Fans of film and all things related to it are highly anticipating the grand opening of The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, CA on the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax.

This amazing movie museum is a one-of-a-kind experience that is eye-opening and exciting. Movie fans would love to see it now, but it won’t open until December 14, 2020. Consider it an early Christmas present.

This over-the-top creation is beautiful inside and out, with impressive modern architecture and outstanding memorabilia and movie must-sees.


Old, young, or in-between, those who visit the museum are sure to have an amazing experience celebrating the history, present, and future of film, and all that comes along with it.

Learn how films are made, what goes into the process, why movies are so meaningful, and so much more. Exhibits, programs, and the like will intrigue and educate.

According to the museum’s website, get ready for two high-end theaters, rotating galleries, restaurants on the premises, a souvenir shop, and more.

The views from the museum looking out onto the Hollywood Hills are breathtaking.

Here’s more about this soon-to-open museum and why you will have to visit if ever in the Los Angeles area. Heck, you may just want to plan a trip just to see the museum.

Enlightening Exhibitions – Legendary Filmmakers And Cinematic Gems

The museum’s exhibitions are going to be interesting. At this time, two are posted on the museum’s website – Hayao Miyazaki, the legendary filmmaker, and a Black Cinema exhibition focusing on 1900 – 1970.

Over time, there will be more enlightening exhibitions to see at the museum, with remarkable information that will be educational as well as entertaining.

The work that goes into producing these elaborate exhibitions is astounding, and the end result is worth the while.

Curated Collections – Movie Memorabilia

Those iconic pieces from our favorite films are special gems that hold so much meaning. The museum has plenty of this memorabilia on display for fans to enjoy.

From costumes to recording devices, scripts and old-fashioned giant-sized movie posters, the museum’s cool collection is vast and impressive.

Seeing these items up close and personal is a movie-lovers delight.

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A Celebration Of The Arts – Past, Present, And What’s To Come

Those who love movies will be thrilled to be part of the action. Celebrating favorite actors, movies, and those behind the scenes makes this place so powerful.

Everyone has a movie that holds a special place in their heart. The classics are gems that will always be part of film history, but what’s to come is also exciting.

The museum takes a look at the many eras of motion pictures and what fans can expect down the road.

Outstanding Architecture And Phenomenal Views – A Must-See For Movie Lovers

The design and architecture of the museum are awesome. The shape and style of the buildings are phenomenal, and what is inside is just as appealing.

It took plenty of prep and planning to get this palatial place going, and those who worked tirelessly on building this museum must be looking forward to its December opening.

The theaters inside are elaborate, and the screenings are sure to be noteworthy.

The views of the Hollywood Hills are stunning, and the Instagram-worthy pics visitors will be sure to take will be magical.

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Become A Member – Be Among The First To Experience It All…Plus Perks

Those who join as a museum member get some pretty cool perks. Benefits like complimentary general admission, a quicker check-in process, and discounted prices at the museum shop are just the start.

Members get early access to the museum before the actual opening, exclusive screenings in the theaters, and a magazine subscription to the online member magazine.

There are different membership options at varied price points.

Movie fans can also donate to the museum to help keep it going. Donations are obviously appreciated, and the funds will be geared towards making this museum an L.A. staple for years to come.

Are you excited to visit this museum? It certainly sounds like it will be a must-see spot for locals and tourists who come to the L.A. area.

Movie buffs are beyond ready for this place to open. Maybe they'll move up the date if things are in order sooner!

Film is an integral part of our culture and this soon-to-open museum celebrates it from many angles. Those in the industry must be thrilled that there's a museum devoted to their craft.

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