Cancun is Mexico's most recognized paradise. It is known for its marvelous beaches, impressive Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, El Rey Maya ruins, Maya Museum, Cancun Underwater Museum, El Meco Archaeological site, beautiful animal adventures, scenic Tower and Xcaret, fascinating Urbano Kabah Park, and more. More than 15 million people visit Cancun every year to witness what this unique region of Mexico has to offer. Only 135 kilometers away from this magnificent city lies the equally magical Tulum, one of Mexico's most famous archaeological sites, where people head to swim in the pristine turquoise beaches, witness the historic walls of Tulum, explore the Temple of the Frescoes, the Castillo, the Casa del Cenote, and much more. There are many ways to get from Cancun to Tulum, and here's a guide to the best methods of traveling between these two iconic cities.



Safety Concerns And Facilities Aboard The Bus

Many people wonder if it's safe to travel aboard the ADO bus from Cancun to Tulum and which facilities and amenities can be found when taking this transportation option. These questions and more were answered in this article update.

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The Best Way To Travel From Cancun To Tulum

When people reach the airport of Cancun and intend to head directly to Tulum, they must take the bus from Cancun to the Tulum bus station. ADO is the leading bus company in the region and features comfortable and air-conditioned buses. Moreover, there is space available for people to place their luggage underneath. The journey from Cancun to Tulum needs two hours to complete.

  • Times: ADO buses depart every day from Cancun airport to Tulum bus station at 10:55 am, 12:25 pm, 2:25 pm, 4:55 pm, 8:00 pm, and 9:45 pm. Moreover, people can take a bus to Playa del Carmen. This bus leaves every 30 minutes. Next, travelers can take a connecting bus from Playa del Carmen to Tulum. The time to reach is around 2 hours.
  • Cost: The trip by ADO bus from Cancun airport to Tulum costs around MXN 288, equivalent to around USD 14. People can buy tickets online from the ADO bus website. If they are faced with USA credit cards problems, they can use the Bookaway site instead. There are also ADO counters at the airport where people can directly buy tickets. However, they must expect to wait in lines for a while. One can opt for a trick, and that is to jump directly to the ADO kiosk located next to the buses. The lines are shorter there because most people don't know about that kiosk.

People staying in Cancun and looking forward to visiting Tulum can also take the ADO bus from inside the city. There are three bus stations in downtown Cancun. However, most people prefer to go to the main one, located at the intersection of Tulum Aves and Uxmal. This station provides tickets to Tulum for a lower price than the one charged from Cancun International airport.

  • Cost: The ticket from downtown Cancun to Tulum starts from MXN 170, equivalent to around USD 8.
  • Times: The trip needs 2.5 hours to complete, and buses usually depart every one hour from downtown Cancun to Tulum.

Some people get worried about their safety when traveling solo and taking the ADO bus to Tulum. However, there is no need to worry because they will find the trip on the ADO to be very safe. On the Riviera Maya, travelers will be surrounded by several vacationers. Moreover, many tourists and locals rely on the ADO system.

  • Safety measures: It is very safe to travel aboard the ADO bus from Cancun to Tulum, given that the staff in charge will carry out a number of safety measures and procedures. These include searching the carry-on bags of passengers and requiring each of the latter to pass through a metal detector before boarding. Thus, people need not worry about anyone having weapons on board or have any other safety concerns.

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Additional Ways To Travel From Cancun To Tulum

The fastest, easiest, and shortest way to travel from Cancun airport directly to the hotel accommodation in Tulum is through private transportation. Several bilingual-English speaking drivers will come to pick travelers up from the airport directly to their hotel in Tulum.

  • Recommended: People are advised to travel with Cancun Airport Transportation rated 4.5 on TripAdvisor. People can reserve in advance on the Cancun Airport Transportation website.
  • Duration: Traveling by private transportation from Cancun airport to Tulum needs around 90 minutes.
  • Cost: A one-way transfer from Cancun airport to Tulum costs around USD 100 per vehicle, while a round-trip transfer costs USD 175.

Another way of traveling from Cancun airport to Tulum is to rent a car. This option will allow people to check Playa del Carmen and stop there during their trip. It is possible to rent a car from several agencies at the airport, including Hertz and America Car Rental. Renting a car is also an option for people traveling from Cancun to Tulum. The cost is around USD 20 per day with insurance.

There is also one method to transfer from Cancun to Tulum, and that is through collectivos. This is a local form of transportation and is the cheapest way of transfer between the cities. However, it is not very convenient. Thus, it is better to take the ADO bus, which is only a bit more expensive than the collectivos.

Facilities And Amenities Aboard The ADO Bus

Although ADO buses from Cancun to Tulum are well-priced, they are very comfortable and offer passengers several facilities during their trip, depending on the class level they've booked. These include at least a bathroom at the back of the bus and USB ports and AC outlets to charge computers and phones. However, there is no WiFi service aboard the bus, and people can access the internet at the bus stations.

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