Theme parks are supposed to be places that are filled with joy and amusement but numerous parks around the world have been left abandoned, and look like something out of a horror movie.

Thrill-seekers have made their way into these abandoned theme parks and have taken photos of the eerie rides and crumbling buildings that are now left behind. It's hard to imagine that these amusement parks were once filled with kids running around and trying to get on every ride they could. What's now left of these theme parks are decaying rides with paint chipping off of them and overgrowing wildflowers and weeds that have made the area some sort of lifeless jungle.

These disturbing photos of abandoned theme park rides look like they are haunted. What was once a heavenly playground for children now looks like an unsettling backdrop of a scary film.

Here are 15 disturbing photos captured of abandoned theme park rides that you might want to check out yourself if you're up for a thrill!

15 Camelot Theme Park Lays Abandoned

Opened in 1983, this King Arthur-inspired theme park was closed in 2012 because of bad weather. England is known for its dreary weather which makes this abandoned theme park look even spookier. This once-popular and colorful park is now covered in graffiti, overgrown with weeds and collapsed buildings.

14 Japan's Broken Animatronic Gives Anyone The Creeps

A Wild West theme park that was inspired by the 1973 film Westworld closed for good in Japan in 2006 and what's left are creepy (yet remarkable) broken animatronics, and abandoned buildings. The theme park now sits empty with the exception of its robot inhabitants that just appear to be waiting for visitors.

13 Disney Abandons Its First Waterpark

Walt Disney World's first waterpark opened in 1976 and when it closed in 2001, instead of demolishing it and using the space to create something new, the park just left it to decay. There are now pools filled with green, murky waters, overgrown moss and rusty waterslides and rides.

12 Dadipark Closed After A Horrific Accident

This creepy abandoned theme park in Belgium was opened in 1950, making it the oldest amusement park in Europe. Unfortunately, in 2000 a young boy lost his arm while on a ride, and soon after, the park received numerous complaints about the safety of its rides. In 2002, the park closed and all that's left are old and rusty rides painted over with graffiti.

11 Pripyat Theme Park Closed Before Its Grand Opening

The Pripyat Amusement Park in Ukraine was supposed to open during the summer of 1986 and children were going to have a blast riding the park's 26 meters high Ferris Wheel and riding around on bumper carts. However, the devastating Chernobyl Disaster in April forced the park to close before the grand opening and all that remains are the dismantled and rusty rides.

10 Six Flags New Orleans Was A Victim Of Hurricane Katrina

An eerie reminder of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 is the now-abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans. The park was forced to close after the hurricane and still remains there today deserted. The only visitors at this park are now rabbits, snakes, and an occasional alligator.

9 An Earthquake Caused Encore's Garden's Closure

Encore Garden in Taiwan once saw one million visitors a year and was regarded as one of the best theme parks in the area with a water park, rollercoasters, and even outdoor plays. But, in 1999, an earthquake hit the area and destroyed some of the facilities in the park, and business slowed. In 2008, the park closed, but the rides remained.

8 Miracle Strip Leaves Chilling Remains

Miracle Strip Amuseument Park in Panama City Beach, Florida was made to scare visitors and it is certainly doing its job now that it is abandoned and falling apart. The park added more rides throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s, but as Panama City started becoming a Spring Break destination, no one wanted to go on these "kiddy" rides, and it closed in 2004.

7 Visitors Dare To Walk What Remains Of The Yellow Brick Road At The Land Of Oz

Those who are brave enough to walk down this replica yellow brick road still can, but this Wizard of Oz themed park was once a bright and fun amusement park that saw tons of visitors in the early 70s. However, the park began to lose money and in 1975 this section of the park was actually burned down. The fire destroyed many artifacts from the actual movie including Dorothy's original dress.

6 The Owner Of Chippewa Lake Park Is Said To Be Buried In The Now Empty Attraction

Ohio's abandoned Chippewa Lake Park was opened for 100 years until it closed its doors in 1978. Several rides still remain on the property and walls of buildings are covered in graffiti. One of the creepiest things about this park is that the owner is reportedly buried somewhere on the grounds!

Japan's Nara Dreamland looked like a mini Disney World with its theme and rides, but it was struggling to compete with both Disney and Universal Studios in nearby cities. The park was closed in 2006 and photos showed the park's rollercoasters covered in overgrown plants and a princess castle now destitute.

4 Holy Land Gets Destroyed

This abandoned Christian theme park in Connecticut included a Garden of Eden and other Biblical themes, but was shut down in 1984 and given to a group of nuns. While it was not opened for visitors, teenagers still broke in and vandalized the grounds, and in 2010, a young girl was killed in the park. The nuns moved and now the park is left abandoned.

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3 Gulliver's Kingdom Statue Looks Like It'll Come To Life

In Japan lies the 147-foot long statue of Lemuel Gulliver, a structure that was once part of a theme park that took inspiration from the story of Gulliver's Travels. The park was famous for its large statue, but it couldn't make enough money and was left abandoned. Many people believe its closing was due to the fact that the park was right by the Aokigarah Forest, better known as Japan's "suicide forest."

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2 Vietnam Abandons Their Park And Wild Animals

This creepy water park in Vietnam opened its doors in 2004, only to be half-finished and later left abandoned. Its main features included this gigantic dragon sitting on top of the aquarium where visitors can walk up and take in the stunning views from its mouth. There were also three crocodiles that were left abandoned in the park until they were moved into a wildlife park.

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1 Prehistoric Forest Amusement Park Didn't Make The Cut

The remains of life-size fiberglass dinosaurs are scattered among this abandoned amusement park in Onsted, Michigan. When it was opened in the 60s, the park featured an active-man made volcano, a Safari Train, and a water slide. Unfortunately, no one was coming to see the dinosaurs and it closed in 2002.

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