Should you take a vacation? Of course, you want to relax and spend some time having fun... but the pressure to keep working hard and hustling can be tough. According to a CNBC story published in April 2019, only 13 percent of people living in the U.S. would be taking 1/4 of the vacation days their company gives them, as discovered by a Bankrate poll talking to over 2,000 people. Even worse? 4 percent of those surveyed said they wouldn't go on vacation, period.


When you work a typical 9-to-5 work schedule, it's a really good idea to go on vacation. While people generally focus on where they should go, how long they should be away for is also a crucial consideration.

What's the perfect vacation length for a 9 t0 5er? It's 10 days. Read on to find out why.

You Need A Few Days To Even Get Used To Being Away

If people could chill out as soon as they add an automatic reply to their work email saying that they're on vacation, then perhaps a five to seven day trip would be fine.

But, according to Travel and Leisure, it takes a total of three days for people to "de-stress." This is based on a G Adventures survey of 2,000 people living in the U.S. between the ages of 22 and 55. Because you need a few days to even get used to being away, it makes sense to schedule a 10-day trip.

Knowing that you're going away for 10 days could even help you mentally prepare for your vacation. It would be easy to assume that you need at least a day or two to chill out, buy some groceries if you're staying in a condo or hotel room with a kitchen, and get organized.

You Will Really Feel Like You Had Time Away From Work

A 10-day trip will ensure that you can really enjoy your time off instead of feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation because you didn't get a chance to really turn off.

If you go away for five or seven days, for instance, two of those days could be travel days, and then you only get to relax for a few hours because you're at the airport or packing (or wondering if you left something behind that you really wanted to bring).

While a week can fly by in an instant whether you're hard at work or relaxing on a beach, 10 days gives you a bit more time to really settle into your vacay bliss.

You Can Easily Schedule Your Trip Near A Holiday

Another benefit of going away for 10 days is that you can schedule your trip close to a holiday so you don't use up too many vacation days. If you get a week off at Christmas, for example, you can take three more days off. And if there are any long weekends, you can tack your trip onto one of those.

Sometimes the most stressful thing about planning a trip is wondering when the right time to get away is, so this could help with that.

You Can Spend Time In Two Different Locations

Another reason that 10 days is the perfect vacation length for a 9 to 5-er is that these extra few days allow you to see more places.

Maybe you want to spend the majority of your time at a resort or hotel in Florida, and then you want to spend a day or two in a nearby town so you can experience something else. Or maybe you want to go to Europe and spend half the time in one city and then head somewhere else for the remainder of your trip.

Going away for a mere week might not afford you that flexibility to explore more, and you could come home a little bit disappointed that there wasn't more time to pack in a little bit sightseeing.

10 Days Leaves Room For Some Travel Hiccups And Stress

Many people have experienced some less than stellar aspects of vacation, from a flight delay (or outright cancellation) to getting sick for a full day and not being able to enjoy a fun activity.

If you go on a 10-day vacation, that gives you some breathing space for these inevitable travel hiccups. Even if you have some trouble getting to your destination, you'll still feel like you had an amazing time because you'll be away for over a week and, therefore, have some wiggle room.

No matter where you're headed, whether you're dreaming of lazy beach days or want to explore a whole new city, 10 days is the ultimate vacation length if you work a 9-to-5 job. There will be more than enough time to truly relax and get a lot of your vacation so you can come back to the office feeling awesome and refreshed.