So you have taken time off work, booked your flights and accommodation, and are planning to leave for your next travel adventure in about a week. Today is the day to start thinking about packing your suitcase! Although we agree that sometimes packing can be the most stressful part of preparing for a trip, we are here to help take away some of that packing pressure. Travel is always a great idea but leaving home still means you need to keep up with your normal routines and we understand this can be challenging sometimes. Understandably, it is hard to know precisely what to pack and know exactly what we will need once we have arrived. Not to mention following all of the airline's guidelines and rules regarding what we can and can't bring with us.

Regardless if you are travelling for work or fun, having the right essentials in your bag will make any trip easier. We've even got some inside secrets from the packing queens and kings themselves. That's right, flight attendants! Getting the inside scoop from those who spend so much of their time packing and are the perfect people to guide us along the essential packing list. So, before you hit the road, no matter where in the world you are going, if you are getting on a flight these essentials need to be in your bags.

25 makeup wipes for fresh skin

Makeup wipes are a travel essential that all women and men must have in their suitcase. For anyone who can't sacrifice their makeup on the day of the flight, having a makeup wipe mid flight is perfect for removing makeup once on the plane. Will you be planning on redoing your makeup before departing the plane? Using a makeup wipe to freshen up your skin before applying your new face is highly recommended. Not only for makeup removal, but wipes are great for washing and hydrating your face during travel too. Whether that is after a long day wearing sunscreen or physical activity, makeup wipes will freshen you up in no time.

24 fanny pack instead of a handbag

Along with the obvious carry-on and suitcase, our new travel must-have is a fanny pack! They may look small, but their use will be massive and we are so grateful these are coming back in fashion because their effectiveness is endless. Firstly, having a bag that doesn't hang off your shoulder is a lot more protective in face of pickpockets. They are also the perfect size to only carry what you actually need and also won't weigh you down. Lastly, your hands are free to pick things up, take a photo, and reach into the bag easily getting anything out. Safe and sufficient, we love a good fanny pack and highly recommend one on your next trip.

23 Flight Attendants recommend: personal wifi hotspot for on-the-go connection

Flying their way around the world can mean that more often than once, a flight attendant could be caught without wifi access. Flight attendants' solution to this is to always pack a personal wifi hotspot that works anywhere in the world. Whether it’s to message other colleagues, contact family from home or to get around new places, flight attendants often need wifi usage and a personal hotspot is the best way to secure it.

22 packing cubes for organising clothes

Packing cubes are a lifesaver! If you don't own packing cubes yet, you are seriously going to be shocked at how beneficial they are and asking yourself why you didn't use them sooner. Packing cubes are the best way to organise all of your clothes in your suitcase. Having a cube for underwear and socks, t-shirts, pants and any other miscellaneous items, packing cubes allow you to know exactly where everything you want is whenever you need it. Not only for the organisation of your clothes but being able to keep everything folded and tidy in their spot will have your luggage looking perfect. Packing cubes will be your new best friend.

21 Flight Attendants recommend: An Extra Pair Of Shoes

It is no surprise that flight attendants have to walk a lot. Whether it is from one end to the other of a large airport, or to and from hotels, they are always on their feet. Have you ever wondered how a flight attendant doesn’t get sore feet walking for all those long hours in heels? The secret is, flight attendants always carry a spare pair of shoes. The moment they can throw off their heels in exchange for a comfier pair, they do! These are their airport shoes and are used when walking anywhere outside the plane. Handy!

20 A travel diary to look back on

A diary specially made for travel will make organising and remembering your trip extremely easy. Having a diary by your side can be great to write down all your thoughts while travelling. This may be any plans you make while on the move, any new words you've learnt in a new language, things you don't want to forget, and of course for recording your trip! Looking back and reading all of your thoughts and experiences in your personal travel diary is a very special thing that you will be grateful for in the future.

19 Flight Attendants recommend: Moisturiser and lip balm for dry skin

Flying causes very dry skin. So imagine how dry the skin of flight attendants must be spending so much time in the air. Moisturiser is a life saver for any attendant spending hours working on a plane. Dry lips are also common and spending so much time speaking to guests, hostesses need their lips feeling and looking smooth. Keeping a lip balm is also said to be essential. Since we will be spending some hours up in the air and don't want cracked skin, we can take a tip or two for them and back a moisturiser and lip balm the next time we fly.

18 Hand Sanitiser to get rid of unwanted germs

Being on the road can mean being exposed to more people and environments than usual. This means more germs than usual. On the plane, in a hotel, or just in a new country in general, means being in areas our immune system isn't necessarily used to. Having a hand sanitiser next to you at all times will be a great way to ensure you are fighting any bacteria that may be on your hands. Wiping down the hotel TV remote or your plane tray table before eating can get rid of any unwanted germs because getting sick is the last thing you want whilst travelling.

17 A perfect pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses have also been added to our list of travel essentials, but not just any pair of sunglasses, the perfect pair of sunglasses! We are not talking about your most expensive pair or the most iconic. The essential pair is perfect because it fits with every outfit and is sturdy enough to handle the impact of travel. Finding the perfect fit for travel doesn't always come down to the look but how much sun protection they offer and how versatile they are. A pair you can take with you anywhere is a must in any travel bag.

16 Flights attendants recommend: Instant food for late night snacks

This may be more of a surprise to you, but many air hostesses do carry instant food with them when travelling. When getting into hotels late at night or arriving early mornings, very often kitchens are all closed and flight attendants don’t have anywhere to get food. A great way to solve this issue is by having a packet of oats or instant noodles stashed away. When all you need is to add hot water they can have a meal no matter where they are or what time it is. Never be stuck without a snack again.

15 A spare outfit in your carry on

Of course, your outfits usually belong in your suitcase and you are probably asking, why do I need one in my carry-on? Yet anyone who has lost their luggage will know that having a spare outfit in your carry-on should be on everyone's travel essential list. Why? If your luggage is lost for days you'll either need to go out and buy an entirely new change of clothes while you wait or instead, just pack a spare! This way if your clothes go missing you have a spare pair of clean underwear and socks and also an outfit to change into while waiting for your luggage to find its way back to you.

14 noise cancelling headphones

Have you ever been stuck on a plane next to a crying baby, screaming kids, or someone who is snoring really loud? I bet that made your flight a little unbearable. Don't want that to happen again? Well, we have found the solution to all the above problems, and that is noise cancelling headphones! Sound too good to be true? These headphones will cancel out all background noise and finally keep your snooze on the plane as serene as possible. They are wireless, comfortable and definitely necessary for a goods night sleep when that background noise is too much to bear.

13 flight attendants recommend: iPad for entertainment

Although the majority of the time we see air hostesses they are working, they do also have some downtime. When we are all sleeping on long flights and flight attendants need to keep themselves busy and usually, an iPad is a great solution. Being able to watch TV shows, movies and play games, flight attendants love having an iPad with them whilst travelling to pass their free time.

12 All-In-One Universal Plug Adapter

Having to remember a universal plug should be close to number 1 on everyone's packing list! We know the feeling all too well of being stuck with no wall adapter and asking the hotel concierge nicely if we can borrow theirs to charge our phone for the night. However, a step up from the usual universal plug is an all-in-one universal plug that not only allows you to plug your devices into any wall anywhere but everything you need at the same time. An all-in-one universal plug adapter has so many outlets you can charge everything you need at once. 

11 A portable power source

All the amazing electronics we have access to today are great for travel, unless, they are out of battery! It's pretty hard keeping your phone, kindle, GoPro, laptop, camera and any other devices you're carrying fully charged at all times. The worst is getting to a location and having one of them die whilst you are using them and missing out on capturing a special moment. Having a portable power source is the packing essential that will save all of your devices, literally! Never have the issue of not capturing a moment or getting lost without your phone again.

10 Flight attendants recommend: Workout gear for before and after flying

Flight attendants often have hours to kill between flights, yet not enough time to get out and go sightseeing. A great way for flight attendants to pass the free time in an airport or hotel is to go to the gym. Always having a spare pair of gym clothes allows attendants to get out a quick sweat and get those endorphins flowing before a long flight ahead. No wonder they are always looking so healthy and full of energy whenever we board!

9 travel towel for after any swim or shower

I bet you'd be surprised how many times a travel towel will come in handy while on the road. Not just any regular towel, but a specific travel towel that folds up nice and small and dries extremely quickly. If you are going for a dip at the beach, taking a shower in the airport, or at the hotel gym, a travel towel will become a great use to you. Not to mention how many hostels or Airbnbs don't have towels for their guests, it is always best to carry your own.

8 padlock with a combination to keep valuables safe

Keeping your valuables safe is very important while travelling. Although having a padlock to do this may be obvious, it is important to mention getting a lock with a combination and not a key. What could be worse than locking away all your valuables and then losing the key? Buying a padlock with a combination is your best bet at keeping all your valuables safe whilst ensuring you're not locked out either. Keep the combination somewhere safe and you won't need to worry.

7 a sleeping liner or pillow protector for a better rest

Whilst we are travelling we are constantly sleeping in beds that aren't our own. Maybe our head is resting on an aeroplane pillow, a hostel pillow or hotel pillow, the truth is we don't know how clean any of them really are. A pillow liner is a simple solution to ensure a clean pillow every night. A pillow protector takes up little space and hardly weighs a thing. Something easy to carry with you that gives you peace of mind and ensures a good rest. Another travel essential we can't travel without.

6 A camera for capturing your travel memories

A camera is a special way to document your travels and we still believe is necessary for 2018. Although most of us do have a camera on our smartphones, nothing quite compares to having a camera with us on the road. Being able to take high-quality photos that we can easily develop and send as Christmas cards or hang up on our wall at home is crucial for documenting all our travel memories. It's also great to ensure you don't fill up all your phone memory with photos and videos and can be a great new skill to learn too.