Staying in a hotel when you're going on a vacation is always fun. But what's even better? Staying in an Airbnb instead of a regular hotel. It's like being at home instead of in a single hotel room and it makes the stay so much better and more relaxing, which is what we all need when we're on vacation.

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There are all kinds of different Airbnb locations available for rent all over the world. From entire homes to single rooms to unique tiny houses that are super unique. Staying in an Airbnb can give a traveler a unique experience that they wouldn't otherwise have in a hotel.

To see 10 of the coolest tiny homes you can rent right now on Airbnb, keep reading!

10 Tiny House On The Water

This tiny house is located in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. Renting this tiny house, nicknamed the "Cowboy" by its owners, will set visitors back just over $100 a night. It's located right on the water with beautiful views of the mountains.

This tiny house has two beds and dimensions of 8.5 feet by 20 feet. Even though it's small, it has a full bathroom and kitchen, meaning that visitors won't have to give up and of life's luxuries in order to have a good vacation while they're enjoying their stay in this tiny house. Because it's located on the water and out in nature, visitors can canoe or go hiking only steps from the tiny house's door.

9 Cozy, Bright Lofted Studio

This cozy little guest house is located in Austin, Texas and will set visitors back a little over $100 per night to stay here. Because it's located in Austin, it's really close to a lot of popular tourist attractions around Texas that many visitors might be interested in checking out while they stay.

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At the tiny house itself, there's a deck outside for visitors to sit on and take in the beautiful Texas weather. Inside, this tiny house is small but bright. It has colorful furniture, a mini-fridge, a kitchen sink, and a full bathroom to make visitors feel right at home.

8 Aroma(n)tica Treehouse

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a treehouse? If you have, this highly sought after tiny house in the heart of the Italian countryside is for you. This Airbnb is booked out quite a ways, so you'll definitely need to plan in advance to be able to stay here.

This tiny house is a treehouse that overlooks the Italian countryside and has the most wonderful view. Inside, it's bright and airy with a full bathroom and a deck that allows visitors to look out on nature and enjoy the scenery.

7 Tiny Home On Farm Upstate Catskills

Although a lot of people who visit New York wish to stay in the city, there are also a lot of people who go somewhere upstate and enjoy the more natural surroundings. If you're someone that wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, perhaps spending $125 per night to stay in this tiny house upstate would do the trick.

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It's located 90 miles from the city on a 12-acre farm that has multiple places that can be rented out for visitors and room for a whole lot of people to come stay and enjoy life out in the country. This tiny home has two beds and a really unique, rustic feeling inside.

6 Tiny House In The Town Of Rosendale

This super-affordable tiny home is located in Rosendale, New York. Renting this Airbnb will set a traveler back a mere $60 per night, which is quite a bit cheaper than a lot of other tiny houses that are available for rent on Airbnb.

This tiny house is off-the-grid and away from the city, close to bike trails and places where visitors can walk and enjoy nature. There is a barbecue outside, while a bathroom and shower are located just steps from the front door of this tiny house.

5 A Tiny House: A Simple Getaway In NoMich

This tiny house is located in Charlevoix, Michigan and costs $130 per night for visitors to rent. It has one bed and bathroom that fit snugly inside this 200 sq. ft. tiny home. It's located near downtown Charlevoix and is really close to hiking and walking trails for travelers that enjoy being out in nature.

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This tiny house is definitely a small one with a loft for the bedroom, but it's perfect for someone who wants to experience the simpler side of life in a tiny home. It's located near the city of Charlevoix, so visitors can still explore the city when they're done biking and walking.

4 Cozy Alaskan Log Cabin

Alaska is a really unique state that offers visitors a lot to do. If you're going to be visiting this chilly state, you're definitely want to be staying somewhere nice and cozy. This tiny home is a small log cabin located in Fairbanks, Alaska and costs $85 per night to stay in.

For people that want to experience the beautiful, rustic views that Alaska has to offer, this cabin in Fairbanks is perfect. The cabin has a single bed and a firepit outside for people that want to sit next to it or roast up some marshmallows under the stars. One thing to note is that this is a semi-dry cabin, meaning there is a kitchen sink but not a bathroom.

3 Mushroom Dome Cabin

This unique tiny house is known for being one of the most popular rentals on Airbnb. Mushroom Dome Cabin is located in Aptos, California and will set travelers back $130 per night to rent. Because this cabin is so popular with Airbnb users, it gets booked out pretty far in advance.

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But if you're looking to stay out in the forest in a really unique Airbnb while you're on your relaxing vacation, it's worth planning a trip in advance. This Airbnb has a dome shape and is located among the trees, giving it a really natural, serene feeling. The bed is located on a loft and there's a grill outside for visitors to grill up some delicious food.

2 Unique Modern Tiny House

Located in Atlanta, this modern tiny house costs $83 per night to rent and is loaded with all the comforts of a full-size home. There are two queen size beds in this home, one of them being downstairs in a closed-off, separated bedroom and the other being upstairs in the loft.

Along with the two beds, this tiny house has a full kitchen, bathroom, and a large yard for getting out to enjoy Atlanta's beautiful weather or to sit by the fire pit. If your trip around the south involves a stop in Atlanta, this tiny Airbnb is an excellent one to check out.

1 Tiny House W/ Private Beach & Kayaks

Are you someone that loves nature? If so, you've probably got Washington state on your travel bucket list. There's a reason that this state is so loved by people who like to hike, bicycle, and enjoy the coast. And this $79 per night tiny house is one that really helps visitors to experience what Washington is all about.

It has a private trail that leads straight to the beach, kayaks visitors can use, and a beautiful skylight located on the ceiling of the loft. Along with being located near a lot of hiking trails, it's close to Olympia and Lacey, Washington, meaning that visitors aren't too far from nearby cities.

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