Many people prefer to stay at an Airbnb than a hotel. One of the negative things about staying at the latter is the lack of a homely feel, but Airbnbs provide the best of both worlds. Customers get to enjoy their vacation or trip by staying in a fancy place while the residential nature of the house or apartment adds to the general comfort.

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Most people with Airbnbs will go above and beyond to make it as ideal as possible. Everyone wants to get that five-star review and it can happen with the help of a few items. Some of the perks to come from staying at an Airbnb are the items that are available to use. Find out just which ones stand out most as these are ten items that will make your Airbnb feel like a five-star experience.

10 Flowers

The personal touch of adding flowers can go a long way in making the place feel extra welcoming. Given the inconsistent schedule of when one will have time to water it, a flower that requires little care may be the most ideal one here.

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Even fake flowers present a cool visual to show that the Airbnb feels like home. These types of small additions go a long way in presenting an Airbnb as a fun place rather than a glorified hotel where one will stay in between visiting other places.

9 Piano

A piano is a costly musical instrument to invest in, but it may be worth considering. Anyone who has a passion for playing the piano should appreciate the addition. The inclusion of the piano could add another dynamic for someone with a shared interest.

An average user seeing a piano in the photos advertising an Airbnb may consider the instrument to be a game-changer, especially if the item is available to guests. This is a rarer item that not every Airbnb supplier should add to their place, but it could be worth it in special situations.

8 Work station

Something small that can play a huge role in a great Airbnb is a work station. A desk, along with a comfortable chair and some small basic working supplies, might be ideal for the living room or bedroom area of an Airbnb.

Even if not a business trip, many people take their laptops to try and get some work done while on vacation. A work station could play a huge role in creating a five-star experience. All you really need is the desk and a chair to get things started.

7 A fridge Packed With Fresh Fruit

One marketing tactic thing for Airbnb listers could be to ensure that there is something in the refrigerator waiting for the visitor. Most Airbnb locations will see the owner or a cleaning team tidy up the place hours before someone new arrives.

It would be simple to purchase a few fresh pieces of fruit, so the guest would have something refreshing waiting in the fridge. The visual of some oranges or berries in the refrigerator will do wonders for your five-star rating. Make sure the fruit is in closed containers in the case of allergies.

6 First Aid Kit

This is one of the more practical things on the list that often flies under the radar at most Airbnb locations. A first aid kit comes in handy when someone least expects it. You can’t predict when an emergency will come up, requiring the use of some basic items.

Every Airbnb should have a first aid kit ready and placed in the home. It can contain small things like band-aids or bigger items that cover a wide range of potential situations. Someone getting a cut and finding a band-aid seems likely to rate the Airbnb as a five-star experience.

5 Aquarium with fish

The addition of a small aquarium inside of an Airbnb creates a fun dynamic. There are many pet fish options that can be an interesting aspect of the Airbnb set-up. Not everyone will like it, but the people that do see the appeal could be more prone to select your place.

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This would have to be in a shared Airbnb or one that allows the owner to feed the fish each day. It isn’t the kind of item that works for every customer, but the benefits can see your five-star ratings go up if it wins over enough people.

4 Video game consoles

The entertainment offered by an Airbnb can make or break the review. Many locations offer things like video games, which can be a huge deal if children are involved. Consoles like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 360 present endless entertainment.

This requires a level of trust with the customer and the confidence that it won’t be stolen. The Airbnb guidelines will often result in customers never crossing the line, so the risks would be smaller than expected if you choose to add a video game console.

3 Decorative lamps

Lamps are always helpful to add to an Airbnb, with many variations allowing rooms to be catered to a specific theme. The best ones both provide light and add to the overall décor. Some themes will see different color schemes provide an ambiance that contributes to the atmosphere.

Lava lamps are always a nice change of pace that will win over the average person. The recent rise in popularity of rock salt lamps means those should also be considered. A combination of the different lamps may be ideal in putting together the perfect Airbnb experience.

2 Full bookshelves

The addition of books to an Airbnb will provide countless hours of entertainment. Most people will look to their tablet or a local library to find reading choices, but full bookshelves also add to the ambiance of a room.

Most people love a good book and having choices offered in the Airbnb adds an unexpected perk. Books come in handy when bored, struggling to sleep, or just wanting to find a stimulating form of entertainment; in other words, a bookshelf should serve nicely at an Airbnb.

1 4K TV

One of the coolest things someone can find in their Airbnb is a 4k television. The rise of popularity in smart televisions make them all worth investing in, but the 4k television specifically takes it to another level, offering a truly immersive viewing experience.

This ultra HD television has four times as many pixels as the average HD television. Downloading apps like Amazon Video and Netflix will also provide the resident with the option to watch movies of their choice at the click of a button.

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