As far as handling luggage goes, JetBlue is actually one of the best airlines out there. But according to countryliving.com, the airline was once named the worst one in the United States because they have been known to delay (and even cancel) a lot of their flights in the past.

7 Ryanair Has Been Accused Of Not Removing Unpleasant Passengers

Typically, unpleasant passengers get removed from airplanes. But according to theguardian.com, Ryanair let a not-so-nice man stay on one of their flights, even though he was treating one woman terribly. The things he said to her were horrible, and the airline employees simply did not do very much at all.

6 People Who Use British Airways Might Get Bed Bugs

No one wants to imagine that they could get bed bugs from getting on an airplane, but it does seem to be possible now. According to flyertalk.com, there has been at least one case of a traveler claiming that some bed bugs were present on their flight with British Airways.

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5 Norwegian Air Does Not Have The Best Customer Service

Having good customer service skills is important for anyone no matter where they work, but that is especially true for people who work in this field. But according to some of the reviews people have been leaving about Norwegian Air on tripadvisor.com, this isn't something their employees have lots of.

4 EasyJet Doesn't Offer Customers Much Help When Their Flights Get Cancelled

Those who have an EasyJet flight that gets canceled will not have much luck trying to call them. According to tripadvisor.com, at least one customer tried to call them after their flight got canceled, and it seems as though they never got a response from the company, which isn't good.

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3 American Airlines Does Not Always Offer Refunds When They Are Needed

There are probably some times when American Airlines has refunded passengers that needed their money back, but that does not happen every time. According to tripadvisor.com, one customer had an issue with the airline, and they didn't receive a refund. Things like that are never good for any kind of business.

2 Frontier Airlines Has Some Rude Flight Attendants

There are a lot of airlines that have some very nice flight attendants. But Frontier Airlines is probably not an airline people should do business with. According to tripadvisor.com, they are known for having some flight attendants that are not very nice to people. Sometimes they also have poor communication.

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1 Delta Airlines Does Not Always Have Enough Food For Their Passengers

Airplanes usually have plenty of food, but that is not always the case when it comes to Delta Airlines. According to a review someone left on tripadvisor.com, the airline actually ran out of food twice. In addition, one of the flight attendants who worked on the airplane was not nice.

References: Forbes, News.com.au

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