An Air India flight was delayed for almost four hours after a swarm of bees decided to take up residence on the cockpit window.

Chances are most of you reading this will have experienced a flight delay of some sort. The severity of those delays will vary, as will the reason for them happening. Perhaps it was due to the weather, the pilot calling in sick, or in some very annoying instances, we are never given a reason at all.

One thing we can never recall holding up a flight we were on is a swarm of bees. That is no longer something the passengers of a recent Air India flight can boast. The hive-dwelling insects decided to take up residence on the cockpit window of a flight headed to Agartala from Kolkata, reports The Telegraph. That meant the plane was going nowhere until the bees were cleared.


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How do you remove a swarm of bees from a cockpit window, we hear you ask? Well, that's a question airport officials didn't know the answer to either. As they tried to do so, some of the bees decided to turn their attention from the window to the staff trying to remove them, causing even more problems. Turning on the plane's windscreen wipers didn't work either.

Eventually, the fire brigade had to be called in. Turns out they knew exactly what to do, but it was a slow process. Kolkata's fire department sprayed the bees with water, but it took a full hour to completely clear the plane's windscreen. After three and a half hours of trying, the bees were finally removed and the plane, along with its 136 passengers, was cleared for take-off.

You might question why a plane can't fly with bees on its windscreen. Well, there are actually a couple of reasons. The most obvious is that the pilot's view would have been somewhat obscured, depending on the number of bees. Even worse, there's the possibility the insects had entered through the plane's engines. Once staff had determined that was not the case, the aircraft was cleared for take-off.

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