There's always one part of a country that differs from others parts. In the United States, that different part is Alaska. This state is unique for so many reasons. Apart from featuring the largest land area, Alaska is filled with fjords, Mountains, glaciers, geysers, and everything that makes up a unique Nordic landscape. The state is also referred to as the land of the midnight sun and is the part of the United States where one will feel like they’re in Norway or Iceland. With such a unique landscape and so many things to do, it may be overwhelming to begin an exploration of this state. A full exploration of this state might take months as some unique things only happen in certain seasons, and exploration of the state will not be complete without experiencing these things. With that in mind, here are the most adventurous ways to explore Alaska.

10 Witness The Magic Of Aurora Borealis

Alaska is one of the best places in the world to see aurora borealis and unarguably the best in the United States. One cannot say have fully explored this state without witnessing the magical scenery of Aurora borealis. Even though winter is the best time to see the lights, one can see them all year round, even during the midnight sun. Fairbanks is the best place to watch the northern lights in Alaska, but Anchorage - the largest city in Alaska, also offers amazing opportunities to see the northern lights.

9 Visit Denali National Park And Preserve

Denali National Park and Preserve is the most popular park in Alaska and one of the must-see attractions in the state. The park features a lot of exciting adventures as it is endowed with impressive scenery and incredibly rich nature. Hiking, camping, fishing, road trips, and wildlife watching are some exciting things visitors can enjoy in this park.

8 Go Kayaking

Due to its cold weather and its unique atmospheric conditions, winter in Alaska is characterized by dark skies and frozen water bodies. In summer, however, the ice melts, and the sky brightens up, opening up the stage for exciting water activities. For visitors to the state during summer, kayaking is one activity not to miss out on. This experience will have adventurers paddling past stunning fjords while also catching views of the glaciers, lush rainforests, mountains, rocky beaches, and more natural gems in Alaska.

7 Go Mountaineering In Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Alaska is a destination for adventurers, which is why it is filled with so many rugged mountains that are perfect for some mountaineering. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is, without a doubt, the best place to enjoy mountaineering in the state of Alaska, as it is endowed with a mountainous and jagged landscape. In this remote and unique landscape, all climbers, from beginners to experts, will have the best climbing experience ever.

6 Visit The Golden Heart Of Alaska

Fairbanks is widely regarded as the Golden heart of Alaska, and for good reasons. This city is one of the top adventure destinations in Alaska. Everything from the atmosphere to the landscape is magical here. This city is one of the best places in the world to witness the northern lights as well as the midnight sun. Besides the charming skies, Fairbanks also features interesting wildlife, scenic water bodies, hiking trails, and many more adventurous things that can keep an adventurer satisfied. There’s always magic to see in Fairbanks. During the midnight sun, the snowcapped mountains are lighted up by colorful sunsets that last for months, while the skies are lighted up with colorful flashes of aurora borealis during winter.

5 Watch The State's Stunning Wildlife

Wildlife watching is a popular thing to do in Alaska as the state is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Popular wildlife that can be found in Alaska includes - bears, wolves, sheep, Moose, and so many bird species. The waters are also endowed with creatures such as - Humpback whales, gray whales, and orcas. Every park in Alaska has amazing opportunities for wildlife watching, but Denali National Park and Glacier Bay National Park remain the best places to see wildlife in the state.

4 Take A Cruise At Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords national park is the best place in Alaska to enjoy an exciting ocean adventure filled with sights of fjords, humpback whales, and glaciers. While hiking and camping are some interesting things to do here, the best adventures to have here are on the waters, and adventurers can begin the exploration by taking a boat ride through the impressive glaciers and the stunning fjords. This ride is also an opportunity to spot humpback whales, sea lions, birds, and other sea creatures. Those who prefer a more relaxing exploration of the water can go kayaking as it is also popular here.

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3 Take A Train Ride

A train ride is a scenic and exciting way to see the landscape of Alaska, and there are lots of railroads that offer this experience. The Denali Star, Coastal Classic Train, and the Aurora Winter train are some of the best train rides one can have in Alaska.

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2 Explore Anchorage Market

Located in Alaska’s biggest city, Anchorage Market is more than just a place for buying and selling. It is a place to witness the lifestyle of Alaska. The market features a wide range of products, from artworks to books, food, clothes, and many more. This market runs from Mid-may to September on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 10 PM and 6 PM.

1 Visit Kennicott Ghost Town

Kennicott is one of the ghost towns in Alaska with an interesting history and scenic landscape. The history of this town dates back to 1900, when copper was discovered in the area. This soon made the town wealthy until it was abandoned after the mineral was exhausted. Today, the town is located in Wrangell-St. Elia National Park and Preserve one can visit the town and see how well-preserved it has been for decades since it was first abandoned in 1938.