Since she was first thrust into the spotlight during the mid-1990s thanks to the cult-classic television series "Friends," Jennifer Aniston has been an all-around A-lister. Her fame has taken her to nearly every corner of the world. She's a regular at Parisian eateries and Cabo San Lucas beaches all the same.

Over the years, she's brought famous partners along for the journey — including ex-husband Brad Pitt and more recent ex Justin Theroux — but if the timeless actor has made one thing clear to us all, it's that she certainly doesn't need a man to have fun. Since she and Theroux announced their split in the spring, the "Cake" actor hasn't simply stayed home to sulk. Instead, she's been living it up with Adam Sandler on a yacht in Italy and partying with bestie Jason Bateman in Tahiti. No need to feel sorry for this newly single lady because she's having the time of her life, it seems.

You'd better get that passport ready to book your next international excursion à la Aniston. Ahead are 10 places she's traveled to since the breakup that would make her exes jealous, and 10 more that she enjoyed with Theroux.

20 Since Her Breakup: Portofino

Since the breakup, Aniston has been busy filming "Murder Mystery," a new comedy with Adam Sandler to hit Netflix in 2019. It's no wonder why she's immersed herself in her work, either, because the movie is being filmed in arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world: Italy. Over the summer, the newly single actor was camped out in Portofino — the magical place where Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor — filming the movie.

It wasn't all work and no play, though. When she wasn't flexing her acting muscles, she was checking out the seaside sites with Sandler and catching rays by the pool.

19 Since Her Breakup: Lake Como

When she was able to break away from the set, Aniston escaped to a sliver of Italian shoreline that celebrities swoon over. Lake Como is where Emily Blunt and John Krasinski wed in 2010, and where Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got married in 2013, too. And while George and Amal Clooney famously married in Venice, they have an exquisite villa on the lake that Aniston and costar Adam Sandler have been spending lots of time in lately (although not romantically, of course). The villa is so remote that the former "Just Go With It" costars had to take a water taxi to get to it.

18 Since Her Breakup: Tahiti

Earlier, in April, the former "Friends" cast member met a few of her famous mates in the French Polynesian island of Tahiti. She reportedly flew into the tropical destination for Jimmy Kimmel's wife's 40th birthday. Kimmel and wife Molly McNearney also invited Aniston's longtime besties, Courteney Cox and Jason Bateman, to the celebrity-studded birthday bash.

In fact, the trip was a mere continuation of the birthday festivities, considering the group of friends had already started celebrating McNearney's 40th almost a month before. The island has a reputation for being a party place, but Aniston didn't seem to participate in any bikini-clad glow parties while she was there.

17 Since Her Breakup: Tetiaroa

When Aniston, Cox, and Bateman were all set to depart from the main Tahiti airport, they actually weren't coming back stateside. According to People, after their Tahitian rendezvous, the tight-knit friend group jetted off to Tetiaroa, the nearby, immensely exclusive island where Marlon Brando's private island is. Most likely, they were headed to The Brando, a notoriously exotic, luxurious resort founded by the late Hollywood icon it was named after. This secluded beachfront spa is where the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Barack Obama have gone to get a slice of paradise in the past.

16 Since Her Breakup: New York City

The Big Apple is no new destination for an A-list actor like Jen Aniston, but since she lives on the West Coast, any trip to the city that never sleeps is certainly a treat. And just because her ex-husband lives in New York City doesn't mean Aniston has necessarily stayed away. In April, just months after announcing the couple's split, she returned to New York and resumed the routine she had there long before Theroux came into the picture. According to Entertainment Tonight, the actor stayed at the Four Seasons in Midtown instead of Downtown where she had been staying with her husband. She dined at Nello and strutted the Manhattan streets with a smile since her ex-husband was in Los Angeles at the time.

15 Since Her Breakup: Milan

Aniston's upcoming movie has taken her to some pretty beautiful places around Europe this year. She was spotted holding hands with longtime friend and costar Adam Sandler, who her character is married to in the film while filming in Milan in August. The 49-year-old walked the picturesque sidewalks of Italy in a floral summer frock with Sandler in a fun Hawaiian shirt and handlebar mustache.

While she was in the historic fashion capital, she met with another mystery friend who she seemed to be close to, judging by the photos Daily Mail posted. The actor shared a hug with her friend and looked particularly comfortable in cozy joggers and a sweatshirt.

14 Since Her Breakup: Montreal

A source close to the former "Friends" star told E! News that Aniston "was happy to be back to work" after the February breakup. And although she's dedicated nearly every second to working since the split, her new movie has taken her around the world anyway. When she wasn't busy filming in Italy over the summer, the Rachel Green actor was camped out in Canada's French colonial city, Montreal.

She and Sandler allegedly went to cast dinners around the city and to the local cinema to catch a flick every now and then. The E! News source said she "really likes it there and has spent weekends in town getting to know the city."

13 Since Her Breakup: Italian Riviera

When working in Portofino, it only makes sense to spend a day off on a yacht in the Italian Riviera, right? That's what J. Aniston figured, anyway. Between takes, she and Sandler hopped aboard the most swanky-looking yacht, which carried them away to Santa Margherita Ligure this past summer, Radar Online says.

Photos captured from the day show the two Hollywood stars laughing together and allegedly practicing scenes for "Murder Mystery" on the boat, surrounded by turquoise water and the colorful coastline. And what more could she possibly do to make her former beau more jealous?

12 Since Her Breakup: Malibu

Although Aniston kicks her feet up in her new house in Bel Air these days, it's no secret that she still spends ample time on her old stomping grounds. After all, that is where her bestie, Courteney Cox, lives. In June, the star got dolled up for a Chanel event in Malibu, where she posed for photos with her A-lister friends, Cox and Julia Roberts. Cindy Crawford, Priyanka Chopra, and Barbara Streisand were all in attendance, too.

Aniston will likely be spending a lot more time in Malibu, considering Cox is slated to marry Snow Patrol singer Johnny McDaid on a beach there soon, and Aniston will be her maid of honor, according to The Mirror.

11 As A Couple: Cabo San Lucas

The Hollywood royal loves to vacation, and according to Travel + Leisure, especially to Cabo San Lucas. It's reportedly her favorite place to be. She's known for bringing her besties — Courteney Cox, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, and Jimmy Kimmel — along for some much-needed rest and relaxation on a Mexican beach.

That's exactly where you would have found her on New Year's Eve. While her former hubby Justin Theroux was, indeed, in tow, the two announced their separation just two months later. She hasn't made any public trips to the south-of-the-border retreat lately, but the actor can't stay away from her favorite hangout for long.

10 As A Couple: The Bahamas

Speaking of tropical vacations, the now-separated couple once had a sweet getaway to the Bahamas when they were still in their honeymoon phase. A year after they wed in August 2015, Aniston and Theroux escaped to the beaches of the Bahamas for sunshine and waves.

According to PopSugar, the two actors lounged in waterfront chaises, walked along the sand, and went on a fun excursion at sea via paddleboard. Theroux paddled while his woman enjoyed the ride like a true diva. The two weren't afraid to show a little bit of PDA during their romantic vacation, sharing kisses and holding hands on the beach.

9 As A Couple: Bora Bora

After Aniston married her "Leftovers" star honey in secret at the actor's Bel Air pad, the couple set off on a private jet to Bora Bora to celebrate their honeymoon. According to Us Magazine, they dished out $4,000 per night for a luxurious Four Seasons Resort villa on the tropical island and kept the wedding reception going oceanside with guests like Jimmy Kimmel and producer Joel Silver.

Aniston reportedly enjoyed in-room spa treatments while her husband hit the gym. A source told Us Magazine that she ate, drank, and laid in the sun.

8 As A Couple: Kauai

It all started with a trip to Hawaii. After only a couple of months of dating, at the beginning of their romance, Aniston and Theroux escaped the hustle and bustle of Hollywood in Kauai. The fresh new couple were greeted with celebratory leis off the plane and stayed in the super-luxurious Villa at Secret Beach to celebrate Theroux's 40th birthday.

According to Trulia, the luxe accommodation came with a $7,000-a-night price tag. Long before they were married, the couple was spotted strolling the streets of Kauai, shopping, sipping lattés, and showing PDA.

7 As A Couple: Paris

There's hardly a more romantic destination than Paris, the so-called "city of love." And the couple must have been feeling affectionate when they touched down in the French capital in 2012, a year after they made their relationship official. A bystander at Charles de Gaulle told Us Weekly they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

They got airline priority and a limousine pickup then was spotted out at the Palais Royal gardens, dining at the Ristorante Le Stresa, one of Jen's favorites, and at the Eiffel Tower at Le Jules Verne, according to Celebuzz.

6 As A Couple: Rome

After their romantic Paris vacation, the couple made a trip to the holiest of cities. Aniston and Theroux were spotted jaunting around the Vatican, Jen in a summery frock that some called too revealing for the pious place, which enforces a strict dress code.

The "Friends" star finally wrapped up in a shoulder-covering cardigan when she stepped inside of the Catholic relic. The couple explored St. Peter's Basilica and the museum hand-in-hand and with a uniformed bodyguard in tow. She even captured some of her favorite sites on an old-school digital camera.

5 As A Couple: Telluride

The star couple rang in their first New Year as husband and wife in Telluride. Aniston and Theroux flew to the Colorado ski town to meet up with fellow famous friend Jason Bateman and his family, according to People.

The celeb-studded crew allegedly spent 10 days in a luxurious cabin in the woods, shredding powder by day and most likely thawing out in a jacuzzi by night. Though Telluride has a reputation for being secluded and quiet, this group certainly wasn't roughing it. They brought along a private chef and reportedly spent every night of the trip in, as far away as possible from annoying paparazzi.

4 As A Couple: London

Hollywood stardom can take you to some far and away places. In 2014, the actor's fame took her to London and she, of course, brought her hubby-to-be along. Aniston and Theroux jetted off to the UK for her "Horrible Bosses 2" press tour, and the couple made the best of her work trip by spending their free time at the celebrity-favorite Chiltern Firehouse, a luxury hotel and five-star restaurant in the trendy Marylebone district. At the time, pregnancy rumors were flying, but Aniston immediately shot them down, telling the press she's actually grateful to have put on a few pounds.

3 As A Couple: Toronto

Theroux also stood by her side during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, where Aniston's film "Cake" was premiering. It's unclear whether the couple strayed all that far from The Elgin, where the festival was taken place, during their brief trip to Canada. They probably didn't make it to the iconic CN Tower or the Casa Loma, but Aniston's Toronto visit was a memorable one nonetheless. While driving by a horde of fans one day, a lady revealed the actor's name tattooed on her arm — celebrity or not, that can't be too common, right?

2 As A Couple: Austin

And just as Theroux supported her gigs along the way, tagging along on press trips and the like, she was his perpetual plus-one just the same. In October 2015, Aniston took a break from her own thriving career to support Theroux in his.

The two posed for photos on the red carpet outside of the Paramount Theatre during the ATX Television Festival in Austin. This is where the second season of Theroux's wildly popular HBO series, "The Leftovers," premiered. Lucky for the star actor, his new wife never left his side.

1 As A Couple: Capri

Although Aniston and Theroux's highly publicized romance spiraled downward to divorce, it's undeniable that the couple were once incredibly happy, and their trip to Capri was perhaps the peak. In July 2012, the two seemed to be living their best life, canoodling on the deck of a private yacht named the Liberty off the coast of Italy.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple took a break from sunbathing and taking selfies together to have a charming picnic on the boat. They allegedly stayed at the ultra-luxe JK Place hotel in Capri's Marina Grande, whose penthouse suited cost more than $3,000 per night.