With the rapidly changing dynamics in the tourism industry, it is easier to locate high-end restaurants than their cheaper counterparts. As much as it is a vacation, not every other day is meant for splurging. On other days, there is a need to go slow and look for something on the lower end of the pocket.

With Hawaii’s inclusive trait, finding a local joint with a fair price shouldn’t always be a daunting task.

These are the most affordable eateries to explore in Hawaii.

10 Ethel’s Grill

Topping the list of affordable restaurants to sample on a Hawaii vacation is Ethel’s Grill. As its name suggests, tourists should expect nothing short of pure grills served mostly as combos. The joint began as a Japanese outlet but has slowly grown to accommodate local grinds. For a mere 15-dollar bill, tourists have an entire rice bowl meal complete with rice taco, garlic chicken, salad, and some soup.

  • Location: 232 Kalihi St, Honolulu, HI 96819, U.S.

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9 Aloha Salads

Being on vacation doesn’t mean people should be reckless with their diets. Situated in downtown Honolulu, Aloha Salads offers all kinds of salads on a budget. A popular delicacy to sample here is the Aloha Passion salad which is a mixture of grapes, apples, mango, and field green suspended in squeezed orange juice. Soups and sandwiches served here aren’t bad either.

  • Location: 4211 Waialae Ave # 7050, Honolulu, HI 96816, U.S.

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8 Steak Shack

Vacationers have been made to believe that all eateries near the beach are a no-go zone when on a budget. While nothing could be further from the truth, nothing is cast in stone. The Steak Shack is a great example to show that on-budget vacationers, too, have a chance on Waikiki Beach. This hotel suits vacationers in dire need of a quick bite.

  • Location: 2161 Kālia Rd, Honolulu, HI 96815, U.S.

7 Lam’s Kitchen

Hawaii is largely dominated by Asian foods. One place to sample the best hand-made Chinese noodles is at Lam’s Kitchen. Located strategically in Chinatown, this place is always busy thanks to its cheap thrills. The joint is often frequented by locals making it the best spot for learning a thing or two about the local culture. With a budget of fewer than ten dollars, vacationers will have a bit of everything, from noodles to beef chunks and soup.

  • Location: 1152 Maunakea St # A, Honolulu, HI 96817, U.S.

6 Royal Kitchen

Royal Kitchen is that one Hawaiian joint that buzzes with history. Since opening its doors in 1974, this restaurant has become the place to be for vacationers seeking to have a taste of baked bao buns. Royal Kitchen doesn’t discriminate against any soul. Locals and vacationers are treated alike. Grab a plate of roast pork and enjoy what Honolulu has to offer.

  • Location: 100 N Beretania St #175, Honolulu, HI 96817, U.S.

5 Poke Stop

Hawaiian eateries have mastered the art of naming their restaurants after the main dishes. Inspired by Chef Guzman, this joint serves some of the best fish on the larger Hawaii Island. Vacationers are advised to inquire about the daily special before settling for a particular meal. However, one thing remains clear, adventurers will never go wrong with fish. Whether it is the poked fish bowl or the fish salad, everything fish here is awesome.

  • Location: 95-1840 Meheula Pkwy, Mililani, HI 96789, U.S.

4 Fort Street Café

Fort Street Café is among the few restaurants offering Vietnamese foods with a huge following in Hawaii. But what is it about this restaurant that people can’t get enough of? Well, the garlic chicken served here is finger-licking good. Also, there is no way a vacationer is leaving this joint without sampling the pho, a traditional soup with Viet roots.

  • Location: 1152 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu, HI 96813, U.S.

3 Coco Cove

Barely 0.5 miles away from famous Waikiki Beach is a budget-friendly outlet known for its vegan options. Coco Cove can be easily accessed from the beach meaning vacationers can tour Waikiki without breaking the bank. The joint serves both snacks and complete meals. The sushi and poke options served here are a whole vibe.

  • Location: 2284 Kalakaua Ave Ste 101 Honolulu, HI 96815, U.S.

2 Ippy's Hawaiian Barbeque

The Hawaiian experience would be incomplete without at least one barbeque center. In this case, Ippy's Hawaiian Barbeque does justice to the list. The delicacies served here are like no other. A BBQ kitchen platter complete with rice and a salad of choice is the way to go. Alternatively, vacationers can opt for grilled steak served with a sauce of choice. Whichever the choice, tourists will have a good time here while still saving some coins to run other errands.

  • Location: 69-201 Waikoloa Beach Dr. Waikoloa, HI 96738, U.S.

1 Honolulu Beerworks

The perfect way to conclude a vacation in Hawaii is by sampling a beer or two at Honolulu Beerworks. Local crafts hit differently here. After emptying a steak platter, a glass of crafted beer won’t do any harm. Best still, vacationers can decide to get a bit wild on the last day of their adventure by partying the night away.

  • Location: 328 Cooke St Honolulu, HI 96813, U.S.