Being Kenya's Capital, most of the East Africa Nation's safaris start in this beautiful city. There is more to this city than travelers may realize. Forget the international airport serving travelers from all corners of the world – the city features a plethora of the most stunning safari destinations, beautiful Maasai Markets parked with handmade arts and crafts, as well as a multicultural population full of life.

Here, travelers will meet local tailors who can make an outstanding safari suit in less than 24 hours. The good thing is one can bargain and buy these items at budget-friendly prices. One can meet the endangered black rhino face-to-face in Nairobi National Park, just 7km from the city center. So, if one is traveling to Nairobi, here is a Complete Guide to Kenya's Capital.


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Getting Ready for a Trip to Nairobi

The best time to explore this Kenya's Capital? Well, Nairobi is beautiful all year round. Depending on what one is looking for, anytime is going to be an amazing safari experience. Although, planning is crucial for the optimal safari experience. The dry season (June to September) is a great season for wildlife viewing as the bushes around are less dense and animals move more frequently towards the waterholes to quench their thirst. Check beforehand, all options for accommodations available, as some lodges close during low season. Planning to travel during the wet season? One is more likely to encounter bad weather. Kenya has two rainy seasons – short and long rains. The former occurs from October through November, while the latter from March to May. The least preferable time to visit Nairobi is during the long rainy season because one is less likely to have the best safari experience in this vibrant city.

  • Language Used: English and Swahili are official languages in the country. The latter is widely spoken.
  • National Currency: Kenyan Shilling, abbreviated as KES

How to Get Around

There are many ways to reach a destination within the city - Nairobi minibuses, commonly referred to as “matatus” and public vehicles such as Double M, Forward Travelers, Marvelous, and City Hoppa. To get around Nairobi safely, order an Uber or Bolt online. From the airport, getting a public

Theft is a common thing in Nairobi. Travelers should keep their phones and cash away. Leave expensive cameras and jewelry at home or place of residence.

Where to Stay in Nairobi

Being the Capital of Kenya, Nairobi has a lot of accommodation options for travelers. Depending on one's needs, finding suitable accommodation shouldn't be a struggle. This doesn't make it very easy to find accommodation that best suit a traveler's needs or expectations. The lodgings and hotels in Nairobi are spread out, so, traveling is almost inevitable, no matter where one stays.

Ngong House

Ngong House is a great way to start a wonderful luxury safari in Nairobi. The main lodge features cozy rooms with incredible amenities to spice up visitors’ safari experience. There are also tree houses located along with the bush. Some tree houses feature bathtubs that are made with amazing traditional African designs. Their verandahs face Ngong Hills, giving travelers the perfect spot to relax, and enjoy the view while anticipating their next safari within the city. Staying at the Ngong House provides the feeling of being in the Magical African Continent.

Nairobi Tented Camp

Based within the Nairobi National Park, this spot is a fabulous way to start a luxury Kenya safari. It is a very comfortable and friendly spot for travelers just landing at the airport. Despite its location, Nairobi tented camp gives a wild and remote feel, and the services, as well as amenities, are top-notch!

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor is a top safari destination in the world and offers an incredible space to stay as visitors explore Kenya's Capital. Where in the world does one wake with giraffes stretching through the windows hoping to share some breakfast? The rooms at the Manor are comfortable and spacious. One can have a beautiful view of the Ngong Hills from the Giraffe Manor.

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Based in the Nairobi National this is a hot spot to enjoy a Nairobi safari experience. From this hotel, visitors have easy access to the Sheldrick Rescue Home, an organization dedicated to saving baby elephants orphaned in the wild. From the lodge, visitors have an incredible chance of a perfect game viewing. For luxury safari lovers, Emakoko is the perfect spot to explore Nairobi City.

Enjoyable Activities on a Nairobi Safari

Explore the culture of the different tribes in Kenya. Start with visiting the African Heritage House, an attraction consisting of an invaluable African art collection. There are rooms here – full of stunning sculptures and artwork. Head to the Bomas of Kenya and Learn about the Kenyan traditional culture of different tribes, including Luo, Kikuyu, and Maasai – just to mention a few. Enjoy watching the traditional African dances and get to taste the Kenyan Cuisine at the restaurant within the Bomas of Kenya.

Take a guided city tour to learn about the city. Go to the Nairobi National Museum and learn the Kenyan beautiful history as well as culture. For sports lovers, there is a lot to enjoy. Buy Rugby 7s game tickets and get to Harlequin Stadium located on Ngong Road and enjoy the game.

  • Ticket Prices: KES 100-KES 300

There are so many music festivals in Nairobi to experience as one learns about the lifestyle in this adorable city. The Blankets and Wine Festival is a popular event in East Africa that describes what the city's culture is like. The festival attracts people of different races and age groups across East Africa and beyond.

Explore Nairobi National Park and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to have the best experience of Nairobi safari. One can spot a variety of wildlife, including the endangered black rhino, zebras, hyenas, elephants, buffaloes, and giraffes at the Nairobi National Park. Then head to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and enjoy viewing the baby elephants who have been rescued from the wild.

Nairobi is not just a gateway into Kenya for travelers, its enchanting scenery offers a lot of interesting things to do and unique safari experiences.