Yellowstone is a trailblazer because it’s the world’s first national park. Established in 1872, this amazing park led the way in protecting wildlife and various habitats, all the while letting tourists enjoy Mother Nature’s best works. This historical park is a must-see for any traveler, and they can get the most out of it by staying in it.

Hiking its trails or wildlife watching for a day is satisfying, but what makes a journey in this magnificent park is by staying overnight or beyond. Luckily, there are cabins within the park or nearby, offering a retreat in this world-class refuge. Yellowstone National Park is Mother Nature’s ambassador, and it’s happy to share the works of Her majesty.

10 Lake Lodge

There are many accommodation choices in Yellowstone, and Lake Lodge is not to be missed because it offers a majestic view of the lake. It has three types of cabin: the modern Western, the historic Pioneer, and the simple Frontier. It has a total of 186 cabins, the most famous of which are the ones with rocking chairs where guests can enjoy the peace that comes with being in the presence of Yellowstone Lake. Unwinding in Lake Lodge means being one with the spirit of nature.

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9 Canyon Lodge

No fever cabin is possible in Canyon Lodge, the largest accommodation in Yellowstone. It’s among the most popular in the park, thanks to its over 500 rooms. Families and groups of friends will have a fun time staying in this lodge packed with modern amenities. It’s near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, making it the ideal jump-off point to explore the scenic waterway. Whether guests book the standard room or a suite, their stay in Canyon Lodge means having a sweet escape.

8 Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel has been around since 1936, an attraction on its own aside from being a place of rest. This historic establishment is famous for its Map Room, where a large wooden map of the United States is displayed. This quaint accommodation has over 200 rooms, from a two-room space to a suite. It is near Mammoth Hot Springs, and elks often graze in its surroundings, an enticing prospect for wildlife lovers. From the views to its services, this Yellowstone landmark is mammoth.

7 Old Faithful Lodge

Those who want to be near the wonderful Old Faithful Geyser should book a cabin in Old Faithful Lodge. Its main lodge has been around since the 1920s, with stone pillars and massive logs still present in the building. Its lobby features stunning sights of the world-renowned geyser, affording guests the chance to appreciate this natural wonder from afar. It has two types of cabins: the humble Frontier and those without a bath. Wherever guests stay, though, the geyser will always greet them with good morning and good night.

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6 Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful Inn is different from Old Faithful Lodge because the former is a full-service hotel. Both, however, offer guests a stunning view of the popular geyser. Its photos look stunning, and when guests visit it, the facade will wow them. They’ll be welcomed by its towering log lobby, that’s perfect for a few Instagram shots. Inside, guests will appreciate a huge stone fireplace and a clock handcrafted with wood, copper, and iron. This world’s largest log structure boasts a charming interior design and impressive outdoor views.

5 Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins

Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins exudes elegance, and its classic design will always deliver even for the pickiest guest. This building is more than just an establishment but a National Historic Landmark. It is historic yet packed with modern amenities, satisfying those who enjoyed their day exploring the wilderness. This exquisite getaway seems like a throwback place, where nostalgia is combined with new memories. Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins has 296 rooms, from cabins to a presidential suite, ready to deliver a delightful rest.

4 Roosevelt Lodge Cabins

Tourists should imagine this: after exploring Yellowstone’s Tower Falls area and wanting to have their much-needed rest, Roosevelt Lodge is ready to accommodate them. The rocking chairs at the front porch will serve as a rest stop before they hit the shower and then the bed. The rustic vibe of this 1920s building will make the sleep even tighter. The lodge is like a dude ranch, and it even offers an outdoor Old West cookout, perfect for enjoying the expansive views of the area. From dusk till dawn, Roosevelt Lodge is ready to serve.

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3 Grant Village Lodge

Grant Village Lodge near Yellowstone Lake affords guests the chance to have quiet moments with families and friends or by themselves. It serves as a jump-off point to an adventure in the stunning national park. It has a lakeside restaurant where customers can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner with Yellowstone as an appetizer and dessert. When guests can’t get enough of exploring a national park, they can even drop by Grand Teton, which is near the lodge. Grant Village has the best of both worlds.

2 Absaroka Lodge

Located near the east entrance of the park, Absaroka Lodge is proud of its scenic views. Perched in Gunbarrel Canyon and near a creek, this accommodation is surrounded by pine trees. Its rustic log cabins perfectly match the area, ensuring guests of a stay unlike any other. Visitors will have a good sleep, much so that when they wake up, they’ll think they’re still dreaming. That’s not surprising because the alluring views and the welcoming breeze work together to deliver heaven.

1 Pine Edge Cabins

Pine Edge Cabins is not one to be missed, too. Located in Silver Gate, Montana, near the park, this humble accommodation also boasts of the lush nature that surrounds it. While guests enjoy their morning coffee on the front porch, they'll have a satisfying time observing mountain goats, sheep, and elk. When evening comes, deer, bison, or moose might even drop by near the cabin. Guests should not be surprised if those critters are eager to welcome and befriend them before they journey into Yellowstone.