Before we begin let’s make things perfectly clear; booking a travel agent is often a good idea. However, in this day and age a traveler can also easily book a resort trip themselves given all of the sources at their disposal.

Booking an agent can lead to complications. We’ve all had instances in the past where we booked a resort we weren’t completely sure of and really didn’t research thoroughly. It sounded so great when the travel agent was talking about it, but once we arrived, it was nothing like it was supposed to be. As they say, we live and we learn.

In order to avoid these types of headaches we’ll take a look at 11 things travel agents typically lie about. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re directly lying, just that in most cases, they choose to leave certain details out of the equation. On the flip side we’ll also look at some easy ways a travel agent can sell you on a trip. Once again these tactics need to be thought out about thoroughly. Booking on impulse is never a wise decision. Always take 24 hours minimum before finalizing a trip and make it a purpose to research the resort in question as much as possible. Word of mouth just isn't enough at times.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado here 9 ways travel agents try to sell us on all-inclusive resorts, and 11 things they’re (likely) lying about. Let’s gets started.

20 Could Be Lying About - Some Vegetation

If a travel agent tells you about vegetation, that might not be the best news. Travel agents typically try to down-play this factor by letting their clients know that there is “some vegetation” on the beach. It’s truly painful to get to the resort only to see green (and seaweed) all over the beach area. For those that love the beach, this can hurt a trip pretty badly. Even some of the top resorts are filled with some bad vegetation.

In order to get to the bottom of this, it is recommended that a traveler researches images of the resort's beach before booking. It is also crucial to perhaps visit Trip Advisor. Reviewers usually make it clear how bad the vegetation truly is.

19 Trying To Sell Us - Hotel Is New Or Renovated

This can be a selling point but it can also be a burden. Be very careful when a travel agent tells you that the resort you might be interested in booking is new.

Although it is very nice to visit a brand new resort, this also means that said resort will have less reviews. Not knowing what you’re getting into might not be safest bet, even if it is a new resort.

On the flip side, renovations might mean that the resort is in the process of getting renovated. Numerous travelers have complained about this in the past. It isn’t the best visual walking to the beach and seeing tools and paint cans all over the place. The same goes for the noise factor. Hearing some hammering at 6 AM really doesn’t give anyone that vacation feel!

18 Could Be Lying About - It’s Perfect For Families

When a travel agent says that a resort is perfect for families, that might not be the best sign (especially for couples who are looking for some peace and quiet). Although a family resort might seem like a peaceful ambiance, in truth it can be the exact opposite.

For those that are looking for a mature audience and more importantly a mellow atmosphere, these types of resorts might not be the best idea.

Perfect for families just means lots of children, which decreases the likelihood of peace and quiet. Of course, the travel agent might leave the part out...

17 Trying To Sell Us - 21+ Option

For those that want to avoid the screaming children option, a travel agent may instead try to sell you on an 18+ or 21+ resort. This can be a good thing, as 21+ resorts in particular feature a mature audience for the most part and absolutely no children whatsoever.

However, it is best to read the reviews pertaining to the atmosphere. At times party goers that just turned 18 look for 18+ resorts for the purpose of a mature party audience.

Read the reviews before making any commitments to an 18+ resort. Peace and quiet isn’t always a guarantee and in fact, it could be worse than screaming children.

16 Could Be Lying About - The Resort Is Next To The Downtown Area

It likely isn’t a lie that the resort is near the downtown area. However what travel agents don’t tell you is that this likely means less activities and entertainment on the resort. Typically in areas like Cancun the promoters come to the resort and push their daily and nightly parties.

This becomes enticing due to the proximity of the location. However this also means less entertainment on the resort. For those that don’t want to leave the resort, this can be a big-time bummer. It might be best to find something a little further for those who just want to chill and get top entertainment on the resort.

15 Trying To Sell Us - 24/7 Food Options

Let’s face facts, lots of travelers work so hard on their beach physiques. Once the trip finally comes, stuffing their faces becomes of the utmost priority. Witty travel agents might try to sell the convenient 24/7 food options. Although that sounds like a dream, it isn’t entirely the truth.

The 24/7 food option is usually the resort snack bar. This doesn’t feature the greatest amount of variety and the freshness of the food is usually questionable.

For those that crave 24/7 luxury food options, a resort with a room service menu might be the best idea. At certain resorts, iPads are provided in each room with full 24/7 access.

14 Could Be Lying About - Weather Predictions

We’ve heard this line time and time again by travel agents, “oh the weather is beautiful year round.” Although that might sound like a dream come true, it's far from the case. The truth is weather is impossible to predict especially in warmer climates. We’ve seen so many examples of tropical storms hitting resort locations out of nowhere.

Nonetheless, agents might still push the fact that when it rains, it’s only for a few short minutes. Get informed on the weather just before you leave – doing otherwise might be really useless and pretty impossible to trust weeks before booking.

13 Trying To Sell Us - Easy Transportation To & From The Airport

Easy transportation isn’t the worst thing. In fact, in most cases it is completely free as a shuttle bus brings the travelers to the resort quite easily. No need to pay excessive money for a cab or private pickups when this is so easy and included. It’s an easy way for travel agents to make the trip that much easier on their clients.

However if it is too close to the airport it might not be the best. This likely means it’s far from the action. At the same time, a ride lasting an hour can be a massive burden as well. Get informed on how “easy” the travel to the resort really is aside from the free cost.

12 Could Be Lying About - Selling Travelers On The Pools

It is definitely important for a traveler to have access to beautiful pools when booking a resort (of course this is very important). However if a travel agent stresses the pool a little too much, this might not be the best thing.

Usually, when the talking point is the pool this might mean that the beach isn’t the greatest. Resorts make it their biggest priority to create a great pool atmosphere so that the guests forget all about the lackluster beach. However if the beach is of the utmost importance, get informed before falling for that beautiful pool area.

11 Trying To Sell Us - Intimate Setting

Travel agents know a thing or two when it comes to reeling couples in. The ambiance tends to be of the utmost importance for most traveling couples. For that reason, agents make it a priority to promote their romantic spa settings, romantic restaurants, luxury room service and intimate setting around the resort.

This can be a great selling point but it doesn’t assure a traveling couple that the ambiance will be to their liking. Some resorts that cater to couples also promote bachelor and bachelorette traveling packages. An intimate setting doesn’t always guarantee that romantic ambiance.

10 Could Be Lying About - A-La-Carte Restaurant Quality (3 Or More)

They might not be lying about the 3-a-la-carte restaurants, however they might not be telling the full story when it comes to the variety at these places. When an all-inclusive features only three restaurants, the quality might be compromised. In fact, most travelers complain that the food in the restaurants is pretty much identical to the food found at the buffet.

Resorts that offer more of a variety tend to have unique menus and those that travelers typically want. If the resort has only three options, it might be a letdown.

9 Trying To Sell Us - Fitness Facility

Whether it be a fitness fanatic or a person just looking to stay in shape while on vacation, a gym setting is normally a prerequisite for this type of traveler. A fitness facility might be an easy way for a traveling agent to entice the traveler. However, once again research needs to be done by the client before booking the resort with the gym facility.

In some resorts a gym area is nothing more than a couple of cardio machines along with only a couple of dumbbells. That might be a big letdown for a travelers, especially considering numerous resorts offer so much more. Photos of resort gyms are typically shown via a quick search on Trip Advisor – visit those domains prior to booking.

8 Could Be Lying About - Telling You That The Price Might Go Up

When a travel agent smells blood they try their absolute best to close the deal. One of the common tactics used is telling the traveler that the price might go up and that it's best they book before it budges.

The reality here is that it can easily work in both ways; an agent can’t predict whether or not the price will go up or down. It is also a way to close the sale rapidly without having the client explore any other options. Don’t take the bait and instead look around before officially booking the trip. If anything, take 24 hours at the very least before finalizing the deal.

7 Trying To Sell Us - Direct Beach Access From The Resort

Doing without this can be quite annoying. At some resorts, the beach is sometimes located off the resort (and making matters worse it’s in a public section). However most resorts offer direct access to the beach. Yes, this is great however it isn’t a rarity, don’t be fooled by the excitement from the travel agent.

Nowadays most resorts with at least a 4 star rating offer the beach just a couple of steps away on the resort.

What a travel agent might keep to themselves is the proximity of the beach on the actual resort. It’s pretty common for travelers to walk at least 5 minutes before reaching the beach due to the size of the resort.

6 Could Be Lying About - Night-Time Shows

When the only thing they try to sell travelers on is the night-time shows put on by the staff, it probably means there isn't much else going on. It might also mean that the downtown area isn’t close either. This means you might feel trapped on the resort. Seriously, who wants to travel 30 minutes to the nearest city (while paying an excessive cab fee)?

Granted, resort shows are a lot of fun but it can also mean that fun is very limited outside of the resort. It can also mean that shows replace the likes of a pool beach party or an actual club on the resort. That isn’t always the most popular decision.

5 Could Be Lying About - It's Perfect For Groups

When they say it's perfect for groups, it probably means there are lots of party people and that's not for everyone. As we discussed earlier in the article the resort ambiance has a lot to do with the success of a trip. Even some of the lackluster resorts can be saved by the atmosphere and crowd at the location.

However the opposite also holds true. Party resorts aren’t for everyone and this can turn into a nightmare trip for those who just want to relax. If they say it’s great for groups, you might want to reconsider if peace and quiet is of the utmost importance to you.

4 Trying To Sell Us - Easy Access To All The Different Restaurant Cuisines

As opposed to selling three main restaurants, a variety of food options might be the way a travel agent sells their pitch. This can feature various restaurants along with specific lunch and breakfast options. Some resorts also include 24/7 sports bars and cafes which can also be worthwhile.

This type of treatment certainly caters to the all-inclusive aspect. The more options the better, right? At times resorts have up to 8 restaurant choices along with a room service menu as well. This can be worth it, as having to choose among only three options during a weeklong stay could be pretty annoying.

3 Could Be Lying About - The 'Half' Star Rating

If a resort feels the need to add a 'half' star to their rating, it might be a little misleading. In reality,

a 4.5 star is likely to be just a 4 star hotel. The half star is just there to make it seem closer to a 5, and Travel agents are known to try to use this tactic to push the resort.

In other cases the star system can also be outdated. At times travel agents might use outdated data to push a resort. You might be booking a resort that was a 5 star years ago

2 Trying To Sell Us - Party Resort

Travel agents love to throw around the term “party resort.” This is especially true for those that are looking for a good time (and of the younger-age-groups). Foam parties, beach parties, drinking games and lots of other features can entice a younger demographic to book the resort.

However younger travelers need to make sure these activities exist. Booking an 18 and over resort does not ensure that it’s all about partying.

A club on the resort doesn’t indicate that, either. At times the resort clubs are completely deserted with only a couple of travelers at the location. Read the specific party aspects and past pictures from travelers via Trip Advisor before committing to a “party resort.”

1 Could Be Lying About - The Resort Has A "Vibrant" & "Fun" Vibe

What this really means is, get ready to lose out on some sleep as the resort might be littered with young adults that booked the resort specifically for party purposes. Fun and vibrant might sound exciting, however most of the time travel agents aren't talking about the fun beach volleyball tournaments – instead it might be a way for them to subtly tell you that the resort is meant for party-goers.

If that’s your cup of tea then by all means. However if the purpose of the trip is to enjoy some relaxation, it might be best to avoid the “vibrant” resort setting.