In addition to the many other highlighted reasons to visit Holland the best among these are their larger-than-life Tulip Fields. Let it take your breath away as you experience the most captivating display of wild tulips. For anyone who loves flowers and the delightful experience of seeing the true wonders of nature. This is the perfect trip for anyone to get a break from the stress of real life, reconnect with nature, and refresh their spirits. There are many different places around the Netherlands to explore amazing flowers and tulips, this could be an amazing trip for the whole family to enjoy! There are also a lot of flower-related events to enjoy and explore in the spring months. Choose one of the amazing small hotels or bed and breakfast houses in the Netherlands to stay in with the whole family and make an amazing and memorable vacation.


Tulips In Full Bloom

It’s no surprise to anyone that spring is the best time to visit the Netherlands and these amazing fields. The tulip fields will be in full blood, and it’s a truly majestic sight to see. Keukenhof is the most well-known place to go, however, it’s not the only place to visit when seeking out these beautiful flowers that are just waiting to be explored. The tulip season starts at the end of March and usually completes around the middle of May, leaving April to be the absolute best time to visit.

Wandering around through Keukenhof will guide you through a gorgeous park with over 7 million tulip bulbs, yes, 7 million. It’s glorious and stunning, completely worth a visit but don’t hesitate to spread out and follow the trails of flowers to their other locations!

If you’re reading this and wondering how to make your tulip season that much better and more memorable. Picture yourself riding a bike with a delicious picnic in the front basket as you ride through the spring flower fields. That magical idea is completely possible in Flevoland. Head there and rent a bike to ride to your heart's content through the tulip-packed regions of Holland.

The locations of the fields change each year to make sure the soil stays healthy. So, the best way to see the tulips here is to drive or take the train up to Schagerbrug to view the scattering of flowers all throughout the city. Feel free to rent a bike here as well to make sure you don’t leave any flowers unnoticed and photographed. Also, if you can manage to hang out here around sunset, the tulip fields look absolutely stunning! Since this particular area is usually unknown or inexperienced by most tourists, it’s the perfect opportunity for an isolated romantic time with the most breathtaking views nature can provide!

In addition to isolated areas, Goeree-Overflakkee is one of Holland’s best-kept secrets. This small, local city is just an hour’s drive outside of Rotterdam, and it actually makes up about 10 % of all the tulips in the Netherlands. It’s a can’t miss location! These farms are completely free, but be careful and mindful of any rules or stipulations set out by the local farmers.

Since viewing the idealistic tulip season in Holland isn’t a one-day experience head on down to De Tapperij and check out the hotels and small villas for rent. Also, experience their garden of over 300 types of flowers. This amazing farmland has everything you need to have a perfect experience. Wake up to the smell of amazing flowers and enjoy the views of flowers for miles while you sip on your morning coffee and muffins freshly baked on the farm.

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Often, you will find eateries near places where you can admire the flowers, and sometimes they’ll be partially on the property. There are many restaurants and places that soak up the flower theme all over these highlighted areas for flower viewing.

Can’t Miss Flower Events

In addition to amazing flower views and fields of tulips, there is also a wide range of events centered around these spectacular flowers that are a must-see! Often these events offer a wide range of activities to participate in and family-fun games as well as a special eaterie for the events.

In order to make the most out of your experience in the Netherlands to view these unforgettable flowers, consider these tips.

Rent a Bike

It’s best to enjoy the tulip fields with the wind blowing through your hair and offering you a whiff of their delicious aroma. Join in with the locals, who know the ways around, and rent a bike as you travel through the farms and fields. There are bike rentals all over Holland and plenty nearby the best tulip fields. A lot of rentals also offer e-bikes for easy access. There are pick-up and drop-off locations all over the Netherlands.

Get Outside the Tourist Attractions

It’s true that Keukenhof is one of the best places to see the tulips in the Netherlands. Around April when the tulips look their best, Keukenhof tends to get crowded and a bit pricey. If you’re on a budget or just want to avoid the crowds, check out the other flower fields and events around Holland. Don’t be afraid to chat up the locals and ask them about the best spots to visit for a more affordable and isolated experience.

Go for a Hike

Holland is filled with beautiful spaces, flowers at the botanical gardens, and national parks. The national parks offer gorgeous lush landscapes plus flowers for stunning spring hikes. Add to your adventure by exploring more land and flowered areas that Holland has to offer.

Go to a Flower Parade

For any true flower enthusiast, this is a must-experience event! Of course, the flowers in the field are stunning and an amazing thing to experience in person, the parades offer a more personalized experience with events and activities for the whole family! Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is definitely the biggest and the best!

Look Out for Hidden Gems!

Spring is a magical time to visit the Netherlands and enjoy the tulip season. There are so many amazing things one could find! There are many other tourist attractions and flower-themed activities to find so be on the lookout!

Grab some flowers and be on your way to a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the wildflowers of Holland!