Ophidiophobia - the fear of snakes - is one of the most common phobias in the world.

But even those who don't fear snakes will most likely feel terrified after viewing a close call involving adventurers in Durban, South Africa. This group was lucky to avoid any harm after narrowly getting away from an African rock python.

Per Jenni Baxter of SAPeople.com, a group of 15 encountered a snake that they estimated to be at four metres long (or about 13.12 feet). The encounter happened on Sept. 16 in the Mozambique Elephant Reserve.


The snake slithers under the trailer carrying a boat, and it attempts to move on top of the group's Land Rover. Just as the vehicle begins to reverse backwards, the python continues to follow it. One person nearby then jumps into another vehicle to avoid any commotion.

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You can have a view of the terrifying encounter of the snake below:

It should be noted that even though it's intimidating in appearance, the African rock python is actually nonvenomous. However, there have been documented fatal attacks on humans -- where the snake was reported to have either swallowed or suffocated the victim.

The African rock python has been known to prey on crocodiles and even antelopes. Despite its incredibly large size, this species is far from being among the most dangerous snakes to humans. According to WalkThroughIndia.com, the African rock python "is Africa’s largest python and one of the five largest snake species in the world - and it can surpass 20 feet in length.

There are various ways for humans to avoid encountering and being attacked by a snake. According to MossyOak.com, this includes wearing long pants, boots and gloves. That way, you're not exposing your skin to being attacked. You should also know that they often come out during "warm weather" and at night time. And finally, it's smart to stay away from rocks and woodpiles, where snakes could be present.

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