Maine is famous for its stunning northern forests and picturesque landscapes. One of its main outdoor hotspots is the eye-watering Acadia National Park. Piece of heaven is located on the mid-section of the Maine coast and includes the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula, half of the Mount Desert Island, and a part of the Isle au Haut. The park boasts majestic glaciated coastal and island landscapes with U-shaped valleys and glacial erratics. See here for other things to see and do in the summer in Maine.


The park is one of Maine's greatest natural treasures and it is one of America's most visited national parks - in the top ten across the nation. It is famous for its landscapes, views, combining the land and sea, and its many classic hotels. It is also a great park to visit in the fall.

About Acadia National Park

  • Tallest Mountain: Cadillac Mountain - Tallest Mountain On The Atlantic Coast
  • Date Established: Established 1919 (Formerly as Lafayette National Park)
  • Roads: 27 Miles of Historic Motor Roads
  • Hiking Trails: 158 Miles Of Hiking Trails
  • Carriage Roads: 45 Miles of Carriage Roads

The first French missionary colony in America was here on Mount Desert Island back in 1613. It was destroyed by the Colony of Virginia and heralded the long struggle in the continent between the English and the French and the English speaking colonists and the French colonists. This would eventually boil over into the French and Indian Wars and the French would be forced to cede it to the English. During the War of Independence, it was a part of Massachusetts before eventually becoming part of Maine.

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There are plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed in this stunning national park. These include:

  • Horseback Riding: Including On Carriage Roads Where Motor Vehicles Are Forbidden
  • Hiking: More On This Below
  • Bicycling And Mountain Biking: Many Tails For This
  • Rock Climbing: Boasts Majestic Views Of the National Park
  • Kayaking: Both On Its Pristine Lakes And In The Sea
  • Guided Boat Tours: On The Coast
  • Swimming: Both In Lakes Like Echo Lake And On The Beach Like Sand Beach
  • Fishing: Including Ice Fishing In The Winter
  • Winter Sports: Like Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling, And Cross-Country Skiing

Hiking In The Acacia National Park

There are scores of hiking trails to choose from including those graded as very easy, easy, moderate, and strenuous.

Bar Harbor Shore Parth

  • Grade: Very Easy (With Smooth Path Over Level Ground)
  • Where: Bar Harbor Town Piers, Runs Long The Shoreline
  • Distance: 1.0 Mile or 1.6 Kilometers

Bar Island Trail

  • Grade: Easy (With Uneven Ground But Fairly Level)
  • When Accessible: At Low Tide, Accessible for 1-1/2 Hours Either side Of Low Tide
  • Where: The Sand Bar Leads To The Forested Island

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Beech Mountain Trail

  • Grade: Moderate (Has Some Steep Grades With Some Level Stretches)
  • Where: Western Side Of Mount Desert Island
  • See: Stunning Views of The Great Long Pond
  • Length: 1.2 Miles or 1.9 Kilometers

Acadia Mountain Trail

  • Grade: Strenuous (Has Steep Grades And Many Steady Climbs)
  • Popular: One Of The Most Popular Hiking Trails
  • Vistas: Views Of Somes Sound And Southwest Harbor
  • Summer Programs: Sometimes Park Rangers Will Lead Hikes Up This Route In Summer
  • Length: 2.5 Miles or 4.0 Kilometers

Precipice Trail

  • Grade: Strenuous (With Iron Rungs And Ladders - Very Steep)
  • Challenging: This Is Regarded As The Most Challenging Trail In Acadia National Park
  • Tip: Only Recommended For The Physically Fit And Experienced Hikers Without A Fear Of Heights
  • Closes: Sometimes Closed In Mid-August To Protect The Returning And Endangered Peregrine Falcons
  • Length: 1.6 Miles or 2.6 Kilometers

These are just a few of the national park's many hiking trails. Although none of the trails are particularly long. For more information, check out Acadia Magic.


Inside the park, one of the options is camping. Mount Desert Island has two campgrounds and the is another on the Schoodic Peninsula. On the Isle au Haut, there are five lean-to sites to choose from. The capacity of these sites has been reduced due to the pandemic.

There are plenty of accommodation options around the park. Some are:

  • The Bar Habor Inn: Open Mid-March to End November. Elegant And Located In Bar Harbor
  • Hampton Inn Bar Harbor Hotel: Open Seasonal. Bar Harbor's Newest Hotels With Stunning Views
  • Red's Garden: Open Year-Round. One Bedroom Cottages And Dog Friendly
  • The Atlantic Eyrie Lodge: Open Seasonal. On A Bluff Overlooking Frenchman Bay
  • Acacia House Inn: Open Year-Round. Beautiful Century-old Victorian Inn In Bar Harbor
  • The Central House: Open Mid-May to Mid-October. Operating Since 1887 And Retains Its Historic Charm

Entering The Park

  • Cost of Entry Per Car: $30 Per Private Vehicle - Good For 7 Days
  • Cost of Entry Per Person: $15 Per Individual Without A Car (On Bicycle etc)

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