A juicy burger with all the fixings and side of fries with ketchup. This sounds like total heaven to many of us and it's something that we want to eat on a regular basis. Whether we know how to make good burgers at home (or our partner or roommate makes them) or we have a local fast food joint that we go to, this is one of our favorite meals.

While we probably have our favorite spots in our city for grabbing a burger, we also crave burgers when we travel somewhere new. It's a delicious, hearty meal when we're tired from airplane travel or from walking around and exploring for hours. Keep reading for a guide to the best burgers in the United States.


J.G. Melon And Bareburger Serve Up Meaty Deliciousness In NYC

You can't talk about the best burgers in the United States without thinking about some places in New York City. And you can't talk about NYC burgers without the cheeseburgers at J.G. Melon. According to Thrillist, people have been flocking to the Upper East Side location for cheeseburgers for several decades now. The publication describes what you're going to find if you order one from that location or in Greenwich Village: "a griddled, hearty beef blend with American inside a slightly toasted, soft potato bun. It's the perfect bar burger -- best enjoyed with a side of cottage fries." This is the kind of place you go when you want a good old-fashioned burger that doesn't have weird stuff like peanut butter or pineapple on it.

When you're in New York City, you also want to head over to Bareburger which also has incredible burgers. The cool part about this place? There are so many options. You can order the American which is a grass-fed beef patty with "organic Colby cheese, green leaf, red onions, tomatoes, sweet pickles, organic ketchup, stone ground mustard, brioche bun." The El Matador has guacamole and the Golden State is a vegan burger. You can find milkshakes, fries, onion rings, and healthy salads here as well. It's definitely nice to have some variety and you could come here dozens of times and order something totally different.

Chow Down At Edzo's Burger Shop In Chicago

According to Eater.com, you want to go to Edzo's Burger Shop when you're craving burgers in Chicago. As the publication describes it, "Edzo's makes arguably the best fast-casual burger around. The smashed, griddled patties are highly addictive, highlighting the quality and care that owner Eddie Lakin exhibits."

You can order an 8 oz char burger or a single, double, or triple griddled burger. They all sound and look great.

You Can't Go Wrong With In-N-Out Burgers

You can also get lamb, bison, turkey, mushroom, and veggie burgers, and sides include regular fries and sweet potato fries. It seems like a perfect spot for burger fans since you can get the classic and also some more interesting options.

No matter which American city we travel to, we can definitely find an incredible and delicious burger (or two... we might want to try a few different ones). Whether we want a classic or something more exciting, we would be eating super well if we visited these spots.