There's still time to get a much-needed getaway in and one that's socially-distant, as well. When it comes to the country's best National Parks, the trails might seem a bit more crowded this year, but that doesn't mean there aren't trails, experiences, and sights that can be found on the path less traveled. While the more well-known parks have seen many faces this past season, there are some parks - which are equally as beautiful - that have fallen under the radar in terms of visitation. Airbnb, one of the most popular vacation rental sites in the world, has partnered up with the National Park Foundation in order to bring travelers an experience that's both safe and fun.


With many people turning to activities such as camping and RVing as a new way to travel and see the country, some are preferring to get away to a cozy cabin in the woods or a chalet in the mountains, and Airbnb is paving the way to do so. With their recent collaboration with the National Park Foundation, they're also providing tailored vacations that are suited to those who don't fear taking on a lesser-viewed site, including parks that are just as stunning but might not have all the attention that their larger, sister parks get.

How It Works

After logging onto the Airbnb website, potential travelers will be greeted with the collaboration, which details all that travelers can expect when choosing a park-themed vacation. Getting back to nature has been a common trend this year and it's a welcome one, as more people are looking to disconnect and relax rather than travel somewhere crowded and overwhelming. More people are also finding the benefit of staying close to home and rediscovering the world around them as well as the sights within driving range, thus prompting road trips to become a large part of travel this year.

According to Airbnb's website, the company issued a statement saying, "World next door: It can seem like the world has gotten smaller. But just a short drive away you can find places that feel like nowhere else on earth. In partnership with the National Park Foundation, we’re sharing otherworldly escapes to transport you on your next trip." Underneath that, travelers will find various options for lesser-known, but equally as beautiful, parks, and by clicking on them, they'll be taken to a page that shows all the rentals within close range to each park.

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By tailoring trips to these parameters, travelers will have everything they need without going to multiple sites and also have the reassurance that wherever they stay, it'll be within close driving, or walking, distance to where they're staying. With help from the map on Airbnb's website, travelers can determine exactly where they'll be staying in accordance with the distance from the park they're interested in exploring, along with the pricing per night and amenities included.

Airbnb also adds a brief description of the parks they've chosen, telling visitors exactly what to expect when it comes to the parks of their choosing. The site is home to everything from campsites to cabins and even house rentals, so there's sure to be something for everyone depending on what type of vacation a person is looking for. Airbnb also features safety measures that both hosts and guests can take in order to be sure they're going about things with the best practice possible.

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For those who aren't quite ready to travel yet, Airbnb has also partnered with hosts to include virtual experiences. These experiences work the same as if a traveler were in the country or city where the experience is taking place, however, they're done through a virtual communication such as Zoom or other video chat. These live experiences are a great way to get a feel for being in another country without actually being there and are extremely affording, benefitting both the patrons interested as well as the hosts, as they share various talents, skills, and tours, virtually.

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Airbnb has also incorporated its own live experiences, such as Sounds of the World: Mojave Desert. This virtual tour allows guests to explore the Mojave Desert from the comfort of their own home, featuring the sights and sounds of the desert, from the comfort of a person's couch. The sounds include anything from 'Stargazing with the Donkeys' to listening to daybreak in the desert, all of which are strikingly realistic and make at-home travelers feel transported, if only for a short time.

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