While some adventurers come to Colorado for breathtaking views, others flock here to seek more epinephrine. Its wildly different topographies open the doors for death-defying yet thrilling activities that attract thousands of tourists. From cliff diving to feeding some of the deadliest predators, Colorado packs things that leave thrill-seeking travelers in awe. Pack an extra dosage of bravery or even a pair of pants for these 10 adrenaline-filled adventures.

10 Conquer Fear On Telluride’s Via Ferrata

Imagine standing on stainless steel bars hundreds of feet from the ground. It may seem like an ordinary activity when reading it in text, but the adrenaline rush experienced is out of this world. Also known as the iron path, this destination allows sensation seekers to make their way up and across the curvaceous mountain. It’s okay to yearn for a helicopter rescue while up there, but the striking views offered are worth the heart-thumping experience. This awe-inspiring challenge takes four to five-plus hours.

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9 Get Personal With Alligators, Colorado Gators Reptile Park

There’s no room for hesitation because that’s when they’ll attack.’ These are some words most instructors tell daredevils who sign up for wrestling classes with alligators. Gators are dangerous, noting how powerful their tails and bodies can be. Not forgetting their versatile claws and a humongous mouth packed with energetic teeth. Yes, the thought of being on top of this giant reptile is scary, but it’s a lifetime experience that allows tourists to overcome different fears. Later, travelers who take the classes get a personalized Certificate of Insanity and a CD packed with photos captured during the sessions.

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8 Attempt Downhill Mountain Biking, Winter Park

Mountain biking in Trestle Bike Park provides the ultimate experience for adrenaline seekers. While it can be pretty challenging, the fulfillment bikers get after finishing the trail is more than satisfying. For some minutes, they forget about the sore muscles and other obstacles encountered while in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, novices don’t have to torture themselves with strenuous trails as the park has a route for every kind of thrill seeker.

7 Overcome Heights Fear At Giant Canyon Swing

Bungee jumping and skydiving have been known as the ultimate sports for thrill-seekers, but the Giant Canyon Swing takes the rush a notch higher. At 1,300 feet above the Colorado River, this swing guarantees to give even the most audacious adventurers a thrill of a lifetime. With a swinging speed of up to 50mph, this activity will have the bravest risk-takers chuckling and praying for their dear lives at the same time. Chickening out can be an option, especially with the scream of other travelers. But that’s not what adrenaline junkies do!

6 Face Fears At The Million Dollar Highway

This road that traverses between Silverton and Ouray proves adventurers don’t have to leave their cars to experience an adrenaline rush. While the route is eye-popping scenic, it lacks guardrails, the reason it’s considered one of Colorado’s most dangerous roads. That’s not all. Travelers driving skills will be tested as they’ll have to maneuver hairpin turns and steep cliffs. Be ready for a road drive that guarantees to elicit loud gasps of terror, amazement, or possibly both.

5 Visit Colorado Wolf And Wildlife Center

Wolves look marvelous when viewing them on the screen. But the thought of touching them can be pretty terrifying. However, adrenaline seekers can face their fears in the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, which offers more than educational tours. And that’s what makes it a dream destination for the daredevils. With VIP interactive encounters, adventurers can get canine pecks from a wolf. There’s also a feeding program which is also one of the bravest tasks to take.

4 Go White Water Rafting, Arkansas River

For travelers looking for an adrenaline-fueled water experience, they can effortlessly get it by jumping into the world of water rafting. Arkansas River is one of Colorado’s most terrifying rivers but still ushers tourists into a world of fascinating views. There are different whitewater rafting sections, so the soft-hearted and audacious guests have the versatility to pick their poison. Better yet, there are various tour companies that offer half, full, and multi-day trips. Buckle up and be ready to have a daring experience of a lifetime.

3 Tackle Sandboarding, Great Sand Dunes National Park And Preserve

Besides trailing through the ever-changing landscapes, this park is a haven for sandboarding enthusiasts. It’s home to some gigantic sand dunes in North America, some of which are 750 feet tall. Here, thrill-seekers can satisfy their curiosity by sledding down the dunes. Those who are up for a tighter challenge can rent a sandboard to tackle the sand dunes just as they would on a snowy mountainside.

2 Explore The Royal George

Colorado packs daring adventures to test the abilities of different thrill-seekers and what the Royal George is exceptional. Those with bold souls are required to walk across a 956-foot-high bridge that’s above the notorious Arkansas River. Exploring the bridge can be done on foot, but anyone craving more rush can take the Royal Rush Skycoaster. This one promises to give outdoor enthusiasts a thrill of a lifetime.

1 Cliff Jump Into Paradise Cove

There’s no fascinating way to beat the heat during summer while getting an adrenaline fix than diving into this stunning natural pool. Travelers are required to take a scenic trail in a dense pine forest to get to this hidden gem. The cliffs have heights ranging from 20 to 80 feet, so adventurers can choose what satisfies their adrenaline levels. Before jumping, remember to check the water depth to avoid deadly injuries.