It is no secret that celebrities thrive on exclusivity and luxury.  And there is arguably no place in the world more excessive in luxury and primed for exclusivity than Dubai.  For most celebrities, the thought of traveling to the Middle East may not seem the typical type of vacation they are used to, but for those who have visited the Emirate, they very quickly fall in love with the charm and hospitality of the city in the middle of the desert.

For others, the hot climate and distant location are not exactly their cup of tea. While the United Arab Emirates is ruled by a monarchy, some celebrities prefer the more familiar and traditional monarch in Buckingham Palace and choose to make London the vacation spot of their choice.  Surprisingly the two destinations do have a lot in common, and whether it is the balmy sands of Dubai or the rainy streets of London, these celebrities take their pick and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Check out the celebrities who have fallen in love with the exotic desert hot spot, and others that prefer the cooler temperatures of London.

20 20. Kim Kardashian Loves Dubai

On her first visit to the United Arab Emirates, Kim Kardashian boasted about the amazing time she had on Twitter while promoting 'Millions of Milkshakes' first overseas location.  The reality star immersed herself in the Middle Eastern escape by touring the hot spots of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, while recording all of her memories for her fans on her social media accounts.  She stayed at the Atlantis resort on the famed Palm Islands of Dubai and has returned to the hotel several times for business and pleasure. Most recently, she was seen getting into a somewhat heated argument with her sister Kourtney's ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, who invited some ladies to his hotel suite in Dubai.  All the drama was of course documented for the cameras, proving that the drama follows them no matter what country they are in!

19 19. Will Smith Goes Skydiving in Dubai

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air must love the Royal feel of the United Arab Emirates, as he is frequently seen visiting and speaking about his love of all things Dubai.  At a recent appearance at the Mall of Emirates, he told the crowd that he first visited the Emirate 15 years ago, when Dubai was it the height of its development and was a nothing buy a sky full of cranes.  He has stated that he loves the energy of the city, and that he has hopes of making the stories of the people of the United Arab Emirates, more mainstream: "When I come to the Middle East, I am so inspired by the beauty and the culture, [but] it is not represented in world cinema." With such praise, we may be seeing Will Smith in a whole new light in his next big action film from abroad!

18 18. Ellen Degeneres Takes her Whole Audience to Dubai

It is no secret that celebrities love luxury and exclusivity.  Dubai has oodles of both and it may one of the reasons a number of celebrities have recently become enamored with the jewel in the middle of the desert. For Ellen Degeneres, her love for the city was taken to a whole new level when she surprised her entire audience with an all expense paid trip to the Emirate. Ellen tried to explain her fondness of the emirate after a recent trip: “It is a melting pot of cultures with over 200 nationalities living there and they are welcoming to all. There is so much to do, the nightlife is insane.”  And Ellen wanted to make sure that her audience experienced the best of the best- the trip included a six-night stay at the Atlantis hotel (yes the same one Kim Kardashian stayed at), totaling $5000 for each guest. Now that is love!

17 17. Eva Longoria gets Engaged in Dubai

You will always remember the moment your loved one proposes to you.  And for that reason, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria will always have a soft spot for the United Arab Emirates.  While visiting Dubai to attend the Dubai International Film Festival, her boyfriend at the time, Jose Antonio Baston, decided to pop the question in the middle of sand dunes and camel rides, in what appears to be a break from a standard desert safari excursion.  The happy bride to be captured the moment for her fans and posted an image of the couple sharing a kiss on her Snapchat, which showed them previously enjoying their time on the safari with a nice meal.

16 16. Justin Bieber Stops by Dubai for Massages

Justin Bieber has a colorful history with the emirate of Dubai. In 2013 he made headlines when he arrived two hours late for his first ever concert in the city.  Years later, in May 2017, he spent an entire week in Dubai and put on two sold out concerts, proving that tweens are alike all around the world.  On his week-long stay in Dubai, Justin Bieber was spotted partaking in the classic desert safari and camel rides, playing soccer at a high-end hotel and attending exclusive clubs such as the Zero Gravity club.  In January 2018, the star was spotted at the Dubai airport posing for a picture with a massage therapist at a spa in the airport.

15 15. Lindsay Lohan Moved to Dubai

Sometimes you visit a place and fall in love with it so much that you just wish you could live there. When you are a celebrity with a flexible work schedule and an unlimited amount of cash, you can easily do so. Lindsay Lohan reportedly moved to Dubai and "found peace" after escaping the paparazzi driven world of Hollywood. She reportedly made the move from London to Dubai and has been seen at a number of charitable events in the region.  She also reportedly was in the works to launch an entire island off her likeness called 'Lindsayland'.  It is unclear whether that project is still underway as a number of other island projects in the Emirate have been shelved.

14 14. Tyrese Gibson Opened a Business in Dubai

The Fast and the Furious star has been very vocal about his love for Dubai and the capital of Abu Dhabi.  He is a frequent visitor who dons the local garb when visiting and posts several pictures on his social media accounts of his adventures in the desert.  Most recently it has been reported that he has partnered with a local investor to open up the first international shop of Voltron Motors, a custom car shop.  Given Fast and the Furious was filmed in Abu Dhabi at one point, it makes complete sense to open a business focusing on high-end custom cars in a country with no shortage of luxury vehicles!

13 13. Selena Gomez Celebrated New Years Eve in Dubai

The Instagram superstar and singer showcased her love for everything Dubai when she posted pictures of her trip to the Emirate with her friends, including supermodel Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson.  The singer was seen enjoying the sandy beaches of Dubai, while swimming, boating and lounging around luxurious hotels and estates.  Like most celebrities, she was also seen enjoying the peaceful desert sunsets and donning the traditional clothing when she posted pictures in a traditional abaya. Later, she changed into a sparkling matching dress for her New Year Eve's celebration- showcasing the diversity of the region.

12 12. Tom Cruise Performs Stunts in Dubai

Daredevil actor Tom Cruise has a long history with the United Arab Emirates.  He famously climbed the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower, in 2011 for his 'Mission Impossible' movie.  He has since returned several times to the Emirate of Dubai to perform equally surreal stunts. Most recently, he was spotted in Dubai in 2018 at the home of one of the regions top media executive's home, where they reportedly discussed how to make Dubai a hotspot for global films.  We have heard of Canada being referred to as Hollywood North, but there may soon be a Hollywood East they will have to compete with!

11 11. Kevin Hart Greets Wild Animals in Dubai

Everyone's favorite comedian mixed business with pleasure on a recent trip to Dubai where he performed his stand-up to a sold-out crowd, then vacationed around the Emirates meeting members of the royal family and their amazing pets. He shared his story of the Late Late Show with James Cordon, where he explained that he was invited to a member of the ruling royal family's home with his travel companion Ludacris. Whether the story is exaggerated is unclear, but there is definite photographic proof of his interactions with orangutans, lions, and tigers- along with a slew of photos of yachts, helicopters, and jets along the way!

10 10. Angelina Jolie lived in London Briefly

With a diverse family with children from all over the world, it only makes sense to make a home base somewhere in central Europe where the family can easily travel the world.  While still married to Brad Pitt, the couple rented a home in Surrey for almost a year, that set them back approximately $21,000 a month.  The couple was frequently seen wandering the streets of Surrey and riding their bikes and was often spotted at the local grocery store, probably purchasing some tea and scones, to make their experience completely British.

9 9. George Clooney Vacationed then Moved to London

It is no surprise that the former most eligible bachelor has chosen to settle down in London.  While his career takes him around the world, the love of his life took him to London, as his current wife and mother of their twins, Amal Clooney, is an established lawyer from London. After a whirlwind romance which saw George spending quite a bit of time in the United Kingdom, and he quickly grew fond of the city and its culture.  When it came to choosing a home, the couple decided to settle down on a $10 million home in the Thames, 40 miles west of London. While George makes frequent trips to the United States, it is safe to say that London will likely be his home for a while.

8 8. Rihanna Parties in London (A lot)

International superstar Rihanna is frequently spotted leaving nightclubs in London with her friends.  While the paparazzi may not be as aggressive in London as it is in Hollywood, there is no shortage of pictures of the singer leaving various pubs and clubs in her signature Rihanna style.  The superstar travels to London frequently to promote her projects such as Oceans 8, and more recently her Fenty beauty line. Like other celebrities, she has reportedly fallen in love with the city and purchased a $7 million mansion in the same neighborhood as Sir Paul McCartney- no word yet on whether he will be invited to the inevitably epic bashes she will throw.

7  7. Beyonce and Jay-Z Enjoy Date Nights in London

When your job requires you to travel the world and perform for sold-out audiences with your partner, getting to time to enjoy a night out may be more difficult than it seems.  The power couple, however, seemed to make a point out of enjoying their time in London during their recent stopover for their On the Run tour.  The couple has been seen leaving bars and nightclubs as late (or early) as 4 am, in Mayfair after putting on showstopping sold-out performances for their massive crowd of London fans.  The couple was also previously spotted exploring art studios in London and enjoying a Wimbledon game.

6 6. Taylor Swift Loves London

It might be because her BFF Ed Sheeran is from the United Kingdom, or it might be because her reported new boyfriend Joe Alwyn is from there as well, but rumors are floating that Taylor Swift may also be purchasing a home in the capitol sometime soon. The pop star has frequently been spotted out and about in London with her friends and with Joe on a number of dates.  The star has certainly spent some time in London while on tour but has been spotted vacationing in the city more recently since her "secret" relationship with the star began.  It seems as if love takes many celebrities overseas!

5 5. Johnny Depp Enjoys the Humor

The famous actor has purchased a home in the south of France but still has a soft spot for everything in London.  In an interview with the Daily Mail, he described his fondness for the United Kingdom and touched on their unique sense of humor: 'I’ve always had a good thing with the Brits,' he told the Daily Mail. 'It’s the sense of humor. I’ve always felt 100 percent at home in Britain and in London. I’m also fascinated by the history, I’ve loved taking weird little sojourns down to Bath or Rye or Chichester, or just wandering around Canterbury.'

4 4. Katy Perry Makes Frequent Trips to London

The pop star has a long history with the United Kingdom. Previously married to Russell Brand, the singer spent a lot of time in the capital.  More recently she has been seen jet-setting to London on number occasions, and it is usually to enjoy date nights with her most recent rumored boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. She must really love the city as she was seen on social media enjoying a traditional English breakfast of baked beans and toast when she recently stopped by in between performance dates for her Europe tour.  It seems for some people, London is just in their kismet!

3 3. Madonna loves London

By now almost everyone has heard Madonna's questionable accent after she spent several years splitting her time between her native America and the UK when she was married to Guy Ritchie. She was mocked by many for faking her accent, but it just goes to show how much she enjoyed everything in London.  During the course of her marriage, she owned an $11 million home in London, and even purchased a classic British pub with her husband at the time, in true UK spirit.  While her love affair with Guy Ritchie did not last, her love for London remains as she is often seen roaming the streets of London with her kids, or on her bike (as pictured) and visiting the UK any chance she can get.

2 2. Janet Jackson Loves London

The international pop star must really love London. Despite having property and family back in the United States, she has been spotted living on her own and running errands around the city after moving out of her London apartment after her divorce from Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana after 5 years of marriage. The singer seems content to continue living in London as she gets back to her singing and performing career and raising her adorable son in the city.

1 1. Paris Hilton Wants to Move to London

At the height of the socialite's fame, Paris Hilton was traveling the world and getting paid an insane amount of money to make an appearance at a nightclub. While she surely saw the most exotic places in the world, Paris had an affinity for London and she was often snapped by the paparazzi leaving various nightclubs and bars in the city.  As time passed, London became a destination for her growing business adventures and she recently told the Evening Standard that living in London is a dream of hers: ‘It’s the one place that I wish I could live in...I will one day. I’m obsessed with the accents and the people and the food and just everything about London. It’s my favorite city in the world.’