There are vivid views and spectacular sights to take in around the world, and one of the most unique ways to see landmarks and landscapes is via a hot air balloon. These intriguing vehicles lift people up in the air and over the earth in order to get a whole new outlook on things.

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Ten of the coolest aerial views that are just waiting out there are listed out down below, and if given the chance, people should definitely hop on these and take them in fully! While many people would enjoy seeing any of these spots, seeing them from above takes it all to a whole new level.

10 Grand Canyon

The first suggested aerial view to take in can be found in the state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a must-see landmark, but imagine seeing this view from above! Many people would agree that everyone should try and take a trip to this well-known attraction because the beauty of the dips and peaks is like nothing else that is out there.

Taking it all in from high up in the sky would make it feel even more surreal. Plus, while everyone who goes here leaves with cool photos of this canyon, nothing will compare to the pics from a hot air balloon.

9 Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is in Myanmar, which is in Asia, and long ago, more than 10,000 Buddhist temples and pagodas were built here. Today, more than 2,000 of them still exist, and they can be seen in a one-of-a-kind way while in a hot air balloon.

This honestly looks like a made-up place that came straight out of a fantasy novel, but it is real and out there, waiting for adventurers! These buildings would be amazing to see up-close in general, but not many can say they have flown over them, so this is another trip that is highly recommended.

8 Tuscany

Tuscany is known for its art, architecture, and landscape that includes mountains, beaches, and vineyards. Tourists regularly flock to this Italian region, and some even go just to experience it all from above. Yes, this popular place can also be seen from a hot air balloon, which would provide a truly breathtaking view.

So get ready to see Michelangelo’s statue of David, drink some wine, take a classic picture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, eat a great deal of pasta, and wrap up the day by floating amongst the clouds. How dreamy!

7 Napa Valley

On a similar note, visitors can behold the scenery of Napa Valley from aloft as well. This area of California consists of hundreds of vineyards, and so many people head here for tours, drinks, vacations, and relaxation.

This destination, the next suggestion on this list, can only get better by adding in a hot air balloon ride! The hills and wineries and greenery will make for a peaceful and memorable flight—and, of course, a bottle of wine or two from one of these places will make the whole experience even better.

6 New Zealand

New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean, and these islands show off everything from volcanoes and glaciers to mountains and lakes. Oh, and this location became Middle Earth for the Lord of the Rings movies, so that explains just how mesmerizing the land is here!

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That being said, a hot air balloon ride above New Zealand is a highly recommended bucket list item. This one image right here features just one view in this locale, but each and every view in this country is drool-worthy—especially those sweeping ones that can be taken in from the sky.

5 Tanzania

Another country with a variety of views is Tanzania in Africa. The main attraction here would be the plains that are home to safari animals such as elephants, rhinos, lions, and leopards, but guests can also find tropical islands with sharks and coral reefs, as well as Mount Kilimanjaro.

So, once again, just imagine seeing these sights from high up! This wilderness area is seen in shows and films all the time, and at times, lucky and adventurous people get to experience it in real life. But how many can say they have experienced it from a hot air balloon?

4 Cappadocia, Turkey

The Cappadocia region in Turkey has something pretty fabulous: fairy chimneys! These tall rock formations—found in and around valleys and canyons with other notable structures in them—also look like something out of a made-up fantasy story, which is how they got their nickname. But they can really be seen, and it is recommended to see them for the sky.

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All of these locations listed out here are on tons of travel bucket lists out there, and all of these aerial views provide memorable trips and cool photos that will make everyone super jealous, too.

3 Switzerland

Switzerland may be known for skiing, chocolate, and watches, but the landscape here is also a huge draw. This country in Europe has lakes, storybook towns with neat architecture, and the Alps, making this another spot to consider flying over in a hot air balloon.

It is great that no matter what type of areas people are attracted to, there is a balloon ride available. This is the first image that has shown off snow, though, and it would be very fun to glide over sparkling mountains and luxurious ski resorts. Maybe some hot chocolate could be enjoyed while doing so, too?

2 The North Pole

Yes, that was read correctly: even The North Pole can be seen from a hot air balloon! Many of these places around the world are visited during once-in-a-lifetime trips, and taking them all in in this original way just makes it all the more special.

The clear waters, the glittering snow, the mountains, the fresh air, the Arctic animals… All of this that is pictured here and so more can be enjoyed while riding a colorful, airy balloon through the sky. How amazing does that sound?! Be sure to keep this in mind when planning that next vacation.

1 Rocky Mountains

Another mountainous region—and the last suggestion on this list—is Colorado, where people can ride in a hot air balloon over the Rocky Mountains. Many sightseers go to this range each year to hike, to observe wildlife, and to see low lakes and pointy peaks.

If anything has been learned here today, though, it is that all of these views are much better from above! Not only would this be an unforgettable vacation, but it would probably also help people realize just how great it is that we all get to live on this beautiful rock with its spectacular sights.

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