When it comes to adult-friendly party cities to have fun during summertime, they are the cities where going out is an event. It’s not just about places that are nice for a few drinks and some shots, but places that provide a sense of expectation.

Here is a list of some of the adult-friendly locales ideal for a getaway that’s all about enjoying and partying, most especially during summer. Have a look!

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10 10. Mallorca, Spain

This is a place to party like a celebrity. Even though the Balearic Island in the Mediterranean is usually disregarded for its nearby counterpart, Ibiza, it has a tendency to draw a more high-end group with its calm atmosphere and natural beauty, but it’s great fun when it comes to partying.

The countless influx of glamorous tourists indicates there is also plenty of astounding assets scattered across the hills and shores and a lot of these are within reach for self-catering use. Additionally, it is very disparate, with British, German, French, Australians, and Americans, among others, all gathering to have a good time that often doesn’t stop until daybreak. The closeness of Mallorca's pubs only boosts the all-night party, guaranteeing everyone access to inexpensive drinks.

9 9. Cancun, Mexico

The city of Cancun is located in southeast Mexico. It's a very nice place known for its beautiful scenery, beaches, glamorous nightlife, resorts, and sightseeing. The "Zona Hotelera" is well-known for its lively parties and other fun activities. It is generally known to tourists/visitors as the 'Party Zone,' while the locals regard it as the 'Tourist Zone.'

The Zona Hotelera is located in the western part of Cancun and is home to some of the hottest clubs and bars in the area. For the first two weeks in the month of March, (which is Spring Break for students in the United States), it's open when it comes to drinking and partying all night. Travelers visit the city of Cancun for a more exotic and intense experience during Spring Break.

8 8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

People from all spheres of life come here to have fun partying, and to experience things in Amsterdam that they may not be privileged to come across at home. Even when it has a tendency to be considerably more relaxed compared to other major party cities, the Dutch usually like a house party or a nice bar, there is still plenty of enjoyment to be experienced.

Dance clubs are open till 4 AM on weekends, pubs and cafeterias in the city center at times are open till 3 AM. Places such as the Sugar Factory, a cherished and intimate locale, coupled with the coffee shop scene, offering much more compared to a cool dose of caffeine, are all nice places to have great fun partying.

7 7. Berlin, Germany

The city of Berlin is well-known for many reasons; it’s affordable, it offers lots of enjoyment, it’s cool, cultural and yeah, there are maybe more nightclubs than there are people. The finest clubs are really difficult to access but there are a couple of rules to be adhered to. To stand a chance, you must meet some criteria such as looking trendy or tough (a black leather dress is suitable to achieve this), to avoid being drunk, ensure to have an idea of who’s playing that night.

Some German can be spoken as well, so as to make some friends. Some of the places to visit in Berlin are located in Puschkinallee, which is home to some of the top clubs in Berlin like Club der Visionaere and Chalet for a fun time.

6 6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Copacabana Beach

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s party city, and close to a million people visit Rio yearly to participate in Carnival, a celebration/festival that has been observed since 1723. This is because, in Rio, partying is a creative activity, a form of art, even if visited in the off-season, there are still pubs and clubs rocking traditional samba on the popular Copacabana Beach till daybreak.

However, Copacabana Beach is one of the most classic beaches in the whole world, well-known as one of the loudest and biggest parties on the planet. It's an ideal place to go, especially for lovers of loud music, meeting new people from all over the world and participating in all sorts of party activities.

5 5. Belgrade, Serbia

The city of Belgrade in Serbia may seem like an odd destination for Western European partygoers, but then, the inhabitants of the Balkans have realized that Belgrade is one of the adult-friendly party cities to visit. Belgrade is renowned for its round-the-clock parties in some of the weirdest locations. For instance, the nightclub KST is situated at the base of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade (though it makes sense when you know that KST stands for Klub Studenata Tehnike).

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Some of the other eye-catching places to visit in Belgrade are the "Barutan,a" which means "gunpowder storage" literally, the most preferred club by many plays host to the best DJs in the world. At "Jazz Basta," one of the nicest bars in Belgrade, anticipate melodious, affable jazz stylings in this building constructed in the 1870s, with a taste of recommended wine.

4 4. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is regarded as one of the coolest party playgrounds in the world. It is the party island, as visitors from every nook and cranny of the globe gather here to access its world-class bars, beaches, and nightclubs to have fun. All day-and-night, it doesn't matter what time of the day or day of the week it is, the bars and clubs are always open and full to the brim.

The beaches are so impressive that they've been named on a countless number of lists that show off about top party locales., Business Insider calls them "The Best Party Beaches around the world." The party season starts with the Flower Power Festival held in early March, showcasing outdoor concerts and a vibrant market with fanciful products, together with '60s and '70s DJ parties. After some weeks, the big bars and clubs open for business, with lots of activities such as pool parties, beach games, and more to be experienced.

3 3. South Beach, Miami, Florida

South Beach is located at the southern edge of Florida in Miami and is not just one of the hottest locations to be - with its amazing white beaches, clean water, and astonishing entertainment, people party all year round. South Beach also offers vibrant Art Deco architecture, plenty of music festivals and classy bars.

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Yearly, the Ultra Music Festival turns the area into a glamorous get together described as "the world's liveliest party," attracting even top celebrities. While clubs such as Nikki Beach, one of the biggest in the country, are often visited by some of the richest, hottest and craziest party goers, celebs included.

2 2. Ios, Greece

The tiny island of Ios is located between Santorini and Mykonos. It is well-known for some of the wildest parties in Greece. In the summer, visitors/tourists from everywhere in the world gather here to make merry from noon till daybreak.

It's round-the-clock alcohol energized extravaganza in the clubs and bars like Scorpion Nightclub, Flames Bar, and Disco 69, and even on the beaches, drinks flow freely. As a matter of fact, the island is so small that there are no flights directly here. People who travel to Ios board a ferry and the party starts even before setting foot on the island.

1 1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Any list of the best, adult-friendly party cities has to include Las Vegas. Las Vegas is renowned for holding some of the craziest pool parties in the world. Sin City has one of the best world-class pools, known as the Mirage Pool, with its Hawaiian tropical island experience and quarter-mile coastline with waterfalls, luxuriant vegetation, and log flumes. There is also a "European-Design" kind of pool where tops are left to personal choice.

Most every hotel has a nightclub so there are many to choose from. Take a stroll down The Strip and duck into a few to find your kind of party. There are also stunning clubs for dancing to some of the best DJs in the world.

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