Airbnb is offering its customers a wealth of different ethical animal experiences to help bring an end to mistreatment for tourism purposes around the world.

We've all seen Instagram snaps and Facebook videos of friends and family enjoying various animal experiences off in exotic parts of the world. You may have even taken part in a couple yourself. Whether it be petting and posing with lion cubs or swimming with dolphins, there's an almost endless list of options out there for animal lovers.


However, if those same animal lovers knew how those animals were being treated when the tourists aren't there, they probably wouldn't be giving those people their money. The horrible truth about many of the animal experiences out there for tourists is that those animals are being exploited and mistreated, especially when it comes to wild animals that we definitely shouldn't be riding and making friends with.

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Airbnb is doing its part to bring an end to that side of the industry, reports Metro. Ethical animal experiences and there are more than 1000 of them on offer at destinations situated in every corner of the world. From paddleboarding with a corgi companion to petting elephants rather than climbing on top of them, there is definitely something in there for every kind of animal lover.

So what makes Airbnb's animal experiences okay and safe compared to others? Well, a few things. As touched upon above, none of the excursions revolve around tourists riding wild animals. That's simply not okay. Most of them allow you to stand back and watch creatures in their natural habitat, and tamer animals like the aforementioned elephants will be very up for meeting tourists and being petted.

The biggest tick in the Airbnb column when it comes to its animal experiences is that every single one of them follows World Animal Protection (WAP) guidelines. WAP guidelines prevent people from riding wild animals, put in place strict rules regarding working animals, and also don't allow excursions involving marine animals being held in captivity. If you want an animal-based holiday but also a clear conscience, Airbnb is the place to go.

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