The Thanksgiving weekend is a popular getaway period for Canadians, but it also marks a special time for Canadians to find the best possible flight deals through Air Canada.

Canadians who have some time on this usually busy weekend should find sit down and head to Air Canada's Worldwide Seat Sale to to find a last-minute deal.

The airlines company is running its popular, can't-miss promotion up until Friday the 11th (via Howard Chai of 604 Now). There are plenty of cheap flights available, both domestic and international. In all, travelers can choose from more than 200 flight offers, as Chai pointed out.


Those who like to travel from one coast of the nation to the other may be intrigued by the Vancouver to Toronto one-way flight deals for only $200 Canadian. There are also trips from Calgary or Edmonton to Toronto, plus an ultra bargain $158 Halifax to Ottawa flight.

There are plenty of excellent deals available for flights from Toronto to major cities in the United States. This includes a one-way ticket from Toronto to Los Angeles for only $250, Toronto to New York for $161, Toronto to Las Vegas for $237 and Toronto to Orlando for $179.

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Not only that, but Air Canada is offering some excellent round-trip deals to major cities in Europe. This includes Toronto to London $679, Montreal to Paris for $677, Vancouver to Melbourne for $2,213, Toronto to Tokyo for $1,295 and Toronto to Vienna for $991.

A large portion of these available flights are only running during the months of October and November. The Worldwide Seat Sale only has a handful of deals on flights for December, one of the most popular travel times of the year due to the holiday season.

So if you have any vacation days to use up, take a look at the Air Canada website and see if your friends or family are interested in taking a special trip at a good price while the opportunity is there.

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