Flying is an important part of traveling that even celebrities can’t find a way out of. Money and fame can make flying an easier process, but that doesn’t erase the process altogether. The top celebrities in various worlds of fame must spend a lot of money to get a luxurious experience flying compared to the rest of us. There are two realistic ways for these big names to improve their flying experience. The first and obvious one is flying first class and skipping out on economy. This eliminates the aspect of flying with most of the flight and it gets them more privacy and comfort. The other option is getting a private jet to fly on their own.

Both instances feature many big names not wanting to fly with the rest of us due to the annoying process we already complain about. The lack of space and the less comfortable surroundings provide a difficult process for the average person. Celebrities also have the fear of people spotting them and wanting to engage in small talk at a time they want to be alone. We will look at celebrities that find ways to get out of the flying torture by either avoiding economy or getting their own jet for a drastic upgrade. Find out which famous folks you’ll never spot on the plane.

These are fifteen A-List celebs that refuse to fly economy and ten that go as far as to only fly in private jets.

25 Refuse to fly economy: Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the most beloved music stars on the planet for good reason. Many hit songs and now an acting career has made Rihanna a worldwide superstar. The fact that she’s known everywhere makes the idea of flying in economy a tough one.

Us Weekly and other celebrity magazines have claimed that Rihanna flies in first class if she takes any normal flights. Vacations to Barbados or just about any beautiful place in the world will not see Rihanna slumming it with the rest of us in economy for such a long flight.

24 Only in a private jet: Tom Cruise

The only time you’ll get to spot Tom Cruise on a plane is when he is taking part in the dangerous stunts for the Mission Impossible movie franchise on the big screen. Cruise does not like to get spotted in person given how much he tries to keep to himself.

Page Six reported that Cruise owns at least three private jets thanks to the wealth he’s accumulated over his star-studded acting career. Privacy is certainly worth the high price of owning personal jets. There's no word if Cruise likes messing around with his ridiculous stunts on his own plane like in the movies.

23 Refuse to fly economy: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one celebrity with a reputation for loving the expensive life. The fame of Kardashian has seen her become a top name in celebrity culture over the past decade between her reality shows and various business projects.

This leads to Kim flying all over the world for meetings and vacations. It is common sense that this Kardashian would never risk spending her time in economy given the amount of money she spends on fancy cars, huge homes and designer clothing. Kim has been known to fly first class since before her fame as referenced in early seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

22 Refuse to fly economy: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston appeared in an Emirates Airlines ad, opting to swap her first-class seat for economy. The implication was that economy was so good with this airline that celebrities would have a good time in the average seating arrangements.

However, it remains highly unlikely Aniston will ever sit in economy. The actress became a huge celebrity in the 90s and has retained her status through the decades. Aniston and Brad Pitt revealed they used to fly first class in various interviews together. Don’t expect Aniston to change that level of comfort after getting used to it.

21 Only in a private jet: Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Jay-Z lives a very happy life with the fame from his rap career and the personal happiness that comes from being married to Beyoncé. Not only does he get the general joy of being married to Beyoncé, but she even gives him incredible gifts.

Beyoncé gifted Jay-Z a Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet worth $40 million for Father’s Day. Jay-Z uses it to fly all over the world with the family as they take many vacations together. Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z love their privacy, especially with the kids, which makes their private jet a worthwhile investment.

20 Refuse to fly economy: Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is a licensed pilot and has owned as many as eight planes at his peak. The older age of Ford has him taking normal flights to most locations. Various media tours for the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens had Ford going all over the place.

It comes to no surprise that Ford will opt to fly in first class any time he is on a commercial flight or will opt for the private route. There’s no chance someone as famous and wealthy as Ford won’t exercise his perks to get the most peaceful experience when flying.

19 Only in a private jet: The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been a celebrity for over two decades now since his success in the WWE. The acting work of Rock has taken him to a new level in terms of fame and fortune. Rock was named the highest-paid actor in Hollywood and is certainly enjoying the perks of it.

Business Insider revealed The Rock travels around in his G650 Gulfstream private jet. He posted a photo of it on social media and claims that it is the fastest private jet in the world. Dwayne takes more international trips than the average movie star given the success his films have internationally and he uses the jet for it.

18 Refuse to fly economy: Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is very much like her sister Kim when it comes to wanting the finer things in life. Kim may be the biggest breadwinner in the family, but they are all wealthy thanks to the reality television and merchandising successes.

Bravo TV shared that Kourtney enjoys riding in first class to the point where she sometimes does not sit with her children. The nanny flies with them and takes care of the kids in economy. We don’t know if Kourtney does this to spare any noise in first class or if she wants the better experience while the nanny watches the kids.

17 Only in a private jet: Taylor Swift

The rise of Taylor Swift has seen her become one of the top names in the world. Millions of young adults registered to vote this past election due to Swift suggesting it. Basically, she has huge influence and has the wealth to match it.

One of Swift’s biggest purchases was her private jet. The Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900 jet was reportedly worth $40 million according to Aviation CV. Swift even named it “13” after her lucky number often referenced in songs and interviews.

16 Refuse to fly economy: John Cena

WWE superstar John Cena has become one of the biggest wrestling stars of all time. The combination of his long wrestling career earning him millions along with the recent success in box office hits makes Cena a wealthy man.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that Cena’s contract with WWE stipulates he must receive a first-class ticket in any flights scheduled. Most wrestlers must cover their own flights, but the part-time status of Cena allows him more perks from WWE. Cena had first-class seats on flights to WWE shows in Saudi Arabia and Australia this year.

15 Refuse to fly economy: Chris Pratt

The rise of Chris Pratt came out of nowhere. No one could have expected Pratt to become a mega-star in the box office as he landed the lead roles in popular franchises Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.

Pratt often appeared on his ex-wife Anna Faris’ podcast when the two were together. A couple of references were made to how much he enjoyed flying with first class upon hitting that top level of fame. Pratt revealed he often hated being crammed in the seats with minimal leg room in economy. He no longer has to worry about that problem!

14 Only in a private jet: Floyd Mayweather

Boxing star Floyd Mayweather enjoys the wealthy life more than anyone else out there. Every interview features Mayweather bragging about being rich and he loves spending it on extravagant items from mansions to fancy cars to courtside seats to sports games.

Mayweather took it to the next level with the relatively recent purchase of a private jet. He already had a few, but the most recent one had the writing of 50-0 on it to celebrate his undefeated record reaching a new milestone. Social media videos featured televisions and other incredible amenities inside.

13 Refuse to fly economy: Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has become one of the top actors of his generation with credible roles in dramas, comedies and everything in between. The wealth of Freeman allowed him to escape economy seating or worse.

Freeman owns a few private jets and has his pilot license for personal trips. Business trips to film sets and press junkets feature him only flying in first class. Us Weekly indicates that Freeman is one of the older celebrities that enjoys the perks of his career and first class is certainly one of them.

12 Refuse to fly economy: Diddy

The entertainer currently known as Diddy has gone by many other names throughout his long career. One of the few constants for him is the success to come in the music world from rapping to producing to hiring talents.

Diddy loves his life of lavish treatment as seen with some of his reality television projects. Making the Band featured him telling some aspiring musicians that he only flies first class and drives in fancy cars as part of the lifestyle he lives. Nothing has changed as Diddy still loves the high life.

11 Only in a private jet: Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is not a name most people expect when it comes to celebrities that only fly in private jets. The talented actor always seems like a man of the people, but flying is one area he apparently loves to enjoy a more exclusive lifestyle.

Carrey owns the Gulfstream V private jet with an estimated value of nearly $60 million. Complex reported that the main incentive for Carrey owning his personal plane is getting to take his pets with the family on vacations. You must respect someone going that far out of love for the pets.

10 Refuse to fly economy: Celine Dion

Celine Dion is one of the celebrities that dabbles between flying on private jets and sitting in first class on commercial flights. The singer has been a top name in the industry for many decades from huge hits to incredible live shows.

Dion used a private jet for many years that was fancy enough to bring her personal chef on board. Business Insider also cited her as a frequent first-class flyer if taking short trips for things like award shows or red carpet appearances. Celine is used to the VIP lifestyle and doesn’t want to end it.

9 Only in a private jet: John Travolta

The desire to fly in private jets only has seen John Travolta take his choices to another level from the other celebrities on the list. Travolta selected to live at a home in Florida with its own personal runways for his private jets to arrive and depart with ease.

The passion for flying has Travolta obtaining his pilot license along with owning multiple private jets. Travolta clearly has no interest in ever flying commercially again after investing the money into living at a home that he can fly out of.

8 Refuse to fly economy: Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is arguably the most famous athlete of all time thanks to his iconic basketball career. Not only did Jordan dominate on the basketball court in the 90s, but his sneaker brand is still thriving in a huge way today.

Jordan owns his own personally designed private jet in the Jordan brand with the logo on it. However, he chooses to fly in first class on shorter flights as part of his business meetings. A family recently spotted Jordan in first class when they were going to the same location for his summer basketball camp in 2017, according to USA Today.

7 Refuse to fly economy: Jackie Chan

The success of Jackie Chan on the big screen has seen him raking in big bucks throughout the decades. Fans may not see him in as many US blockbusters as the past, but he is still one of the most successful actors with smash hits in China.

Chan recently purchased a private jet in 2012. The plane is mostly for his international trips going from Hong Kong or China to the United States. Chan still flies first class with shorter flights.

6 Only in a private jet: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has a reputation for being a diva when it comes to her demands. Any event she performs at must have extravagant foods and items available at her request. It only makes sense that her traveling standards would be as high.

Carey owns a private jet and uses it to fly everywhere. Ex-husband Nick Cannon was stunned the first time he flew with Mariah. Cannon told Daily Mail he thought his expensive cars were fancy, but he was stunned when realizing Carey has a private jet take her to any destination she wants.