If you have ever traveled the world by plane and spent time gazing out onto an airport runway, you'll agree that most planes are nothing if not enormous. Compared to other modes of transport, airplanes are generally giant, massive air-tanks, designed to move people and cargo across sprawling locales.

Not all modes of air travel are equal when it comes to size, however. And because we live in a time where bigger is almost always better, innovators and engineers are forever coming up with the next best, and biggest thing.


Enter: The Airbus Beluga XL Plane.

When we talk about large airplanes, this fellow gets the gold medal. No other plane is coming close to this mega-flyer. It's so large that size is only fathomable when used in terms of comparison. Size isn't the only thing going for it though, check out these other features that The Airbus Beluga XL Plane is boasting about. This bad boy is full of bells and whistles, making it the coolest plane up in the clouds.

Did Someone Say Twin Rolls-Royce Trent 700 Turbofan Engines?

So, this insanely giant cargo plane fashioned to resemble a baby Beluga whale looks like something that your kid might play with while in the bathtub if it were a whole lot smaller, of course. Don't be fooled by its playful appearance, though; this plane is not messing around when it comes to state of the art mechanics. It might be all party on the outside, but inside the vessel, the Beluga XL is business all the way. The Airbus Beluga XL Plane's engine is a Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engine, and that is about as high class and high powered as engines get. Look at you with your fancy engine Airbus Beluga!

The Capability To Carry Two A350 XWB Wings

The Airbus Beluga XL Plane has one primary job, and that is to carry large parts to and from varying parts of the world. This particular cargo plane has a distinct role of shuffling airplane parts to the company’s assembly factories in Toulouse, Hamburg, Germany, and Tianjin, China. The Airbus Beluga XL aircraft can easily wedge, not one, but two A350 wings in its spacious cabin with ease. And look at that sweet Beluga face. He seems so happy having those airplane parts crammed up in there! What an efficient and adorable cargo plane this is. Always getting the job done and never looking gruff about it.

It's Big...Really Big

There is big, and then there is this thing. The size of the Airbus Beluga XL can really only be appreciated when it is parked next to other considerably large sky vessels. Without the Beluga on the runway, other planes look enormous. Once the Beluga rolls out, everything else dwarfs in comparison.

This King of Cargo is an astounding sixty-three meters long, which is seven meters longer than its predecessor, and eight meters wide, where the former Beluga was seven meters wide. Currently, it has the largest cross-section of any cargo plane in the world.

This Beast Can Fly Four Million Miles In A Single Year

The Airbus Beluga XL is a busy guy, flying something like four million miles in a single year. While some might think that the plane's sheer size might cause it to travel through the clouds more slowly, or clock fewer hours per year, this giant beast has a similar drag to any other large plane. Adjustments to the back of the aircraft, specifically regarding tail design and that fancy engine tucked inside, help it to be big, beautiful, and speedy. That's right; nobody puts Beluga in a corner.

The Cutest Little Whale Face In All The Land

Okay. Yes, this airplane is one of a kind in terms of size and quality, but it's also perhaps the most uniquely designed airplane that you'll ever lay eyes on. Thanks to the twenty thousand airbus staff members, the Aircraft Beluga XL scored the sweetest face to ever land on an airplane. When it came time to choose a final design for this special plane, all members of the company got a vote in the craft's appearance. They chose from six design possibilities, and forty percent of the company thought the same thing that we did: Belugas are freaking adorable and can not be passed on. The world thanks you, good people of Airbus Transport Internation.

We know that this is a cargo plane only, but man! Can we please start putting cute animal faces on passenger planes too? Nothing would make us happier than flying the friendly skies in airplanes with sea animals' faces on them.