A rescued stray dog turned out to be 100% purebred dingo after a DNA test came back.

Although they might look like dogs, dingoes are not dogs. They’re far more like coyotes or wolves in ancestry and temperament, which is a problem for tourists. They look almost exactly like a cross between a German shepherd and a golden retriever, but they have been known to attack and even kill humans in the wild.

So when a family in the southeastern part of Australia found a lone pup in the woods, they thought it was just a stray. They took him in, nursed him back to health, and then took him to the vet for his shots. That’s when a professional noticed that this pup wasn’t a domesticated canine at all.


However, a dingo pup is far less dangerous than a full-grown dingo. "He was very laid back and happy to be picked up,” said veterinarian Rebekah Day in an interview with CNN. “Really just ever so cute, he was just a little floof."

On inspection, it also became clear where the pup came from. Wounds on the dingo’s back were indicative of an eagle attack. It’s possible that the pup was snatched from his family but managed to escape somehow. His nails were worn down as well, indicating that he’d traveled quite some distance before he was rescued.

Day reached out to the Australian Dingo Foundation who took him in and named him Wandi. After that, they did two things.

First, they took some blood and sent it to New South Wales University for a DNA test. It came back 100% purebred Victoria Highlands dingo, which is a boon for the foundation’s breeding program. Dingoes are an endangered species due to hunting, loss of habitat, and breed with domestic dogs.

Second, they gave Wandi an Instagram account. Because a puppy this cute deserves to be on social media, regardless of breed. You can now watch Wandi grow up and become a full-grown dingo.

(Source: CNN)