All over the world, there are beautiful resorts and hotels that draw in visitors that are looking for somewhere nice to stay during their vacation. Unfortunately, there are also resorts and hotels all over the world that are no longer welcoming in guests anymore. These resorts have been closed for various reasons and were left abandoned.

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Now, instead of welcoming in guests, these resorts sit completely alone and abandoned. People come here to explore what's left of the resort rather than visiting to stay there during their vacation. While they can be fun to explore for some people, they're not taking in visitors anymore.

To see 10 abandoned resorts you can't visit anymore, keep reading!

10 Coco Palms Resort - Wailua, Hawaii

Coco Palms Resort was an upscale resort located in Wailuā, Kauaʻi in Hawaii. This resort opened in the mid-1950s and became really famous throughout the years. The Elvis Presley film Blue Hawaii was among many films that were filmed at this resort and it was famous for its tropical, Hawaiian-themed weddings.

The hotel was destroyed in the early 1990s by a hurricane and has since been left abandoned. There are plans to bring the hotel back, but the fact that this hotel was allegedly built on important cultural grounds for native Hawaiian people, it's been the subject of a lot of land disputes.

9 Haludovo Palace Hotel - Malinska, Croatia

When this hotel was built in the 1970s, it was designed to look like a super modern, almost science fiction-like destination. Today, it looks like a scene straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie. This hotel is called the Haludovo Palace Hotel and it's located in Malinska, Croatia.

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This hotel was once a really popular one for visitors, but as tourism into this area started to decline toward the 1990s, it became less and less appealing for people from outside of Croatia to visit. Today, it's a popular destination for urban explorers, but isn't exactly the luxurious resort it once was.

8 Ryugyong Hotel - Pyongyang, North Korea

Because tourism into North Korea is incredibly difficult for people from other countries, there aren't a lot of hotels in the area and there's little need for them. Visitors that do go are under heavy watch throughout their entire trip to this country.

But if you do visit Pyongyang, you'll likely at least get a slight glimpse of this unfinished, abandoned hotel on the skyline. Ryugyong Hotel's construction started in 1987 but was left only semi-finished after 1992. Today, Ryugyong Hotel has an imposing, 1,000-foot tall silhouette and sits completely unfinished.

7 Hot Lake Hotel - La Grande, Oregon

Hot Lake Hotel is located in La Grande, Oregon and has quite a dark past. It was completely abandoned after being used for a multitude of things in 1991, but was reopened in the 2000s as a bed and breakfast. So, while technically, this is one formerly abandoned hotel you can stay in, it's gone through some drastic changes from the original hotel.

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This hotel's construction started in 1864. Along with the hotel, there was also a massive building for a hospital attached to it. In 1934, a fire destroyed much of the Hot Lake Hotel. From then, the hospital section was used more than the hotel. It was abandoned in 1991, but purchased in 2003 when its new owners started working to restore it. Although it's now open as a bed and breakfast, the original Hot Lake Hotel that was built in the 19th century and destroyed by a fire will never see visitors again.

6 Buck Hill Inn - Poconos Mountains

Buck Hill Inn opened for the first time in 1901. It was a small, simple hotel when it first opened but it became popular enough that it started to really expand to a large, luxurious resort throughout the early 20th century. By the 1980s, it had hundreds of rooms, a pool, a large dining room, and other features.

Unfortunately for the owners of the Buck Hill Inn, this hotel simply didn't draw in visitors like it once did and it was forced to close its doors in 1991. In 2000, it was the subject of a paranormal TV show, claiming that it was incredibly haunted. This started to draw in curious visitors that wanted to explore the abandoned location.

5 Lee Plaza Hotel - Detroit, Michigan

The city of Detroit is one that has quite a few abandoned buildings. The Internet has been abuzz with the abandoned homes that are located around the city, often on sale for an incredibly low price. One of the most well-known abandoned buildings in Detroit is the Lee Plaza Hotel.

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The Lee Plaza Hotel was built in 1928 and had some major financial issues throughout the years afterward. Throughout the years after it was opened, it changed from being a hotel to a luxurious apartment building and was even a senior living center for a while. But it was unfortunately closed and left abandoned in 1997. It was announced in 2019 that the building had been sold and would be redeveloped to be reopened, but for now, the building is abandoned and no longer takes visitors.

4 Eyrie House Ruins - Holyoke, Massachusetts

Although this location doesn't look like it's anything more than a stone wall in the middle of the forest, it used to be a hotel. How did this location go from being a hotel to looking like this?

This is the Eyrie House Ruins. It was once known as the Eyrie House Hotel and was built in 1861. Throughout the second half of the 19th century, it saw a lot of visitors that would come through and stay there. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. In 1901, the owner and operator of the hotel started a fire to cremate two of his horses that had passed away. The fire became out of control and burned the entire hotel to the ground.

3 Sanzhi UFO Houses - New Taipei City, Taiwan

The construction on these unusual buildings started in Taiwan in 1978. This cluster of buildings was to be known as Sanzhi UFO Pod City, and it's not hard to see why. These rooms are like small pods that are all arranged in a circular shape, almost like a UFO.

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But from the moment construction started, things were said to be strange. Accidents were happening on and near the construction site and some people even claim that one worker took their own life. Rumors about this location say that there were remains of soldiers from past wars found on the site. Only a few short years later, construction stopped because the company ran out of money and it was left abandoned before it was even finished.

2 Grossinger's Catskill Resort Hotel - Liberty, New York

In the mid-20th century, people living in New York City that wanted to get away for a luxurious vacation would often go upstate into the Catskills. The Grossinger's Catskill Resort Hotel was among the most popular and luxurious hotels in the area for upper class New Yorkers in the 50s.

So, how did it fall into disrepair and become the abandoned resort it is today? In the 1970s, this resort started to fall out of favor among visitors and it began to suffer financially before closing in the mid-1980s. Today, the once luxurious resort is completely abandoned.

1 The Hampton Springs Hotel - Perry, Florida

When most people think of Florida, they think of the nightlife of Miami, Walt Disney World's unique rides, and beautiful beaches. The Hampton Springs Hotel opened in 1908 and became a really popular destination because of the sulfur springs at the hotel through the early 20th century.

According to people that visited, the warm water had healing powers that could really revitalize a person and make them feel amazing after taking a dip in the baths at The Hampton Springs Hotel. Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the 1950s and burnt down the resort, so it's no longer open. The springs still exist and the area has some paths and seating areas for anyone that wants to explore the area, though.

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