Spain has always been in the top list of countries with the largest tourist visits every year. Why not, it's a country rich in history and tradition, breathtaking natural scenery, and amazingly rich culture spread all over its streets, buildings, and monuments.

Most of the popular tourist sites in Spain come with an admission fee, and they're always packed with visitors. But there are some places that tourists can enjoy without taking out their wallet.

Be aware of the day and time and the rules that come with it, though. Like the Royal Palace of Madrid, or Palacio Real, it's free on Wednesdays, but only for EU (European Union) citizens. This list is absolutely free no matter what city you are in and wherever corner of the world you came from.

10 Barcelona Cathedral

This place is also known as the Cathedral of Saint Eulalia & the Holy Cross, a building standing tall at 305-feet tall and located in Pla de la Seu. It is an architectural marvel from the outside as well as the inside, with a magnificent and massive organ that's been playing for the worshiping people since 1539 and took about two years to be completely constructed.

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Most cathedrals in Spain would ask for a donation instead of an admission fee, but free admission in this cathedral is scheduled as worship time daily at 8:00 to 12:45 in the morning and 5:45 to 7:30 in the evening (times vary during weekends and holidays), according to

9 Madrid and Barcelona's street art

Art appreciation 101: it doesn't have to be in a museum with concentrated lighting and a bunch of constricting rules for the viewer. Someone once said "the world is my canvas" and it seemed Madrid and Barcelona's citizens took that to heart and used their streets as a concrete canvas.

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In Madrid, there's La Latina, Lavapiés, and Embajadores. These three locations are teeming with street art, but the free ones can be seen in Lavapiés. In Barcelona, head on over to the northern part of Poble Nou or in El Raval. This neighborhood has the largest murals in the area, street art influenced and inspired by Spain.

8 Museo de Reina Sofía

The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid is located in the famous Paseo del Arte, or Art Walk in English. This kilometer-long stretch beams with pride from all the museums, galleries, and exhibition halls one can visit.

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If you are a dilettante or just love to look at shiny and colorful things, take a nice stroll here but stop by Museo de Reina Sofia for a free tour of the place and get a glimpse of a Picasso masterpiece, Guernica. According to the museum's website, admission is free from 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. during Sundays, but access is limited.

7 Picasso Museum

Pablo Picasso is regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time, arguably the 20th century's best. He was born and raised in Spain but he migrated and did most of his work in France.

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Out of his 20,000 pieces of art, 4,251 of them are on display in the Picasso Museum in Carrer Montcada, Barcelona. Locally known as Museu Picasso de Barcelona, the Picasso Museum is a must-visit site on your next tour of Spain. The website shares the free-admission schedule and it's every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and the first Sunday for the whole day!

6 Magic Fountain Show

The Font Màgica is an international icon of Spain and is probably the most visited site and event in Barcelona because there is absolutely zero admission charges! The Magic Fountain Show is an extravagant display of water, lights, and music held in Sants-Montjuïc, Barcelona, and has provided premium entertainment to thousands of tourists every year.

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It was built in 1929 by Carles Buigas and is a monstrosity that flows 2,600-liters of water per second. The show's schedule is on Barcelona City Council's website and it has several types of shows that start at 9:30 p.m all week except Mondays and Tuesdays.

5 Kilometer Zero

There is not a more suitable way to begin your tour of Spain than at the starting point of the country. Kilometer Zero is the marker for the geographical center of Spain and it is located in the capital city of Madrid.

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The exact address of the center is 3 Plaza Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain. After taking pictures of that, look up and see that you're already in your next destination, the historic Puerta del Sol. The plaza was used as a city wall gate in 14th century Spain. Check out El Oso y el Madroño too, it's the Bear and Strawberry Tree statue that's also in the plaza.

4 Museo del Prado

This year is a monumental year for Museo Del Prado as it is the establishment's 200th year. Two centuries ago in November, the museum opened its doors and the people enjoyed art at its finest. Visitors this year will see a commemoration presented by the museum called The Bicentenary.

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It is located on Calle de Ruiz de Alarcón in Madrid. It houses countless works of arts, including the artistry of Francisco Goya and Diego Velazquez. The museum offers free entry for everyone, every day from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening, and 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Sundays as listed on their website.

3 Temple of Debod

The Temple of Debod is a popular tourist attraction in Madrid located on Calle Ferraz. It is an Egyptian temple as old as 2nd Century B.C. that was closed off when the ancient Egyptian region of Nubia converted to Christianity.

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Then in the 20th century, Egypt gave the temple to Madrid as a gift and the city reconstructed the temple and put it in Parque del Oeste, Madrid's Western Park. There is no entrance fee to the ancient temple and the area is great for pictures and personal social media content. It's always great to experience a mash-up of two historic cultures and enjoy it for free.

2 Cathedrals and Basilicas

The Cathedral of Saint Eulalia & the Holy Cross is just one of a number of religious sites in the city of Barcelona. The Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar offers free entrance every day at set hours in the morning and evening.

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This church is located at Plaça de Santa Maria and is a perfect architectural example of 14th century Gothic. The Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi is another Gothic church located in Plaça del Pi in Barcelona. The rich history of the church takes you on a journey through time believed to have been as early as the fifth century. Another church worth visiting is the Basilica of Sant Justus Pastor.

1 When you're on the street, it's free!

As soon as you step out of your hotel room in Barcelona, whatever you see from the streets is free of charge. The very popular tourist attraction in Spain called Sagrada Familia and Gaudi Sites can be viewed from certain vantage points in the streets of Barcelona.

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How about walking the perimeter of the Montjüic Castle and touching the walls? This ancient military fortress is impressive enough just with a view from the outside. The Basilica de la Sagrada Familia is so towering that one won't even have to exert any kind of real effort to see how beautiful the structure is.