Traveling on a budget in Norway may prove challenging for most solo travelers. The Nordic nations offer unique experiences to any traveler. The weather may not be the best, but the landmarks and different phenomena make up for a worthwhile trip.

Fortunately, there are various budget-friendly accommodation options for travelers. These options range from hotels to lighthouses. Here are the affordable options travelers should consider when traveling to Norway.

10 Rica Hotels

With over 70 hotels, the Rica hotel offers efficient loyalty bonuses to visitors. The hotel gives tourists discounts and provides the best accommodation rates in its various branches spread all around the country. Tourists also get free accommodation on selected nights upon joining the loyalty program.

The hotels lie in areas accessible to most Norwegian cities. The convenient accessibility places them in tourist areas of interest, including the country's top attractions. Travelers can book the hotel online. They can also earn great discounts regardless of the number of visits.

  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, Fitness Room, spacious rooms, business center
  • Cost: From $99
  • Location: Oslo

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9 Scandic Hotels

The largest hotel chains in Scandinavia, Scandic hotels, offer various services at reasonable prices. The hotels dart throughout the Nordic country, making them easily accessible to travelers.

Compared to its competitors, Scandic might not stand out regarding the number of hotels in Norway. However, the hotel offers one of the best bonus programs for tourists regardless of status. Scandic rates are affordable, with the bonus points being exchangeable for free nights.

  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, Fitness Room, business center
  • Cost: From $103
  • Location: Throughout Norway

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8 Fjord Pass Hotel

The hotel has a chain of over 150 hotels. The chain of services offered by Fjord includes guesthouses, cottages, and apartments. These amenities are all over the country. Booking is also available online with affordable accommodation rates for solo travelers.

Fjord Pass hotels are also ubiquitous as they're in areas most visited by tourists. Such a setting is convenient to travelers as they don't have to spend much to access most of Norway's tourist attractions.

  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, Fitness Room, spacious rooms
  • Cost: From $165
  • Location: Throughout Norway

7 Best Western

Found all over Norway, the Best Western Hotel guarantees travelers a comfortable experience at a pocket-friendly cost. The hotel allows visitors to collect miles that garner up to points exchangeable for accommodation packages. The hotel also offers the necessary amenities for travelers at an affordable price without compromising comfort.

  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, fitness room, conference center
  • Cost: From $162
  • Location: Throughout Norway

6 Norwegian Lighthouses Association

Lighthouses are prominent landmarks in Norway. These structures are perfect for travelers willing to compromise comfort while saving a lot. The towers were essential in helping sailors navigate the tricky Norwegian waters. As time went on, these water fortresses became redundant.

The Norwegian Lighthouse Association opted to rent them out for affordable, cheap night accommodation to make them valuable. The lighthouses are available for booking online on most websites at affordable prices.

  • Amenities: Spacious rooms
  • Cost: From $132
  • Location: Along the coast of Norway

5 Hotel Verdandi

Hotel Verdandi lies in central Oslo, the capital of the country. Its location is closer to most of the city's essential services, including The National Theater Tube Station. Tourists staying in the hotel can easily access the city's important sites, including the Akershus Fortress.

Verdandi has 170 spacious rooms equipped with a strong Wi-Fi network. In addition, the hotel has a fitness area and a conference room. It's also affordable with excellent discount offers for all travelers.

  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, fitness area
  • Cost: From $114
  • Location: Oslo

4 Deb Norske Touristforening

Mountain huts cover the southern mountainous region of Norway. These structures consist of staffed and unstaffed mountain huts. Staffed mountain huts have personnel serving visitors and ensuring that travelers receive the best hospitality. Unstaffed, however, is the cheaper option as tourists self-serve.

Travelers can pick their preferred packages and enjoy the mountain life of Norway. The staff is also a call away in case of an emergency, regardless of the travel package.

  • Amenities: Spacious rooms
  • Cost: From $74
  • Location: Throughout Norway’s mountain region

3 Strand Hotels Fevik

If wondering what to do in Norway, checking out the sandy beaches is a great idea. And while at it, tourists can stay at the Strand hotel that's located in the coastal town of Fevik. As evident from its design, the hotel dates back to the 1930s, making it stand the test of time. Strand hotel offers fine dining and excellent accommodation services. The resort sits on the coastline of Fevik town, providing guests with an unmatched view of the sandy beach.

  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, Fitness Room
  • Cost: From $102
  • Location: Fevik

2 Thon Hotels

Thon hotel is among the most prominent hotels in Oslo. The hotel has 480 rooms, so it’s a reliable option. The modern business resort also features multiple amenities, including ample parking spaces and a fitness center. Despite the numerous amenities available, the hotel still offers impressive visitor discounts.

  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, Business Center, Fitness Room
  • Cost: From $61
  • Location: Oslo

1 Norske Vandrerhjem

Traveling to Scavindanian countries can be expensive but planning in advance is key. The good news is that this affordable accommodation option comes in handy. Known as Vandrerhjem all over Norway, hostels are one of the cheapest places to rest. The hostels scatter all over the country and offer discounts for student travelers. Tourists can also access guides provided by most of these hostels.

The hostels are in top Europe travel website listings. Therefore, vacationers can book them online before arrival. Also, the hostels are often in towns that lack hotels, making them ideal for tourists visiting Norway's countryside.

  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, Spacious Rooms
  • Cost: From $60
  • Location: Throughout the country