Colorado is littered with creative accommodations and Airbnbs ever seen, from converted trolley cars to spectacular treehouses that look like fictional drawings in a postcard. But, with plenty of activities to do in Colorado, most travelers always get caught off-guard in planning where to spend a night or extended stay.

Thanks to the current times, securing a resting place without spending a fortune is easy, especially for a solo tourist. So here are 10 cozy Airbnbs to retreat to while traveling solo.

10 Denver Getaway Studio

The studio-styled home is as adorable on the inside as it is outside. The studio packs everything a solo traveler needs, including a small dining table, queen-sized bed, tiny kitchen, and a therapeutic air conditioning system. Located in Regis, Denver, the rental boasts a quiet neighborhood and proximity to facilities such as gyms, coffee shops, and parks. Guests can sit in the comfy outdoor space with a fire pit suitable for a clear night of stargazing.

The studio’s price per night is $100.

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9 The Rocky Mountain Treehouse

Treehouse rentals sound like something straight out of a fairy tale. However, The Rocky Mountain treehouse brings every fantasy lover's dream to reality as it is nestled 25 feet above the ground. This iconic home is located in the middle of the Colorado Rockies and has every reason to make a visitor not want to leave. Charging from $269 per night, it contains a full kitchen, hot tub, sleeping loft, and a wood-burning stove. In addition, a spacious balcony with breathtaking views of the creek underneath and the vast forest offers an excellent way to enjoy nature's beauty.

Due to its romantic ambiance, the treehouse can also accommodate couples wishing for an extended stay

8 Wine Gazebo

The posh home is the answer for travelers looking for an intentional getaway away from the busy city. Located at the heart of Cascade-Chipita Park, the place boasts old-school architecture dominated by log walls and wooden floors. The backyard instantly makes guests feel at home on their first visit. Amenities include internet, bathroom, free parking, and a fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops. The price per night ranges from $130 to $230.

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7 Moose Haven Cabin

Moose Haven Cabin tops the list of Airbnbs offering remote living off the grid. The tiny home is located in Walden, and true to its name, spotting a moose walking outside the cabin windows is the order of the day. Due to its secluded nature, the spot is a haven for any traveler who wants an escape from technology, though one might have to give up some city-life luxuries like a flush toilet. If it's cold, enjoy a warm fire next to a cozy wood stove that can last through the entire night. The cost per night starts from $99.

6 Majestic Parlor

The first thing that catches the eye in this private room is the 1800s theme of the interior. Majestic Parlor sits at the heart of Leadville, offering a tangible experience of the Wild West neighborhood for just $110 per night. Facilities include a queen-size bed, indoor fireplace, Wi-Fi, free parking, security cameras, and a fabulous hot tub to soak in.

5 Creekside Glamping Teepee

Most people only know about camping but are clueless about "glamping". Glamping is simply glamorous camping, spiced up with amenities, including bed and breakfast facilities. It is considered more comfortable than traditional camping. Charging $100 a night, Creekside Glamping Teepee sits on a wooden deck. It offers a superb glamping experience for first-timers and adventure enthusiasts. Inside the tent is a queen-size bed, a tiny coffee maker, and an indoor and outdoor fire pit.

4 Denver Yoga Studio

Located at the heart of Denver is a tiny but iconic studio with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain. Denver Yoga Studio's major attraction is its free yoga sessions, which crown any guest's desire for relaxation. In addition, the carriage house offers free parking, one king-size bed, ample backyard space, and full kitchen equipment, all for $95 per night.

3 Crystal Vacation Rentals

Crystal Vacation Rental is a unique premise nestled along the slopes of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. The cabin boasts all facilities a hiker would ask for in a mountain retreat. Its unique architecture and strategic position in the woods oozes adventure and impressive views of the Colorado Mountains. The cabin consists of a cozy hot tub, spacious kitchen, a bedroom, and a wine room. The price per night is $150.

2 Downtown Boutique Aspen Suite

This dreamy downtown apartment is an illustration of modern living. Its classy interior décor is enough to make any guest want to stay indoors. Neatly tucked in Colorado Springs, Downtown Boutique Aspen Suite fully stocks everything a visitor needs for unwinding. The home boasts a queen-sized bed with luxury beddings, keyless lockable doors, a world-class hot tub, and proximity to restaurants and shopping areas. A night at the tiny home is approximately $100.

1 Private Carriage House

This is a beautiful place to stay near Olde Towne Portsmouth. Private Carriage House is a perfect solo travel destination for people interested in exploring the city. A night costs $143, and the private home emphasizes privacy, boasting a six-foot fence and a gate. The kitchen is fully stocked with all the essentials needed to prepare a proper meal, whereas the decorated bedroom contains a queen-size bed and a spacious bathroom. Blow off some steam in the hanging chair near the backyard and take in gorgeous views of the Colorado sunset.