Air India Passengers Spot Bedbugs In The Seat Cushions Of New York-Bound Flight

Passengers were recently horrified to discover bed bugs on their seats during an Air India flight from Mumbai to New York.

Flying from one place to another can be an extremely stressful experience. Before you even leave for the airport to leaving the airport at your destination, there's a long list of things that are likely going to stress you out. Security checks, possible delays, maybe missing your flight altogether, or perhaps you might even have a fear of flying.

Really the only solace you get during this time is when you're finally in your seat and the plane is in transit. You can kick back and relax, take a nap, have a drink, before you have to do it all again on the other end. The last thing you want is something to be stressed about while you're in the air, and that's exactly what some passengers of an Air India flight had to deal with recently.


On a flight traveling from Mumbai to New York, one unlucky passenger discovered that the business class seat he had been sitting in was riddled with bed bugs. In fact, according to his warranted Twitter outburst after the flight, he had flown with his entire family and all of their seats were infested with bed bugs. He even posted photos of the critters to prove it, writing "heard of bed bugs on trains but shocked to experience on our maharaja and business [too]."

Apparently, it wasn't the only Air India aircraft that bed bugs have been discovered on. According to the Express, that plane and another have since been fumigated to hopefully eliminate the creatures going forward. Air India isn't the only company guilty of this either. Earlier this year, a British Airways passenger suffered 150 bed bug bites during a flight, again in business class.

If you're on a long-haul flight like the family traveling from Mumbai to New York was then the last thing you want to be doing is sitting in an insect-infested seat for hours on end. In fact, it's unacceptable on any aircraft no matter how long the flight is going to be. Bed bugs on planes seem to be becoming too common an issue, and perhaps aircraft fumigation will soon have to become the norm prior to long haul flights.


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